Smith & Wesson #2 Army Cased Presentation Cartridge Revolver, Nimschke Engraved
Presented to Captain B.P. Kinsley by Company H, 59th Massachusetts Volunteers
Serial number: 13227., 32 caliber rim fire. - SOLD

Smith & Wesson #2 Army Cased Presentation Cartridge Revolver, Nimschke Engraved, entire view

This is an outstanding cased Louis Daniel Nimschke engraved silver-plated Presentation Smith
and Wesson NO 2 Army Revolver presented to “B.P. Kinsley by Company H, 59th Mass Vet
Volunteers”. This rare and beautiful cased Smith & Wesson was made quite early in the
models’ production period whereas the serial number is quite low; this model was certainly
made during the Civil War as the gun was first introduced in 1861. The gun itself features
nearly full coverage Nimschke engraving displaying scroll and punched out patterns with
inscriptions on the inside of the barrel.

The pistol is entirely silver plated and fitted with a set of antique ivory grips having eagle and
liberty carved panels. The silver is dulling; it appears that the cylinder may have been cleaned.
The gun is of elegant form and is housed in a period case fitted with a very rare black & gold
label Smith & Wesson cartridge box.

Captain Edward B. P. Kinsley (1835-1884) saw a long and active service during the war. He
was enlisted on September 19th, 1862 as a 26-year-old Captain of Company B, 47th Mass
Infantry, later in the 59th Mass Infantry. He was discharged due to disability November 10th,
1864. Two Kinsley brothers from Cambridge, MA were both enlisted and served throughout the
war and both are now buried in Cambridge at the prestigious Mount Auburn Cemetery. Captain
Kinsley’s monument at this well-known cemetery is truly unique. The carved stone depicts
military accoutrements of Kinsley’s including his slouch hat, all of which is carved into the stone.

Captain Edward B.P. Kinsley fought in the Civil War with Massachusetts…as noted earlier, he
enlisted in Company B, Massachusetts 47th Infantry regiment on September 19th, 1862. He
was promoted to full Captain on December 24th, 1862, 47th Massachusetts record as follows:
“duty at Carrollton, US Barracks, and at Camp Parapet, defenses of New Orleans, until August
1863. Skirmishes at Amite River, April 17th, and at Lafourche Crossing, June 20th-21st. Moved
to Boston, MA, August 3-18th and mustered out September 1st, 1863. Kinsley subsequently
enlisted in Company H, Massachusetts 59th Infantry Regiment on March 11th, 1864, mustered
out on November 10th, 1864. Service records for the 59th mustered in by companies January
through April 1864, for 3 years with total enrollment being 56 officers and 906 enlisted
men. The unit reached Washington on April 28th, 1864, moved by way of Alexandria, Bealeton,
Rappahannock and Brandy Stations to Germanna Ford where it was assigned to the First
Brigade, 1st Division, 9th Core on May 6th, engaged in the Battle of the Wilderness, where its
losses mounted: 5 killed, 27 wounded, and 5 missing. They next moved to Spotsylvania Court
House where they participated in the general action meeting with a loss of 11 killed, 45
wounded, and 3 missing; it was again in action with its division at the North Anna River suffering
a further loss of 38 killed, wounded and missing. Moving to Cold Harbor, it joined in a general
assault on June 3rd again meeting with considerable loss. Throughout the autumn and winter,
the regiment was in the trenches before Petersburg occupying a position to the right of
Stedman. It appears that Kinsley was involved in some of the most traumatic
battles of the Civil War.

Smith & Wesson #2 Army Cased Presentation Cartridge Revolver, Nimschke Engraved, engraving detail 1

Smith & Wesson #2 Army Cased Presentation Cartridge Revolver, Nimschke Engraved, engraving detail 2

Smith & Wesson #2 Army Cased Presentation Cartridge Revolver, Nimschke Engraved, grip detail
CONDITION: Traces of color on hammer, grips excellent but lose; fine bore and action.
included in the period display case is a very rare empty 1860 S&W ammo box with black & gold
label which is in excellent condition with all aprons intact.


( 1310-67 ) [1627]

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