Model 1798 U.S. Contract Musket, Scituate, Rhode Island, Dated 1800

Extremely Rare, Historic... Scituate Marked and Displaying Charleville Features

Model 1798 U.S. Contract Musket, Scituate, Rhode Island, Dated 1800, Image 1

This .74-caliber musket is thought to be one of two extant.

Date: 1800

Measurement: Overall Length: 59.5"; Barrel Length: 44.5"

Material: Walnut stock, engraved oval silver thumbpiece.

Condition: 23-inches of the forend stock were replaced long ago by a skilled restoration expert. Stock and furniture [sans lock] were overpainted black and now display a wonderful color, and patina. The restoration was likely done during the late 19th century.

Reference: There is a photograph of a lockplate published in the American Society of Arms Collectors Bulletin 21:8-14, (Fall 1970) page 13. titled U.S. 1798 Contract Muskets by Thomas E. Holt. The image title reads: Marked Scituate. It is thought these guns were made at Hope Furnace, in Scituate Township, North of Providence, Rhode Island

See "United States Martial Flintlocks" by Robert M. Reilly, page 71, figure 183. "SCITUATE MARKED U.S. CONTRACT MUSKET / The lock shown in figure 183 is marked forward of the cock with a primitive style eagle over 'US'. And vertically at the rear, 'SCITUATE' in script over '1800'.

Muskets so marked are among those which have successfully evaded positive identification. If geographical proximity can be relied on, however, the possibility exists that they may have been among the 950 muskets delivered under the Act of July 5, 1798, by William Rhodes and William Tyler of Providence, Rhode Island, no identifiable specimens of which exist. They may also have been purchased elsewhere by the town of Scituate, Rhode Island, or perhaps Situate, Massachusetts, for the arming of a company of militia".


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