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Diorama Of Clipper Ship Daisy
New England
Late 19th Century

Antique Diorama, Clipper Ship Daisy, Carved and Painted, angle view

As depicted, an unusual and successful work depicting the Clipper Ship Daisy, her bow displaying a painted American flag...her three masts and bowsprit under the weight of full sail; arched carved sails seemingly capturing the ocean's breeze against the blue sky: the rigging includes glass "pony" beads simulating pulley's. The wonderful painted surface appears to be original and has a great patina; half-hull affixed to backboard centered by whale shaped ends joined by bottom rail of water created with a composite material. (Height: 19.75 inches; width: 27 inches; depth: 4 inches.)



Antique Diorama, Clipper Ship Daisy, Carved and Painted, with ruler for scale
Antique Diorama, Clipper Ship Daisy, Carved and Painted, close up
Antique Diorama, Clipper Ship Daisy, Carved and Painted, name detail

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Half Hull Trade Sign, Dreadnought, Newburyport, Original Paint
Vintage, Likely First Half 20th Century
Large model, multiple lifts, mounted on walnut, figurehead and aft rail galley - SOLD

Antique Half Hull, Trade Sign, Newburyport, First Half of the 20th Century, angle view

Displayed at lower left of the molded plank is a painted shield surmounted with anchor and centered by fancy scrolling; it reads: BUILT BY CURRIER AND TOWNSEND - LAUNCED OCTOBER 6, 1853 - CAPTAIN SAMUEL SAMUELS. [Samuels (1823-1908) was a famous packet-ship master. The full-rigged Dreadnought was built for Samuels, she was known for speed, her consistency of performance.]

1001-57 - SOLD

Ship's Dry Compass, Green Painted Bowl, Floating Card, Fleur-de-Lis at North
Boston, F. W. Lincoln Jr. & Company (1839 to 1883)
Very attractive functional display piece - SOLD

Antique Ship's Compass, Green Painted Bowl, F.W. Lincoln Jr. and Company, angle view

(No box or gimbal; H: 4.5"; diameter 7.25")

216-519 - SOLD

Quarter Board, Topgallant Bulwarks, Carved, Painted, Gilded, Original Condition
American White Pine
Second Half Nineteenth Century
Deeply and crisply carved, best acorn terminus, great blue green color - SOLD

Antique Quarter Board, Stern Board, Hamlet, entire view

(L: 88.5": H: 9.5"; D: 1")

410-122 - SOLD

Single Mast Sailing Vessel
"Elise" - SOLD

Antique Ship Model, Single Mast Ship Elise, Painted, side view

As depicted, in old paint with dry patina; accurately rigged and displayed in cradle. In generally excellent condition; bowsprit has been pinned at the prow and the rudder may be replaced with all else fine. (Height: 19.5 inches; length: 19 inches; width: 3 inches.)

637-19 - SOLD

Diorama, Sailing Ship, Great Carved and Painted Surface, Nautical Folk Art
G.H. Jenkins, Maker
Painted 1858 by J. Wiggin
Repainted 1878 by J. Wiggin
New England - SOLD

Antique Diorama, Sailing Ship, G.H. Jenkins, New England, entire view

A Carved wooden polychrome painted ship under full sail featuring painted background; retaining original molded frame. The back identified maker and painter! Overall excellent condition; dry surface; 29.5 by 16.5 by 3")

900-41 - SOLD

Outstanding Diorama
USS Ida...steamer
Third-Quarter 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Diorama, Steam Ship USS Ida, Carved and Painted, entire view

The vessel was charted by the US Navy in 1863; she was engaged as towboat and dispatch boat by the Navy providing services to blockade squadrons.
While clearing the main channel of Mobile Bay, she was struck by a Confederate torpedo and sunk.

As depicted...under full sail displaying all appointments and activity while surrounded by tugs, pilot and other boats; also featuring lighthouse, perhaps Sand Island or Mum's lighthouse. This work, cased in pine with molded frame remains in excellent condition. (Height: 24 inches; width: 39 inches; depth: 9 inches.)

476-2 - SOLD

Sailing Ship Model, Three Masts, B.F. Butler, Lowell, Mass
Anonymous Builder
Amazing realism and detail was lavished on this model by an experienced builder - SOLD

Antique Ship Model, B.F. Butler, Lowell, Massachusetts, angle view

Carved and painted hull, the vessel is identified on bow and stern as B.F. Butler - Lowell, Mass; fully rigged; marquetry, life boats and so much more.
She is cradled within a platform having inset panels within molded frames, each with painted landscape or waterscape; superb original paint.
The model remains in an excellent state of preservation with limited and minor rigging separations; other very minor imperfections.

Butler was a controversial figure, a prominent attorney at Lowell, Massachusetts; Brigadier General of the Massachusetts Militia, member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
General Benjamin F. Butler bought the America from the Federal government in 1873 - is there an association? Is this his yacht? (Dimensions: 35.5" H, 46" L.)

505-73 - SOLD

Half Hull, Brigantine, Newsboy
Launched 1854
Anonymous - SOLD

Antique Half Hull, Newsboy, Brigantine, angle view

Built and captained by Elisha Brown of Owls Head, Maine.
She was engaged in carrying lumber and manufactured goods from New England to the Mediterranean; then wine, fruits and oil to the West Indies returning to New England with Molasses, rum and sugar.
Missing small edge of molding at bow with all else fine.
Dimensions: 27.5" L, 9.5" H, 3.25" D.

161-50 - SOLD

Large Schooner Ship Model
Late 19th or Early 20th Century - SOLD

Antique Ship Model, Schooner, Original Paint and Sails, side view

As depicted, in excellent condition with original paint and sails. Minor sail imperfection limited to small section of aft mast needing a bit of thread to attach sail to arm.
(Height: 41.25 inches; length: 36.5 inches; width: 6.75 inches)

637-24 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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