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AAAWT, Inc. trades in firearms manufactured on or before 1898 ONLY. The U.S. exempts these antiques. Gun laws
vary widely from country to country. Please check your own Federal, State, or local laws to determine your legal
responsibility. AAAWT, Inc. complies with all applicable firearms and related laws without exception.

James Warner Percussion
Pocket Revolver, Cased with
Accessories, Rare & Fine

Manhattan .22 Caliber Pocket
Revolver, Original Box,
First Model, Third Variation

Pistol, Robertson’s Percussion
Target Pistol
Probably Haddington, Scotland

Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver,
.31 Caliber, 5-Shot,
Desirable 6-Inch Barrel

Pistol, Percussion, E. Allen & Co.,
Center Hammer Single Shot Pistol,
.32-caliber Rimfire 728-125

Pistol, Percussion, A. B.
Fairbanks All-Metal Pistol,
Single Shot 728-124

Pistol, Percussion, Brooklyn
Arms Co. Slocum Side-Loading
Pocket Revolver 728-122

Colt Model 1849 Revolver, W. L.
Ormsby Signature is Complete
and Readable 308-626

Smith & Wesson Model
No. 1, Third Issue, 98%
Blue! Serial number: 58143

Colt Open Top Pocket
Model Revolver, Engraved
Special Factory Engraving

Colt Pocket Model 1849,
Early, All Matching,
Desirable 6-Inch Barrel

Moore’s Patent Firearms Co.
Front Loading Teat Fire
Revolver & Picture Box

Colt Model 1851
Navy revolver 308-599

Sharps 2nd Type Single
Shot Pistol, Model 1854
Breech Loading, .36 Caliber

Remington Beals 1st
Model Pocket Revolver,
Original Factory Box

Tiny British Proofed Single
Shot Pocket Percussion
Pistol with Screw Barrel

Rare Cased & Matched Pair of
Gold & Silver Mounted Henry
Deringer Medium Size
Pistols 308-587

Antique Percussion Pistol, Scroll
Engraved, Bright Blue Unknown
Maker, Likely a Great New England
Maker, circa 1850 281-154

Cased Remington New
Model 1858 Army
Revolver, Civilian Issue,
Accessories 308-533

Remington Smoot
New Model No. 2
Revolver 308-524

Model Allen & Wheelock
Side Hammer Revolver,
Third Issue, Cased

U.S. Springfield Model
1855 Pistol-Carbine with
Matching Detachable

Deluxe Cased Smith
& Wesson Nimschke Engraved
1 ½ Old Model, Beautiful

Colt Root Revolver,
Model 2, Strong Cylinder
Scene and Blue

Pair, Case & Willard Underhammer
Pistols, Tiger Maple Stock,
.36 Caliber 308-550

Pair of Gold Trimmed
Officer’s Pistols by Miles of
London .58-Caliber

Colt Old Model, Open Top
Frame, .22 Caliber Revolver Colt’s
PT.F.A. MFG. Co. Hartford CT
USA (Top of Barrel) 728-89

Metropolitan Arms Model 1851
Navy Revolver
Civil War Era 308-347

Pistol, Completely Handmade
Unsigned American Percussion
Plains Pistol 308-380

Belgium Double Barrel
Percussion Bag Grip
Pistol, .40-Caliber

Engraved Boxlock Pistol
by Nock of London
Circa 1835 1134-2

Pistol, Allen & Wheelock
Side Hammer Revolver,
3rd Type…RARE 308-469

Colt Open Top
Pocket Model Revolver
1871-1877 728-100

Single Action
Belt Model Revolver
Lucius W. Pond 308-419

Allen & Thurber Double
Barrel Single Trigger Pistol,
.36-Caliber, Serial No.155

Bacon Manufacturing
Second Model
Percussion Revolver 308-350

Webley's Patent
Self-Cocking "Transition"
Revolver 308-239

A Fine 1862 Colt Police Pocket
Model 308-113

Manhattan Pocket Model
Percussion Revolver 308-435

Allen & Wheelock
Pocket Revolver,
Transition Type 308-470

Scarce Engraved Massachusetts
Arms Co. Maynard Primed
Single Shot Pocket
Pistol 308-555

Colt Model 1849 Revolver
Large Guard Six-Shot 308-49

Colt Model 1862
Police Revolver 308-430

Howdah Pistol,
Double Barrel
19th Century 728-97

James Warner Pocket Model
Revolver 2nd Model,
First Variation 308-361

Colt Model 1862
Pocket Navy Revolver
Serial number 1071 308-359

Pocket Pistols, Pair of
Converted Percussion
Sidelocks By H.W. Mortimer
and Son 308-283

Wesson & Harrington Model 1
Revolvers, Cased Pair
Worcester, Mass 1356-1 - SOLD

Cased Colt, Pocket Navy Model
Pistol with All Accessories,
Original London Case
308-629 - SOLD

Manhattan Fire Arms Co.,
American Standard Tool
Co., HERO Single
Shot Pistol 728-117 - SOLD

Smith & Wesson Model
No. 1, Second Issue
Serial number: 122695
728-111 - SOLD

CASED Mass. Arms Co.
Maynard Primed Pocket Revolver,
Chicopee Falls, Mass.
308-575 - SOLD

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