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Trade Sign, Daily Bulletin – Northern Independent,
Original Paint, Outstanding Graphics 19th Century,
Both Sides Lettered, Reverse for Cantilevered Mounting Daily Bulletin (Hazleton) (1879-1893) Possibly Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Ohio?

(Clean original condition, strong pigments, crisp; 74.25" x 25.25" x 2.5")



Trade Sign, Bold Graphics, Flat Gold Lettering Against Black Smaltz, Wood & Tin Purportedly SoHo, NYC, Circa 1880-1900

Inscribed on the back is, “Country Sign Co”., sheet iron within molded wood frame painted black and gold…excellent condition. (72 by 36”)



Trade Sign, Boston and Portland Daily Papers
For Sale Here,
Original Surface History
Limington, Maine, Circa 1870

It’s all about the surface and tombstone top…black and green letters against white background. Sigh was overpainted white, now weathered, thinned, and faded exposing original surface and lettering. Came off a building in Limington that still stands. (21.75 X 74”)



Vintage Trade Sign, THE LAST STRAW, Signed Bunny Key West
Painted on Plywood, Likely mid 20th century

Vintage Trade Sign 'THE LAST STRAW', Signed Bunny Key West, Likely Mid 20th Century, entire view

(60 by 12 by .5")



Vintage Trade Sign 'THE LAST STRAW', Signed Bunny Key West, Likely Mid 20th Century, with ruler for scale

Trade Sign, SILVERWARE, Etched Black Glass, Silver Enameling, Molded Frame Clad in Copper
Circa 1890 to 1910ish

Antique Silverware Trade Sign, Etched Black Glass with Silver Enameling, Circa 1890, entire view

(46 by 8 by 1")



Antique Silverware Trade Sign, Etched Black Glass with Silver Enameling, Circa 1890, with ruler for scale

Advertising Trade Sign, Yale Brewing Company, Lager Beer
Fairhaven District, New Haven, Connecticut, Circa 1900 to 1920

Yale Brewing Company Advertising Trade Sign, Connecticut, Circa 1900, close up view

Reverse painting and etching on glass, outstanding use of silver and gold foil; great aerial view of the factory. The factory scene is complete with trolley car, and a company owned freight train; weathervane and American flag positioned against a beautiful sky.
(Excellent original condition, extremely minor scattered small areas of lifting/loss; walnut frame measures: 37 by 28")



Yale Brewing Company Advertising Trade Sign, Connecticut, Circa 1900, with ruler for scale
Yale Brewing Company Advertising Trade Sign, Connecticut, Circa 1900, close up detail

Tavern Sign, Pub, Wrought and Sheet Iron Rampant Heraldic Lion
Late 18th Century to Early 19th Century, Probably English
Painted detail against a gilt ground

Antique Tavern/Pub Sign with Sheet Iron Rampant Heraldic Lion, 18th Century, entire view 1

(As generally fount, one side displays stronger paint, the other thinning; losses to frame; 21 by 16”)



Antique Tavern/Pub Sign with Sheet Iron Rampant Heraldic Lion, 18th Century, entire view 2
Antique Tavern/Pub Sign with Sheet Iron Rampant Heraldic Lion, 18th Century, with ruler for scale

Antique Sign, Horns Hoot Here, Original Paint, Dry Surface
First half 20th Century
Unknown Maker

Antique Sign, Horns Hoot Here, Original Paint, 1st Half 20th Century, entire view

(16.75 by 14.75 by 1")



Antique Sign, Horns Hoot Here, Original Paint, 1st Half 20th Century, with ruler for scale

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Trade Sign, Early American, Original Paint, Sash, Blinds and Doors
New England, First Half 19th Century
Raised panel, mortise, tenon and peg construction, White Pine - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Sash Blinds and Doors, New England, entire view

(Excellent original condition; 20 by 44.25")

479-11 - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Sash Blinds and Doors, New England, with ruler for scale

Trade Sign, “Signs”, 4-Colors Centering Black Sand Painted (Smaltz) Ground, On Tin
Original Paint, Two Shades of Green, Orange and Silver
There is a TYDOL stencil on the reverse suggesting repurposing of frame; 2nd Qtr. 20th C. - SOLD

Antique 'Signs' Trade Sign in Four Colors, On Tin, Signed Edwards, entire view

(72.5 by 15 by 1.25”)

935-24 - SOLD

Enterprise Coffee Mill, Original Red & Blue Paint & Decoration, Eagle Finial, 27”
Philadelphia, Late 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, a two-wheel No, 9 coffee mill remaining in original paint; wonderful eagle on shield festooned with leafy decoration, centered by ribbon recording manufacturer’s name and address. Dimensions: 27.5” high, 24” wide, 19.25” deep.


339-19 - SOLD

Trade Sign, W.P. Holden, 19th Century, Original Graphic Mustard Yellow and Black Paint
Anonymous Location and Painter - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign for W.P. Holden, 19th Century, entire view

(End molding are replaced, else original; L: 84.5", H: 14.75", D: 2.25")

410-148 - SOLD

Quarter Board, Signboard, Provincetown, Carved, Original Surface History
Provincetown, Massachusetts, 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Quarter Board, Provincetown, Original Surface, 19th Century, entire view

An honest sign displaying the inevitable vestiges' of time, Mother Nature's Wear
All but one end with canted edges; end grain oxidation and patina suggest that the sign may have butted against an architectural element; doesn't appear to have been cut in modern time. Other minor imperfections are consistent with longtime use; some working period overpaint to first "O" and "I", else original. (L: 60", H: 8")

1032-121 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Pelgrim Cigar, Turned and Painted Wood, Painted Band and Lit Ash
Anonymous, Antique/Vintage - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Pelgrim Cigar, Turned and Painted, Anonymous, angle view

(Wear commensurate with age and use, dings and minor losses; mounting hardware witness shadows, else fine; mounting bracket available; L: 36")

928-60 - SOLD

Sign, Trade, Pianos, Strong Gilt Graphics against Smalted Background
New York City, Late 19th Century
Strich & Zeidler Pianos Sold by John H. Stunz, Hazelton, Pennsylvania
Jazzy lettering - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Strich and Zeidler Pianos Sold, New York City, 19th Century, entire view

William Strich founded the manufacturing business in New York City circa 1889 the business was located at 134th Street before moving to East 136th Street in the 1920's era, they were successful until the Great Depression. (Fine original condition; 15.75 by 54.25")

216-511 - SOLD

Peanut Warmer, Vending, Sheet Iron, Painted and Stenciled, Glass Window
Buffalo Candy Company, Patented, July, 25, 1882 (Embossed Oval Brass Label)
Outstanding decorated sides, floral motif, lettered banner and ribbon
The front panel pierced and built-out, illuminated by flame; "HOT" - SOLD

Antique Peanut Warmer, Sheet Iron, Buffalo Candy Company, angle view

(Uncle Sam Peanut Warmer lettering may have been refreshed during working life, not certain; all else very good, consistent with age. H: 22", W: 18.25", D: 18")

1001-6 - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Furs Made To Order and Repaired, Canvas on Frame
Signed B. Black
Unknown Location
Green, gold, and white paint on sand textured black painted canvas - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Furs Made to Order, Canvas on Frame, entire view

(Very good condition, extremely minor imperfections consistent with age and medium; 72 by 14.5 by 1")

1062-1 - SOLD

Argentina Coat of Arms, State Emblem Argentine Republic, Cast Iron Plaque
Unknown Maker
Antique - SOLD

Antique Cast Iron Plaque, Argentina Coat of Arms, Unknown Maker, entire view

The Sun of May symbolizing the rising of Argentina, unity of provenances, and willingness to defend; adopted in 1813, maintained until now with minor style changes.
Laurel wreath symbolizing the laurels of glory, triumph and victory; the two arms with clasped or shaking hands refer to reconciliation and alliance, union and fidelity; hands holding pike (political redemption) surmounted with Phrygian cap as the emblem of freedom above which is the sun, also a symbol of life and power (Old paint, original surface history displays at least two layers of paint; good patina; 25.25 by 16.75")

1001-16 - SOLD

Barber Pole, Post Form, Tapered, Painted, Stars, Original Paint
Unknown Maker
Circa 1930 to 1940ish
Gilt orb above turned conical section, ring turnings on shouldered square base - SOLD

(H: 60", W: 9", D: 8.75")

1001-7 - SOLD

Hardware, Iron and Steel Trade Sign, Embossed Letters, Best Patina
C.L. Genness
Dover, New Hampshire - SOLD

Antique Hardware Trade Sign, C.L. Genness, New Hampshire, entire view

(32.5 by 22")

906-5 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Vermont Inn, Double Sided, Wooden, M (arshall) WHITHED
Marshal Whithed located in Vernon in 1820, where he engaged in the mercantile business; the store and hotel of Mr. Whithed were the only ones in town for several years.
Signed by Sign Maker "F.VAN DOORN" (Brother of Anthony Van Doorn)
Possibly Made In Anthony VAN DOORNS' Shop
Brattleboro, Vermont
Original wrought iron hanging brackets, surface and gilding - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Vermont Inn, M. Whithed, side 1 view

It is know that Anthony and Frederick were in partnership before 1831 until 1836 suggesting that this sign may have been made just before or after the partnership. Frederick was advertising "Paints & Painting" about 1740; he moved to Rochester in 1843. Other information available for the asking; (Dimensions: 24" H, 72.5" W, 3.5" D.)

553-377 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Shoe Repairing
Unknown Maker
Circa 1900
Hand lettered, dry paint on sand painted ground - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Shoe Repairing, Circa 1900, entire view

(Perhaps some early working period paint refreshing; 58.25 by 16.5")

121-189 - SOLD

Nitschke Trade Sign
Umbrella Repair, Picture Frames and Sewing Machine Repair
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Nitschke, Umbrella Repair, Sewing Machine Repair, 19th Century

Dimensions: 65.75" high, 31.875" wide, 2.25" deep.

231-34 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Blue Sand Ground, Silver Lettering, Furniture and Mattress Repair
Found in Maine
Late 19th Century
Pine, applied moldings, excellent original condition, expected wear - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Furniture and Mattress Repair, Late 19th Century, entire view

(L: 61", H: 16", D: 1")

285-88 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Dispensing Department, Original Blue Paint
Mortar and Pestle
Second Half 19th Century
Softwood - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Dispensing Department, Mortar and Pestle, Original Paint

An outstanding serpentine shape having gold powder gilt lettering with light steel-blue silhouette; motor and pestle of matching color on tabletop. (80 by 43.5 by 1.5".)

SHF-256 - SOLD

Jeweler's Trade Sign
Circa 1900
Zinc - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Jeweler's Shop, Circa 1900, Watch Form

This two sided sign in the form of a pocket watch is made of sheet zinc and retains original surface history; several layers of paint and gilding. The most recent is probably early 20th century. In generally very good condition with "as expected" dings and dents...the seams of swing ring which surrounds the pendant crown will benefit from soldering. (Height: 41 inches; width: 29 inches; depth: 7 inches.)

144-7 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Tin
Continental Fire Insurance Company
Minute Man - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Continental Fire Insurance, Tin, close up view

Framed painted tin sign in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 20.25 by 30.5".

883-4 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Optical Goods
Double Sided, Full Bodied Cast Sheet Iron and Zinc
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Optical Goods, entire view

This rare form in useable size is finely cast; the border cast with JEWLERY, CLOCKS, and WATCHES; double convex dial with painted Roman numerals, hands and chapter ring. The eye glasses are suspended from the bezel and joined by "C" bridge; they are cast with OPTICAL GOODS, and feature concave corners and cast scroll ornamentation The suspension ring with twist and knop detail is fixed to faceted crown. (H: 32.5"; W: 24.75"; D: 3")

270-91 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
Ex Raccoon Creek
Circa 1900
Wooden - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, Circa 1900, entire view

(23.75 by 29.25")

661-23 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Old Paint, Mahantongo Valley, Pennsylvania
Pitman Post Office
Late 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Pitman Post Office, 19th Century

This square-nailed two-sided sign is beautifully molded and features a dry and weathered patina. (15.5 x 33.5 inches.)

205-35 - SOLD

Trade Sign, E.E. Joy / Cash Store, Excellent Original Condition, Maine, Circa 1880
The business was located on Summer Street, Kennebunk
Wonderful silhouette, lettering and surface - SOLD

Antique Cash Store Trade Sign, E.E. Joy, Circa 1880, Original Condition, entire view

(L: 99.5", H: 27.75", D: 1")

505-129 - SOLD

Carved and Painted Wood Stage Coach Sign, a Gilt Orb in Original Surface, Initials J.M.
Maine, Early 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Carved and Painted Wood Stage Coach Sign, Initialed J.M., 19th Century, entire view

The ball, carved in the round, retaining original gold paint and displaying faint initials is suspended by a wrought-iron rod. Collection/sale records indicate that the sign hung from John Mustard’s Peacock Tavern, Richmond, Maine; on the road between Gardiner and Brunswick.
The sign is said to have been suspended at the old inn where passengers waited for the stage coach. Provenance: John Kenneth Byard, Silvermine, Connecticut to Stewart E. Gregory of Wilton, Connecticut. (Old age crack at base where pierced by hanger; diameter: 15”)


935-23 - SOLD

Sign, Trade, Tackle, Cod Fish,
Molded Copper, Black Lettering
American, Circa 1870-1900
(Possibly E.G. Washburne & Co.)
Both sides gold painted with applied black lettering - SOLD

We have seen three identical signs during our 35-year tenure, this being the fourth. On page 24 of the 1882 Thomas Jones catalog is a “FISH, FOR SWINGING SIGNS AND TACKLE” we mention this because these forms were made specifically as quoted. See page 14 of the undated 19th century Washburne catalog for an identical closed mouth forked tail form. (Excellent condition; height: 7"; length: 30")

608-65 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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