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AAAWT, Inc. trades in firearms manufactured on or before 1898 ONLY. The U.S. exempts these antiques. Gun laws vary widely from country to country. Please check your own Federal, State, or local laws to determine your legal responsibility. AAAWT, Inc. complies with all applicable firearms and related laws without exception.

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Swords and Knives 1

Antique, American Horseman Saber, Circa 1775-1785, Triple Fuller, 570-629

American Stirrup Hilted Horseman Saber, with Original Scabbard, C 1765-1790 570-594

Eagle-Pommel Sword and Scabbard, Bone Grip, Gilt Brass, Blued Blade Unknown Maker Nice 570-620

Saber, Eagle Head Mounted, Saber with Scabbard, Gilt Brass, Blued Blade Unknown Maker, Early 19th century, Parta Tueri! 570-618

Short Sword, Silver Mounted, Rare Triple Fuller Blade, Outstanding Castings French or Continental, Circa 1740-1750 570-600

Small Sword, Silver Mounted, Circa 1760 French, 18th C 570-599

Small-Sword, Ornately Cast & Pierced, English or Continental, Circa 1770 570-598

Hunting Sword & Scabbard, Silver Mounted, Rare Double Fuller, Eagle & Face Masks, English or Continental, C 1780 570-611

Miniature Swords
Child's Toy Swords
Lot of Three 570-503

Small-Sword, Silver Mounted, Colichemarde Blade, Likely French, Circa 1770 570-597

Small-Sword, Silver Mounted, Colichemarde Blade, Likely English, Circa 1770 570-603

Silver Mounted Short-Sword, Saber, Eagle Pommel Unknown Maker, Probably American, Circa 1780, 570-593

American Horseman Saber
Blade Engraved with Eagle
Circa 1785 to 1800 570-519

Saber, Eagle Head Mounted, Saber with Scabbard, Gilt Brass, Blued Blade Unknown Maker, Early 19th century 570-619

Buffalo Skinning-butchering Kit,
Steel and Saw, Tiffany Knives 281-71

Silver Mounted
Calvary Saber
Late 18th century 570-558

Gilt Rapier
Small Sword
18th century 570-559

Silver Mounted
Hunting Sword
Circa 1780 570-557

Saber, Eagle Head Mounted, Saber with Scabbard, Gilt Brass, Blued Blade Unknown Maker, Early 19th century 570-617

Revolutionary War Period Saber
Signed Harvey Blade
Circa 1770 to 1780 1141-1

Small Sword Chiseled and Gilt, Silver Wire English, C. 1780 570-601

Indo Dagger
Late 19th Century 570-533

Sword, Saber
Brass Hilt
Reeded Bone Grip 570-483

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Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Antique Bowie Knife, Sheffield – 2, Spearpoint Blade, German Silver Mounting, Coffin Handle Unknown SOLD SHEFFIELD, 1308-1

Scottish Basket Hilt
Back Sword
Circa 1730 to 1740ish, 424-270 - SOLD

Antique Sword, Saber, Sabre, Durs Egg, Etched and Blued Dec, 570-634- SOLD

Horseman Saber
Horse head Pommel, 570-72 - SOLD

Brass Spontoon Pipe
Circa 1870ish, 281-63- SOLD

American Horseman Saber
Revolutionary War Period, 570-388- SOLD

American Revolutionary Era
Original Scabbard, 570-524 - SOLD

American Horseman Saber
Revolutionary War Period, 570-423 - SOLD

Silver Mounted Hunting Sword
Circa 1775 to 1780, 570-428 - SOLD

U.S. Militia Officer's
Sword by Ames
Circa 1840 to 1860, 570-426 - SOLD

Bowie Knife
Hand Forged
Civil War Period, 232-296 - SOLD

American Silver Hilted
Short Saber
Circa 1770 to 1780, 570-313 - SOLD

American Hilted Short Saber
French and Indian War Period, 308-175 - SOLD

American Revolutionary War Period Pike Head, 308-15 - SOLD

Silver Hilted
Lion Head Pommel Sword
Circa 1775, 570-290 - SOLD

American Brass
Hilted Saber
1785 to 1800, 570-291 - SOLD

Small Sword
Silver Mounted
Circa 1770 to 1780, 570-262 - SOLD

American Short Saber
Revolutionary War Period
Circa 1770 to 1785, 570-318 - SOLD

M1855 U.S. Bayonet Saber
With Scabbard, 459-25 - SOLD

American Revolutionary War Period
American Blacksmith Made Sword, 486-2 - SOLD

Bowie Knife
the Gold Seekers Protector
Circa 1848 to 1855, 232-226 - SOLD

American Short Saber, 486-1 - SOLD

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