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AAAWT, Inc. trades in firearms manufactured on or before 1898 ONLY. The U.S. exempts these antiques. Gun laws vary widely from country to country. Please check your own Federal, State, or local laws to determine your legal responsibility. AAAWT, Inc. complies with all applicable firearms and related laws without exception.

Antique Arms Gallery

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Important Historic Winchester Model 1866,
3rd Model Carbine, Manufactured in 1869
Almost no UNTOUCHED examples of the LEGENDARY 1866 “YELLOW BOY” exist - SOLD

This carbine with standard 20-inch, .44-caliber barrel, serial number 29029 (marked in blocked numerals behind the trigger), was converted from rim to center fire during its period of use. The bolt is an early style with first type cut for extractor; extractor is missing. The gun is in untouched condition and has never been oiled, polished or in any way messed with. Known on the frontier as “Yellow Boy”, and by the Indians as “many shots” or “heap firing” guns…the 66’ repeating rifle is “THE GUN THAT WON THE WEST”.

The original owner’s name, “Pedro Antonio Felgueres” is engraved on the left side of the side plate. We have some Felgueres family history, including images of Pedro Antonio with his horse, with his wife, and a group photograph in front of one of the haciendas. The family was very wealthy until 1910-1930 when their lands were nationalized during the Mexican Revolution and The Cristeros Wars. They owned several haciendas and smaller ranches, and about 550,000 acres of land. In 1847, when the US/Mexican War took place, the senior Don Felgueres - father or grandfather, gave a million pesos to the Mexican government to finance the war effort. At that time, the peso was about equal to the American dollar. The value of one million American dollars in 1847 was enormous; copy of that receipt is included.

The straight grain walnut stock displays an even dry patina, all metal is smooth mottled brown/black, some fading to gray. The action is smooth and functional. Overall condition as an untouched example is excellent, consistent with age and use. This example has been in a collection for 40-plus years.


Photos of Pedro Antonio Felgueres and Hacienda

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