Springfield Arms Pocket Revolver & Case
Springfield Arms Company, Circa 1863
Springfield, Massachusetts - SOLD

Springfield Arms Pocket Revolver & Case, in case view 1

Springfield Arms Pocket Revolver & Case, in case view 2

30-caliber rimfire, five-shot, 3 1/8” octagonal Barrel, brass frame, walnut grips
Standard barrel marking: SPRINGFIELD – ARMS – CO. MASS., BRILLIANT BLUE
Serial number 4429, production date 1863

Springfield Arms Pocket Revolver & Case, right facing

These were an infringement of Smith & Wesson’s patent; only 6000 made before
Springfield Arms lost the lawsuit to S&W. This fine example displays 90% bright blue on
cylinder, 70% on barrel, 95% on cylinder pin. 90% varnish or better on the figured
walnut grips. Traces of silver on frame mostly on the side plate. There is a small casting
flaw on the left side of the hammer best described as a divot; simply put…it looks like a
dark spot and can been seen in the picture. Excellent markings, mechanically
fine…remarkably it still has the little swivel catch for the loading gate. Many if not most
examples have lost both the catch and the gate over the years as they are very delicate.

Springfield Arms Pocket Revolver & Case, left facing

Springfield Arms Pocket Revolver & Case, butt view

Springfield Arms Pocket Revolver & Case, address detail

Original “Gutta Percha” Case for the Revolver
Made by Littlefield, Parsons & Co., Florence, Mass
Shellac Based Thermo Plastic Process

Springfield Arms Pocket Revolver & Case, case view

Littlefield, Parsons & Co. made cases for gun manufacturers: Smith & Wesson, Sharps,
E. Allen, and Springfield Arms. This case is in very nice condition including interior pistol
support and bullet compartment. Typical wear to brushed cotton caused by cylinder.
Included is one .30-caliber round. (Case: 8" x 4.5" x 1.75")


308-500 [VE3-171 - VE3-904]


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