Cased Colt 1862 Police Revolver, Fine Plus Condition, Serial Number 13182
This fine highly desirable 1862 Police was made early in 1862 during the
second year of the Civil War and has survived in exceptional condition. - SOLD

Cased Colt 1862 Police Revolver, Fine Plus Condition, Serial Number 13182, entire view

The revolver fitted with a 4.5” barrel in 36 caliber has a brass pin front site and standard
single line New York US America address. It displays “COLTS PATENT” on left side of
frame and caliber marking on left shoulder of trigger guard. Cylinder is half fluted and
rebated with 5 chambers and 3 safety pins. The silver-plated trigger guard and back
strap retain approximately 50% original silver and contain the nicely figured, varnished,
one-piece walnut grip with serial number in the back-strap channel. The pistol is housed
within an original blue velvet lined mahogany Colt casing compartmentalized for the
revolver; also a double sided eagle and stars “E. Pluribus Unum” flask and a blued steel
2-cavity bullet and ball “COLTS PATENT” mold with cutter which is marked on the right
side “36 P” and a lacquered tin of “Eley Brothers Caps”…and an unopened Colt
Cartridge Works, drilled wooden block 5-pkt with full covering intact.

Most Model 1862 pistols are found in well-used condition; they were much used during
the war and later the frontier. This model remained in service well into the 1870’s and
even into the 1880’s until replaced cartridge revolvers. The condition is extremely fine
plus with all matching serial numbers including the wedge and grips; this gun was
probably rarely fired. The barrel retains about 65-70% of the dark, glossy original blue
with loss areas flaked, not worn, to a medium patina. The rammer and handle retain
some brilliant vivid colors as does the frame and hammer. The cylinder retains
generous amounts of dark, glossy original blue with flaked spots. Three of the safety
pins are serviceable. The trigger guard and back strap retain generous amounts of
original silver plating; back strap silver is thinned. Grip is very fine with sharp edges;
small flaws and retains virtually all its bright original varnish. Mechanics are crisp,
brilliant shiny bore. Case has most all its original factory varnish; interior is slightly
faded. Flask is very good retaining some of its original factory finish. Mold is equally
fine with some minor flaking and minor dents. Cap tin shows soil and
staining to the label.


( 1310-64 ) [1624]

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