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Candlestand, Wrought Iron, Two Light, Adjustable, American, 18th Century

The shaft with circular carrying finial above the tripod base with large penny feet, the iron candle sockets and drip pans on a wrought iron, spring-tension mechanism. The stand displays good color and a smooth surface…guaranteed period. (Height: 36.25")



Medieval Wrought Iron Candle Stand,
Hanging & Tabletop, Chair Hook, Decorated Continental,
Perhaps a Monastery, Catholic Related, Likely from a Monastery
JHS for Jesus, hominum salvator, meaning Jesus savior of men

The onion shape top with hanger on reverse over flat upright; three candle sockets centering four-prong pricket raised on tripod base. Winged angels centering JIS, full coverage chisel and file-work decoration; very nice color and patina.
(Height: 10.5”, width: 5.5”)



Rush Light with Candle Socket Counterweight, Tabletop, Tripod Base, Spade Feet
Unknown Maker, 18th Century

Antique Iron Rush Light with Candlesocket Counterweight, Tripod Base, 18th Century, angle view 1

(Allover pitting, good color, functioning jaws; H: 8.5"; W: 7")



Antique Iron Rush Light with Candlesocket Counterweight, Tripod Base, 18th Century, angle view 2

Tabletop Turned Mahogany Candlestand, Tidy, Weighted Base, Historic Surface
18th Century; rare square top w/ applied bead, turned column on circular base

Antique Tabletop Turned Mahogany Tidy/Candlestand, 18th Century, angle view

(H: 10.5”, top: 5.5 by 5.75”)



Antique Tabletop Turned Mahogany Tidy/Candlestand, 18th Century, entire view
Antique Tabletop Turned Mahogany Tidy/Candlestand, 18th Century, underside detail
Antique Tabletop Turned Mahogany Tidy/Candlestand, 18th Century, base detail

Brass and Wrought Iron Floor Candle Stand, Massachusetts
18th Century

Call or email David Hillier at or 978-597-8084.
Dimensions: 66.25" H.

Please Call for Price


Candle Mold, Rack, 24 Pewter Molds, Wood Frame, Maker Signed, 3 Wick Rods
Stenciled: W. (Willis) Humiston Maker / Troy, New York / Warranted
Active 1840 to 1860
Pine and cherry, dovetail bench joinery, original thinning red wash

Antique Candle Mold with 24 Pewter Molds in Wooden Frame, By W. Humiston, entire view

(Good original condition, one pewter tip missing; 20 by 18 by 7")



Antique Candle Mold with 24 Pewter Molds in Wooden Frame, By W. Humiston, angle view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Adjustable Candle Holder, Floor Stand, Cruciform Base, America, 18th Century, Original Paint New England…crusty surface is intact; decorated…SOLD

The cross base with octagonal standard continuing to round post; robustly turned slide arm supporting two candle sockets. Provenance: George Arons, 1971. (Likely had a small finial…long gone; evidence of ancient beetle munch to underside of base, absolutely not active or punky; height: 44"; arm: 11"; base; 13 x 13")

413-45 - SOLD

Betty lamp, Ipswich Type, Tin Lamp and Tidy with Wick Pick, Pan Base Likely Eastern United States, Circa 1800-1830 - SOLD

The tin grease lamp retains wick pick, hanger and wick tube; the sheet iron hinged access lid was cut to create aperture facilitating wick tube; maker created a rolled ornament as seen behind the tube. Lamp rests on crimped shelf raised on tubular post and is received by flared cone within base; tapered carrying handle. Good surface and patina, excellent original condition. The Rushlight Club attributes the origin of a combination tin Betty lamp with matching or fitted tin tidy to the Ipswich area of Massachusetts. See Early Lighting, A Pictorial Guide, The Rushlight Club, 1979, page 43. Figure 4-31. (Stand diameter: 6"; height: 8"; Betty Light: 6.5" x 5" x 3")

1256-1 - SOLD

Candle Dipping Frame; or other process like curing - SOLD

Chestnut, Finely Made and Joined, Chamfered Edges, Graduated Wire Arms, Clinched Hanging Device, Mortise and Tenon, Unknown Maker, Eighteenth or Early Nineteenth Century
(W: 16”, H: 7”)

707-90 - SOLD

Floor Standing Adjustable Rush Light, Candle Socket Counterweight, Brass Finial
Unknown Maker, Circa 1720
Wrought iron, strap work base, spring-adjusted robust brass finial, H: 47” - SOLD

Antique Floor Standing Adjustable Rush Light with Brass Finial, Circa 1720, entire view

1008-45 - SOLD

Hurricane Shade, Ornamented with Enameled American Shield and Eagle
Unknown Maker, 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Hurricane Shade with Enameled Decoration, 19th Century, entire view 1

Large blown glass baluster form with folded foot, encircled by roughed bands, the frosted center ornamented with enameled eagle surmounting American shield centered by a cluster of oak leaves and acorns. The opposite side festooned by fruited (plums) branches and leaves; top frosted-band features a concentric ring of leafy decoration. A similar decorative treatment of an oil lamp may be found within American Glass 1760 - 1930, The Toledo Museum of Art by Kenneth M. Wilson, page 338; catalog number 425. (Some thinning to enamel with all else fine, H: 22", diameter: 8.25")

505-128 - SOLD

Lighting, Rush Light, Floor Stand, Iron, Original Burl Wood Base
Unknown Maker, 17th or early 18th Century
Scrolling snail like counterweight, twist work and filing, plumb brown color - SOLD

(Excellent original condition; H: 38.25")

707-39 - SOLD

Floor Candlestand, Adjustable Screw Post, Original Paint and Surface
New England
18th Century - SOLD

The adjustable arm with two sockets on turned screw-post continuing to chamfered square pedestal raised on turned and canted tripod-feet.
(H: 35.25; arm L: 12.5")

336-112 - SOLD

Floor Standing Candle and Rush Stand, Wrought Iron
Anonymous, possibly American
18th Century - SOLD

A rush light holder with candle-socket counterweight having adjustable shaped box-spring featuring two tool-hooks; the arched and footed base wrought of two pieces of iron is pierced by the square standard with chamfered edges; the round shaft continuing to robust brass finial. (H: 47")

336-111 - SOLD

Candlestand, Wrought Iron Floor Type, Adjustable, Double Candle Sockets
Early 18th Century - SOLD


The stand with brass final above adjustable cross arm with boxed friction springs, facilitating adjustment; featuring a pair of sheet iron sockets above drip-pans; raised on arched tripod legs resting on large penny feet. Dimensions: 42.5" H.

605-74 - SOLD

Very Rare
Wrought Iron Floor Candle-Stand
England or France
Circa 1700-25 - SOLD

A fine candle stand with a rooster finial above a rush light and single candle socket on bobeche; mounted on adjustable bracket decorated with Fleur-de-lis raised on wrought stand continuing to cruciform base.
Literature: Antique Brass Candlesticks 1450-1750 by John Robert Grove, page 121; no. 153. (46-inches.)

843-48 - SOLD

Wrought Iron Floor Candle-Stand
Probably Dutch
Circa 1750 - SOLD

The urn-like final on compressed ball above knop "raised up" and turned as part of the shaft raised on cyma-form legs terminated by large round feet. The single brass tulip-form candle socket on brass bobeche mounted on adjustable bracket. Great color and fine original condition. (58.25-inches.)

605-22 - SOLD

Candle Holder and Flambeau Holder, Standing Candle and Rush Holder
Probably Northwestern Europe
17th or 18th Century
Wrought iron - SOLD

Very good condition, good spring tension.
Dimensions: 24.5" H.

1013-2 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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