Title: Rigdon & Ansley Confederate Revolver, Serial Number 2136
Where manufactured: Augusta, Georgia
Date/Period: 1864

Rigdon & Ansley Confederate Revolver, Serial Number 2136, right facing

Caliber: .36

Barrel: 7.5”

Distinguishing features: Copy of Colt dragoon in navy caliber and size.
12-stop cylinder.

Marked: “CSA” on top barrel flat

Serial Number: “2136” found on all parts normally numbered including barrel, cylinder,
frame, triggerguard, backstrap, loading arm, barrel catch for loading arm, arbor, wedge,
grips (backstrap channel)

Inspection: “J” stamped on bottom of triggerguard

Condition: Good-Very Good by NRA antique arms standards, complete, authentic, and
matching, superior by Confederate standards. Nice crisp gun missing one nipple
(possibly for safety) easily replaced.

Rank: Top 25% of all Confederate revolvers extant for completeness and condition

Provenance & Collection History: Ex-collection Don Bryan, Troutville, VA
Ex-collection Kent Wall, Nashville, TN 1997
Gary Hendershott, “Gladium Collection”
Private collection 2000-2020

Additional Information: Serian number 2136 is standard production with large serial
number dies and non-spring wedges starting at about serial 1900 till end of production,
highest serial number 2359. This fine example has good action and good rifling in bore.
The grips are excellent with traces of original varnish. This Rigdon & Ansley is a fine
sharp example with good markings, Revolver is mid-1864 production made in Augusta,
Georgia. This revolver saw honest use and has survived in original complete condition
with good collection history including authority Kent Wall.
The highest serial number noted made by Rigdon & Ansley is 2359. There were about
850 Rigdon & Ansley revolvers of all configurations manufactured, all in 1864. It is
interesting that there are 98 documented survivors which is about 11.5% of total
production. In the 2100-serial range of Rigdon & Ansley revolvers, there are twelve
examples extant known as of this date and the other examples are 2106, 2108, 2150,
2151, 2154, 2154, 2174, 2180, 2182, 2183, 2192, and 2193.


SKU: 1310-128

Rigdon & Ansley Confederate Revolver, Serial Number 2136, left facing

Rigdon & Ansley Confederate Revolver, Serial Number 2136, CSA detail

Rigdon & Ansley Confederate Revolver, Serial Number 2136, cylinder detail

Rigdon & Ansley Confederate Revolver, Serial Number 2136, serial numbers

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