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Hog-Scraper Sheet-Iron & Brass Candlestick,
Wedding Band, Push Up, Lip Hanger

The thumbpiece for push-up marked “JBS”,
ornamented with brass band; 6.5”
Circa 1820-1840



Candle Mold, 2-Tapered Tubes

Tinned Sheet Iron Oval Crimped Pouring Pan Rim, Wire Ring, 10.25” 19th Century



Tinder Lighter, Small Size Flintlock Pistol, Tapered Octagonal Candle Socket American or England, Late 18th Century

Steel and wood pistol form featuring finely carved walnut grip dressed with tiny silver pins that are worn smooth. The steel frame is border-engraved, the sides engraved with a panoply of flags, drums and arms. The action is smooth and tight; metal parts are a mottled black fading to smoky gray, stock displays a rich patina. (Length: 4.75")



Lighting, Tabletop Wrought Iron Rush Holder,
Shaped Thumbpiece Counterweight 18th Century

This example with tapered jaws standing at 10.5-inches featuring a swelled post on block having canted corners is raised on a well-arched tripod base resting on pad feet. There is an unusual copper disc between post and base…peening has never been disturbed. Nice old color and surface looks to have lived in a damp environment.



Matching Pair of Tall 17th Century Dutch Brass Heemskirk Candlesticks, Robust and Sculptural Socket on solid cast stem, shallow mid-drip pan raised on domed spreading circular base, heavy - SOLD

(Height: 10.5”, excellent condition)

1008-56 - SOLD

Brass Candlestick, Push-up Stump Ejection Mechanism, Early 19th Century, c. 1810 A lovely example, robust, well proportioned…beaded - SOLD

(Fine original condition; height: 6.75"; base diameter: 3.75")

365-327 - SOLD

Early 18th Century Brass Candlestick, Faceted Nozzle, Solid Cast Stem, Pricket Hole

(The socket is lined with iron; height: 6.75"; base diameter: 3.75")



Single Dutch Heemskirk Candlestick, Late 16th Century, Brass Mid-drip A nice example…

(Very good condition; couple minor flat spots to base…one very small tight fissure)



Tinder Lighter, Flintlock Pistol,
Steel, Wood Grip, Candle Socket, Compartment
Unknown Maker, Circa 1770-1800 - SOLD

The arched and chamfered legs resting on tiny oblong feet are file-decorated as is the handle near tang; mottled brown fading to smoky gray…some light surface rust that will clean. (Frizzen springs lack tension; length: 7”, height: 5”)

281-81 - SOLD

Pair, Queen Anne Brass Petal Base Candlesticks, Seamed Construction, Baluster Stems
England, Circa 1750 to 1760
The nozzles feature petal form bobeches - SOLD

Antique Pair of Queen Anne Petal Base Candlesticks, England Circa 1750, pair view

(Minor imperfections consistent with age, polishing and use, lovely; 8”)

1008-53 - SOLD

Antique Pair of Queen Anne Petal Base Candlesticks, England Circa 1750, base detail

Flint Enamel Candlestick, Large Example
Unmarked, likely Lyman Fenton & Co.
Bennington, VT (c. 1849 to 1858)

Antique Unmarked Flint Enamel Candlestick, Vermont, Circa 1849, entire view

Large single candlestick with mottled yellow, brown, and burnt amber coloring. Extremely minor wear on base from age, otherwise no restoration on edges. Form indicates origin. (H: 10"; diameter: 5")



Queen Anne Candlesticks, Pair, Brass
English, Circa 1740 to 1760

Antique Pair of English Queen Anne Candlesticks, Circa 1740, entire view

(H: 7.25”)



Antique Pair of English Queen Anne Candlesticks, Circa 1740, base detail

13th or 14th Century Pricket Candlestick, Flemish or Netherlands

Antique Pricket Candlestick, Flemish or Netherlands, 13th or 14th Century, entire view

Pricket above grease pan on stem with central knop raised on circular base having apron above triffid feet. [We remember this selling in 1995 for 15,000-bucks]
(H: 8”, diameter: 4”)



Antique Pricket Candlestick, Flemish or Netherlands, 13th or 14th Century, base detail

Brass Tavern Candlestick with Bell, England, 19th Century

Antique Brass Tavern Candlstick with Bell, England, 19th Century, entire view

(H: 12.5”, base: 6”)



Antique Brass Tavern Candlstick with Bell, England, 19th Century, base detail

Flintlock Tinder Pistol, Lighter, 18th Century, Birds Head Butt
Wood and iron

Antique Flintlock Tinder Pistol/Lighter with Birds Head Butt, 18th Century, facing right view

(L: 7.5”, H: 4.5”)



Antique Flintlock Tinder Pistol/Lighter with Birds Head Butt, 18th Century, facing left view
Antique Flintlock Tinder Pistol/Lighter with Birds Head Butt, 18th Century, butt detail

Copper Alloy Gothic Candlestick
Five Discoid Knop Form
North West Europe
15th Century

The long flaring socket having rounded molding at rim is pierced with square extracting aperture above shaft with five interspaced ring turned discoid knops above base featuring a stepped cone within waisted, integral drip base-tray above a flaring skirt. (Dimensions: H: 10.75")



Gothic Candlesticks, Pair, Pricket, Crenulated Bobeche, Stepped Circular Base
Likely Flemish, 15th or 16th Century

Circular four stage spreading base, the shaft with discoid knops, central pricket within upswept crenulated grease pan; sweet! (Excellent original condition; H: 7.5")



Tinderbox, Punch Decorated, 1776, Copper, Wood Base, Sheet Iron Interior Lid, Copper Handle
Candlestick tinderbox, interior of wood lined copper lid scratch-carved “HPF 1876”, base / “HPF”
HIGH DOWN MILL / M. OLIVER / 1776 (Punched on the side)
KEEP THIS TINDER BOX DRY (Punched on the lid)

Antique Punch Decorated Tinderbox with Copper Handle, Dated 1776, angle view

(Good condition; H: 3.5”, W: 7”, D: 5.25”)



Antique Punch Decorated Tinderbox with Copper Handle, Dated 1776, top view
Antique Punch Decorated Tinderbox with Copper Handle, Dated 1776, entire view

Wrought Iron Tabletop Lighting, Flambeau, Side Ring and Spring Suitable for Rush or Candle
Continental, 18th or Early 19th Century

Antique Pair of Wrought Iron Tabletop Lightings Pieces, 18th or Early 19th Century, pair view 1

(Very good condition with great patina; H: 13.25”)



Antique Pair of Wrought Iron Tabletop Lightings Pieces, 18th or Early 19th Century, pair view 2

Fine Pair of Bell Metal French Empire Candlesticks
Circa 1820
Baluster Form on Circular Base, Urn Shaped Nozzles, Beaded, 7.25"



Candlestick, Brass Seventeenth Century Baluster Form on Square Saucer Base
Circa 1680

(Repair to knop beneath nozzle, else fine; H: 8")



Candlesticks, Pair of Knopped High Domed Faceted Octagonal Base Brass Sticks
Likely French, Mid 18th Century (Excellent condition, seamed stems, screw post)



French Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, Domed Octagonal Base
H: 7.5": base: 3.75"

Antique French Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, 7.5 inches, entire view



French Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, Domed Octagonal Base
H: 7.75"; base: 3.875"

Antique Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, 7.75 inches, entire view



French Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, Domed Octagonal Base
H: 7.75"; base: 4"

Antique Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, 7.75 inches, entire view



French Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, Domed Octagonal Base
H: 7.5"; base: 3.5"

Antique Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Octagonal Base, entire view



Chamber Pushup Candlestick, Dousing Cone, Scissor Trimmer Snuffer
Late 18th to Early 19th Century
Probably England
An attractive three piece set in fine condition

(H: 5"; W: 8"; D: 7.5")



Candlesticks, Fluid Lamp, Brass, Glass
Sold separately

Candlesticks, Pair of Brass Pushup Sticks
England, Circa 1790 to 1810

Fluid Lamp, Sandwich Glass, Free Blown Cut and Pressed Glass Lamp
Circa 1830 to 1840
Colorless, bulb font, hollow knop, stepped pressed base, fine condition

(H: 12")

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Anniversary Tin Candelabra, Five Sockets on Bobeches Raised on Conical Base - SOLD

Antique Anniversary Tin Candelabra with Five Sockets, entire view

(H: 12.75”, W: 11.5”, D: 11”, base diameter: 6.5”)

424-310 - SOLD

Pair of English Brass Candelabras, Adjustable, Classic Chippendale, C. 1780
A nearly identical pair is found on page 127, plate D of Schiffer’s Brass Book - SOLD

Antique Pair of English Brass Candelabras, Circa 1780, pair view

(H: 15”, W: 10”)

492-149 - SOLD

Pair of Queen Anne Brass Petal Base Candlesticks, Knopped Standard
English, Circa 1740 to 1760 - SOLD

Antique Pair of Queen Anne Brass Petal Base Candlesticks, Circa 1740 to 1760, angle view

(H: 8.5”)

492-135 - SOLD

Epergne, Four Light Candelabrum Centerpiece, Crystal Bowls, Silver Plate
Unknown Maker, Likely Edwardian
Dining table or buffet ornament in the Rocco taste - SOLD

Antique Silver Plated Epergne/Candelabrum Centerpiece with Crystal Bowls, Likely Edwardian, angle view

(H: 24”, W: 22”, D: 19”)

1146-2 - SOLD

Candlestick, Copper Alloy, Northwest European, Early 16th Century
The bold shaft with two discoid knops; circular slightly spreading base - SOLD

Antique Copper Alloy Candlestick from Northwest Europe, Early 16th Century, entire view

Literature: The Lear Collection, a Study of Copper-Alloy Socket Candlesticks AD 200 - 1700 by Christopher Bangs, pp. 83, number 46.
(Good condition; H: 7.75", base diameter: 6.25")

1012-83 - SOLD

Gothic Candlestick, Copper Alloy, Northwest Europe, Late 15th Century
Shaft with opposing balusters, discoid knops, ribbed cones and Two Stage Base - SOLD

Antique Gothic Copper Alloy Candlestick, Late 15th Century, entire view

This example features a complex shaft raised on a conically flaring high skirt base. The socket has two large square ejection apertures, one of which has been enlarged in the distant past (Likely during early working period). Two part construction of cast and turned parts joined at base where it was peened and turned. Provenance: The Lear Collection of Socket Candlesticks, Christie's, London, December 15, 1998 lot 22
Literature: The Lear Collection, a Study of Copper Alloy Candlesticks A.D. 200 - 1700 by Christopher Bangs, published by King's Hill Publications, Easton, Pennsylvania 1995; number 27. (Good condition; usual light surface scratches; H: 9.75")

1126-4 - SOLD

Brass Candlesticks, Pair, Dutch, Circa 1700 - SOLD

Antique Pair of Dutch Brass Candlesticks, Circa 1700, pair view 1

(Very good condition; H: 7”, base diameter: 5.75”)

424-271 - SOLD

Trumpet Base Brass Candlestick
Circa 1650 to 1675
Candle cup above baluster on lathe turned plinth - SOLD

Very good condition; excellent soldered mend to half-inch perfectly approximated tear at base. (H: 7.75"; base diameter: 5.75")

424-131 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pair, Brass Trumpet Mid Drip, Fine and Rare, Graceful and Elegant
England, Circa 1640 to 1660
Outstanding condition, within a select group of the finest examples extant - SOLD

(H: 9.25", base diameter: 7")

843-196 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pewter, Short Stem Rising From Bulbous Base, Acorn Knop
Iberian (Spain/Portugal peninsula), 17th Century
A bold and gutsy near pair of capstan base sticks with ringed nozzles - SOLD

(Wear consistent with age, very tight .75-inch seam split to knop, old surface; H: 7.25", base diameter: 5")

424-208 - SOLD

Candlestick, Figural Pricket, Brass and Cast Iron, Exotic
Possibly Spanish or Portuguese, Circa 1700 to Early Empire
Male figure holding basket on heat, pricket above, weighted brass base - SOLD

(Figure is secured to base by handmade nut and bolt; pricket perfectly conforms to iron; appears to have never been separated. The geographic suggestion was shared by European colleagues. We have never handled a similar form and are open to suggestions and discovery. H: 12")

1012-49 - SOLD

Candlestick, German Pricket, Brass and Iron, Lobed Base
Form dates to mid 15th century
A rare and beautiful Germanic form - SOLD

The iron pricket and conforming drip pan are riveted to this stick that measures 14.25" in total height. All exterior elements are beautifully finished and nicely filed and incised; underside is not finished and shows casting. We note that the base was drilled and shows a 3/h" piercing; perhaps to secure to tabletop within public room; there is no evidence of electrification. We are not certain that this beauty is period or early revival and have more than priced accordingly.

Similar pieces may be found within the below reference, copy available:
Leuchter, Bronzeguss. Sechspass-formige Fussplatte, in sechskantigen Schaft ubergehend, der, in der Mitte vergungt, sich zum Lichteller erweitert. Flacher Knauf mit sechs radial vortretenden, vierkantigen Knopfen. Auf dem Teller der Dorn.
0,215 hoch, 0,13 breit.
Besitzer: Klg. Kunstgewerbe-Museum (96.11)

843-13 - SOLD

Candlestick, Capstan Copper Alloy, Baluster Form, Best Original Surface
Flemish, 17th Century
Drip pan cast integral with base, stem and socket cast solid - SOLD

We note that there is a minor expert repair to small section of drip-pan edge (half by one-quarter-inch) all else fine. (H: 5.5")

843-115 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pair of Small Heemskirk
Circa 1650
Dutch - SOLD

(Good condition, one grease pan may have experienced edge straightening; very attractive and diminutive; H: 7")

1008-17 - SOLD

Massive Brass Mid Drip Candlestick
Unknown Origin
17th Century
Outstanding presence - SOLD

We can't with any certainty assign a location of manufacture. The shaft and base are threaded where mated; underside of base looks great, color of brass is fine. The straight shaft under socket is an anomaly as is the flat band/ring under drip-pan; the tulip-form socket reminds us of those seen on Turkish/Moorish forms; scalloped grease-pan and base is similar to Spanish forms; This period stick remains in excellent original condition and measures: H: 15.5"; base diameter: 11.5".

1012-39 - SOLD

Gothic Candlestick, Brass, Waisted Circular Base, Long Flaring Socket
Early 16th Century
Northwestern Europe
Shaft with ring above a ringed baluster on a medium high base - SOLD

We note that there are two ancient, and tight fissures; one under, and tight to drip-pan, the other at first step of base; no open seams; probably casting flaws. The stick appears to have been cleaned, and lacquered or sealed long ago? (H: 8.5")

1012-28 - SOLD

Pair of Seventeenth Century Pricket Candlesticks, Copper Alloy Prickets
Circa 1650 to 1700
A matching pair in fine original condition - SOLD

Substantial prickets above upswept drip-pans raised on baluster turned stems on triangular step-molded base supported by ridged hoof-feet joined by ogee-shaped aprons. (H: 14")

1012-20 - SOLD

Matching Pair of Heemskirk Candlesticks, Brass
Late 17th or Early 18th Century
Socket on solid cast stem, shallow mid-drip edged with incised concentric rings and borderline, small circular base - SOLD

(Very good; 9.5" tall)

1012-24 - SOLD

Pair of Brass Candlesticks, Hexagonal Sockets, Paneled Stem, Serpentine Base
Circa 1750
French - SOLD

(Matched pair, one with tiny aperture within molding; polished thin; H: 9")

1012-22 - SOLD

Pair of Paktong Candlesticks, Detachable Bobeche
18th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 11.25" H.

570-300 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Sand Weighted Base, Tall, Push Up
Nineteenth Century
Tinned sheet iron, an uncommon form - SOLD

The candle-sockets within drums that original secured delicate glass globes above tall stems notched to provide adjustment; scrolled wire thumb-pieces accommodating the candle lifting device; the scrolled tabs rest within previously mentioned notches. This pair features appropriately proportioned upswept drip-pans above large sand-weighted, seamed conical-bases. The low center of gravity made it nearly impossible to knock them over which was a great benefit to fire safety within shops, offices, and homes for which they were designed.
(Dimensions: 14.25" H, 6" base diameter.)

946-13 - SOLD

Candlestick, French Pillar
A large and fine elegant interpretation
16th Century - SOLD

All elements except the base are cast in one; the beautiful molded socket with pronounced flare is pierced and is above the flat bottomed drip tray with a convex molded rim. The lower shaft is swelled and is raised on a generous concave base with pronounced rim and outward tapering foot. The stick remains in fine original condition; lathe-centering pimple and turning lines/tool-marks remain on the underside. There is a miniscule expert repair at the outermost edge of the drip-pan; may actually be in the making. H: 9.75"; diameter of base: 5.5".

843-6 - SOLD

Gothic Candle Holder
Northwest Europe
16th Century - SOLD

(Height: 9-inches.)

660-4 - SOLD

Massive yet Elegant Candle Snuffer and Trimmer, Scissor Type, Signed, RARE
Probably Birmingham, England
Circa 1780 to 1810
Signed FMB over EMS, Nice Plumb Brown Color - SOLD

(L: 15.75")

424-152 - SOLD

Brass Candlestick
Northern European
Circa 1475 - SOLD

Measures 6.5-inches in height.

843-46 - SOLD

Unique Candlestick
Wood and Sheet-Iron
Sycamore or beech
18th Or Early 19th Century
Anonymous...great color, patina, and primitive attitude - SOLD

As depicted, candle contained within rectangular device held fast by sheet-iron spring; shaft with carrying handle mortised into slightly domed, incised, and turned base.
Dimensions: 8-inches tall, 4 1/8-inch base diameter.

724-2 - SOLD

Paktong Candlesticks on Square Gadrooned Bases, Matched Set of Four
Circa 1760 to 1780 - SOLD

This rarely encountered set of four candlesticks features superb detail and retains their original removable bobeches' (drip pans). A threaded bolt has been used tighten the stem of one stick to its base, the integrity of base and stem has not been compromised. (H: 10")

210-221 - SOLD

Pricket Candlestick, Rare Small Size, Brass Alloy
North West European
Circa 1250 to 1400 - SOLD

This candlestick is bold and displays successful form; drip pan is finished with an integral band and smartly tapers to a collar where transitioning to shaft.
A central knop ornaments the shaft which is raised on a domed, molded, and incised base resting on three zoomorphic feet. The stick displays a wonderful patina and remains in fine original condition. See Lear Collection, number 5 for similar feet and discussion about lack of adornment. (H: 6.25".)

843-134 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pair, Brass, Tall and Elegant
First Half 18th Century - SOLD

A most unusual pair of brass alloy sticks having design features inspired by sticks manufactured during earlier period. Fine condition. A nearly identical stick is published on page 116, figure 170 of Old Domestic Base-Metal Candlesticks by Ronald F. Michaelis. (H: 12.5"; base diameter: 5.25")

424-85 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pair, Petal Base, Push Up Type, Brass
18th Century - SOLD

(H: 7.25")

240-103 - SOLD

Brass Candlesticks, Pair
Circa 1720 to 1740 - SOLD

These fine sticks with detachable scalloped bobeches, within faceted socket on beautiful stems, raised on stepped lobed bases remain in fine condition. (Height: 9.25-inches)

738-44 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pair, Brass, Chamber Sticks with Push Ups
Circa 1800 - SOLD

Excellent condition, old color
(Height: 4.5 inches; base diameter: 5 inches)

745-46 - SOLD

Forged Iron Rush And Candle Stand
Circa 1800 - SOLD

This superior little example is 10-inches tall; thumb latch clamps raised on four high arched legs.

272-7 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at drh@aaawt.com

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