Pewter Teapot, Drum Shape, Broadhead, Gurney, Sporle & Company

Sheffield, England

Pewter Teapot, Drum Shape, Broadhead, Gurney, Sporle & Company, Image 1

Maker's mark stamped into the underside. Owner's initial "AT"
engraved in script on both sides. Made of seamed sheet metal, 60-hole strainer which
extends the full height of the pot.

Date: 1792-1800

Measurement: Height: 6"; width: 11.25"; depth: 3.75"

Material: Pewter, wood finial and handle

Condition: Very good

Reference: Literature: Stevie Young, 'Broadhead, Gurney, Sporle & Company' PCCA Bulletin,
volume 8, page 94, figure 3; Donald L. Fennimore, 'Broadhead, Gurney, Sporle &
Company Britannia Manufacturers' PCCA Bulletin, volume 11, page 205, figure 1 b;
B.G.S. & Co. trade catalogues owned by the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem,


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