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Antique Right Angle Food Chopper, Filed Heart, Brass Brazed Ferrule, Carved Handle Unknown Maker, 19th Century

(Height: 6"; width: 9.5"; depth: 1")




Shaker, Chicken Waterer, Tinned Sheet Iron Maine, 19th Century

Tubular horizontal and vertical reservoir sections above circular watering pans with folded rims such-as-the demilune carrying handle. Typical Shaker ingenuity…submerge the device in a barrel of water filling the tubes; stored water keeps the trays full. (Fine original condition; height: 9.75"; width: 19.5"; depth: 4.5”)



Bed Warming Pan, Copper and Brass,
Turned and Painted Wood Handle, Wriggle Work Decoration Turned and paint decorated handle, various shades of green, yellow and reddish-brown paint Circa 1800

(Height: 35.75"; width fully extended: 59.5")




Nutcracker, Cast Iron Parrot

Antique Cast Iron Nutcracker, Parrot Form, entire view

(9.5” by 6” by 2.5”)



Cat Trinket Tray, Bradley & Hubbard #1640, Cast Iron

Antique Cast Iron Trinket Tray, Cat Form, Bradley and Hubbard, entire view

(7” by 5”)



Cockatoo Tray by Judd, Cast Iron

Antique Cast Iron Cockatoo Tray, By Judd, entire view

(7” by 3”)



Goffering Iron, Wrought and Signed by Maker Patrick Lyon, Philadelphia
Likely Late 18th or Early 19th Century
For ruffling, frilling and pleating fabrics

The barrel raised on wrought standard that pierces and is peaned on the underside of oval cast iron base. (H: 7.75", L: 21.5", D: 3.75")



Skewer Set and Hanger, 12 Skewers, Pierced Lollipop and Elongated Diamond Tab, Wrought Iron
American, 18th or Early 19th Century
A collection of six skewers of various gauges and lengths on hanger, nice patina

Wrought Iron Skewer Set and Hanger, Early 19th Century, entire view

(Dimensions: rack: 6" long by 7" wide; skewers range from 5" to 7 5/8" long.)



Wrought Iron Skewer Set and Hanger, Early 19th Century, angle view

Wrought Iron Swivel Toaster, Fence Post Form, Ridged and Pierced Handle
Unknown Maker, 18th Century

(Maximum L: 21.5", maximum W: 13.75", H: 5.5")



Tea Kettle, Trivet, Mortar and Pestle

Top to bottom:
Tea Kettle, Brass and Copper, Goose Neck Spout, Acorn Finial
Probably English
19th Century

Trivet, Brass and Iron Footman
Early 19th Century
Pierced Hearts, Side mounted carrying handles
A fine example in excellent condition. (Height: 13 inches; width: 14 inches; depth: 16.75 inches) 738-45

Mortar and Pestle, Brass
Late 17th to Early 18th Century

(Mortar: height: 3.5 inches; diameter: 4.375 inches; Pestle: length: 7 inches) $145

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Brass Utensil Peg Rack, Engraved, Farm Chores, Brass and Iron Ladle and Dipper
The rack is likely Dutch, the tools likely American; dipper signed Porter - SOLD

Antique Brass Utensil Rack with Ladle and Dipper, Signed Porter, entire view

Please call for full description, and/or enthusiastic discussion.
(Excellent condition; wall rack: 13” by 5.25”, utensils approx. 23”)

492-155 - SOLD

Plate, Cast Iron Dish, Scalloped Rim, Wide Gate Mark
American, Circa 1800
Not only durable; these retained heat - SOLD

See the Howard Roth Collection of Early American Iron, Skinner, October 2014 or Early American Country Furnishings by George Neumann, plate 240 depicts similar dishes without scalloped rim. (Diameter: 9.75")

424-241 - SOLD

Antique Toy Tin Cup, Best Mustard Yellow Paint, Scrolled Handle - SOLD

Antique Toy Tin Cup with Mustard Yellow Paint, entire view

(Overall great condition with minor paint loss; H: .875")

201-400 - SOLD

Wrought Iron Boot Scraper, Masterfully Designed Scrolls, Wrought and Filed
Probably American, Circa 1800
A fine and beautiful example demonstrating the master blacksmiths ability - SOLD

(H: 9.5", W: 7.25", D: 8.5")

216-510 - SOLD

Goffering Iron and Stand, Small Size, Crimping, Fluting
Circa 1750 - SOLD

Outstanding standard raised on cabriole legs resting on spade feet; art and function combined. The iron appears to be a replacement.
(H: 8.75"; L: 13.5"; D: 7.25")

424-166 - SOLD

Rosewater Dish, Brass and Enameled Disks
Circa 1470 - SOLD

A very rare dish with traces of gilding, great color and patina, and twelve applied enameled disks. (Diameter: 12.5-inches.)

660-7 - SOLD

Hand Forged Skewers and Hanger
Possibly American
18th Century - SOLD

A collection of six skewers of various gauges and lengths.
Dimensions: rack: 5.5-inches long; skewers range from 7.75 to 5.875-inches long.

424-3 - SOLD

Copper Tea Kettle
By Jacob Gable
Lancaster, PA
Circa 1832 - 1848 - SOLD

(Approximately 13 ½-inches high to handle.)
Very large tea kettle, dovetailed body and base, solder where gooseneck spout joins body and a nearly invisible brazed repair near the top of the spout. Signed on the top of the handle "J.GABLE." Jacob Gable was active in Lancaster, PA c. 1832 - 1848.

292-4 - SOLD

Copper Tea Kettle
By C. Keifer
Lancaster, PA
Circa 1848 - SOLD

(Approximately 11 ½-inches high to handle.)
Gooseneck spout, two-piece dovetailed body, lap seamed base, brass mushroom finial, swing handle, very shallow dents scattered throughout, overall wonderful condition. Signed on top of the handle "C.KIEFER." Kiefer appears on the Lancaster, PA tax rolls in 1848.

292-3 - SOLD

Copper Tea Kettle
By Andrew Humbert & Co.
Pittsburgh, PA
Circa 1815 - 1819 - SOLD

(Approximately 13-inches high to handle.)
Gooseneck spout, dovetailed body and base, brass mushroom finial is old replacement, low arch tabs, front tab rivet is very old replacement. Though hardly noticeable, the spout has a brazed repair to cover two pinholes. Signed on top of the shaped swivel handle "A HUMBERT & CO / 6 / PITTS." Andrew Humbert was active in Pittsburgh, PA c. 1815 - 1819.

292-1 - SOLD

Hatchel With Cover
New England
18th or early 19th Century
In script, on cover: Lydia Bailey 1822 - SOLD

As depicted, in dry red paint; retains unusual cover.
Dimensions: 5-inches high, 22-inches long, 4 5/8-inches wide.

724-1 - SOLD

Exceptional Wrought Iron Grill
18th Century - SOLD

As depicted, this grill with fancy scrolled ironwork and turned wood handle is raised on canted scrolled feet. Scroll closest to handle is somewhat out of alignment with all else fine.
Dimensions: 6-inches high, 13.25-inches wide, 22.75-inches long with handle.

745-14 - SOLD

Wrought Iron Pot Stand
Probably American, found in Hudson River Valley
18th Century - SOLD

As depicted, cooking implement for the dogs with scrolled ends to receive pot handles, spits or tools; the vertical standard with twisted ornamentation is raised on arched legs with penny feet and features a compass pierced terminus to receive basting pot.
Dimensions: 23.75-inches high.

424-31 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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