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Later Images

Photographic Book, Pike's Peak, 1899

Sepia photos of a trip through Colorado, California, Yellowstone, Utah, etc, including some very early shots of Pike's Peak, the National Parks, and many Pasadena and other California and Colorado sites. A very rare opportunity to find a comprehensive first hand study through the eyes of the camera. Fabulous collection of one-of-a kind photographs from a time that will never return.



Rare And Important
1904 St. Louis World's Fair Photograph Album
(111-photos; each approximately 8 13/16 by 6.75-inches)
And...letter presenting album signed by D.R. Francis, Exposition President
Circa 1906

Album of Louisiana Purchase Exposition Photos & Letter Signed by D. R. Lewis, Exposition President, c. 1906 - Collection of 100 photos of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, also called the St. Louis World's Fair, in an album presented to the Director and Chairman of the Committee on Sanitation of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, includes pictures of William Howard Taft, then Secretary of War, delivering an address, the presentation letter is signed in pen by D. R. Francis, President of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company as well as former Mayor of St. Louis and Governor of Missouri, the letter is faded almost to obscurity and the covers of the album are missing. Images not limited to, include Native Americans, foreign peoples, architecture; VIP's, statues, street scenes and animals such as elephants on slides.
(Album measures approximately 13 x 10 x 3-inches.)



Antique Fishing-Camp Photograph
Typically Adirondack
Circa 1900-1910

As depicted, still-life...campfire with skillet, coffee rod with conventional reel, creel, and net. Original oak frame with great patina. (Frame: 22 x 17.5 inches; view: 17.5 x 13 inches.)



Miniature Portrait of Jacob Lindenberger
Circa 1804
Depicted in a Cabinet Card
Circa 1880

The card is inscribed on verso: "Jacob Lindenberger taken from a miniature which was painted in London Eng in 1804, when he was about 23 years of age." Excellent.
Dimensions: 6.5 by 4.25-inches.



Rare Pair of Miniature Folk Portraits of a Young Attractive Couple
Circa 1820
Depicted in a Pair of Ninth-Plate Tinted Tintypes
Circa 1865

The tintypes are framed together in a hinged, double-sided thermoplastic case. Very good.
Dimensions of each: 2.5 by 2-inches.



A Cabinet Card and Two Albumen Prints

Cabinet Card of a Boy with a Dog
Dimensions: 4.25 by 6.75-inches.

Lot of Two Albumen Prints of Young Women at Cooking School
Both are mounted on gray cardboard.
Condition: soiled, one print creased.
Dimensions of both: 5-inches square.

Album of Kansas City

19th century hard cover travel book of Kansas City with sepia view in a fold-out format. Excellent condition, and very rare.

This 7.5 by 9.625-inch "mustering out" manuscript document remains in fine condition with typical folds and edge wear.



Tinted Ambrotype of a Child in a Union Case

Dimensions: 3.25 by 3.75-inch case.



Miniature Folk Portrait
Attractive Young Woman Wearing a Bonnet
Circa 1835
Depicted in a Carte de Viste
Circa 1870

The back has a printed logo of "Grotcloss, Photographer, 228 1/2 Bleecker Street, cor Carmine, New York". Excellent.
Dimensions: 4 by 2.5-inches.



Views of Utah and Tourist Guide

Book Description: Art Bazar, Salt Lake City, UT, 1888. Oblong blue cloth with decorative blind stamping to boards. Title gilt stamped on front board. Sixteen accordion plates of Salt Lake views. 24-page tourist booklet attached to the rear pastedown. Flake/Draper 7544. Nice copy of this view book that includes not just the typical shots of Salt Lake City, but also includes views of St. George, Logan, Provo, Ogden and other locales in Utah.



Folk Portrait
Standing Little Boy at Top of a Stairway
In an Exterior Landscape
Circa 1860
Depicted in a Carte de Viste
Circa 1875

The back is printed with the logo of "B. F. Ferguson, Artist, S. W. Corner 8th & Arch, Philada, Photographs taken in every style, plain or colored. Also photo-miniatures". Clipped corners, otherwise excellent.
Dimensions: 4 by 2.5-inches.



Three Cabinet Cards of the Brown Family
Of Lee, Massachusetts

Dimensions of each: 6.5 by 4.25-inches.



Spanish Indian New Mexico
Chain & Hardy, Denver, 1882

Oblong 4 3/4 x 2, 26 sepia lithographic views from photographs on 18 accordion-folded pp."Probably earliest tourist view book of New, Mexico. Images of pueblos at San Juan, San Ildefonso, Taos, Santo Domingo, Zuni, San Felipe, and Laguna. Also Las Vegas Hot Springs, Hopi villages, water & wood carriers and tortilla makers, churches at Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque, Mesa Verde, Indian pottery, and the plaza at Santa Fe. Printed in Germany by Louis Glaser. Good. Embossed gilt cloth. Excellent condition, and rarely found this way.



Unidentified Sergeant
11th U.S. Infantry Regiment
Circa 1861 - 1862

Tintype of seated Union sergeant in frock coat, with shoulder scales...a Model 1858 McDowell pattern cap with "11" on the front rests on a table beside him, his buttons, scales and the numbers are picked out in gold, stamped brass mat, red plush interior, stamped leather case remains in excellent condition. (3.25-inches x 3.75-inches.)



Folk Portrait of a Young Woman Draped in a Shawl
Circa 1850
Depicted in a Carte de Viste
Circa 1870

The Carte de viste is inscribed on verso: "Caroline Kelsey". Clipped top corners, otherwise excellent.
Dimensions: 4 by 2.5-inches.



Albumen Portrait of Man in Carved Frame
With Gilt Liner

Dimensions: 10.5 by 8.25-inch frame, 6.25 by 3.75-inch sight-size.



Folk Portrait of a Lady Wearing a Bonnet
Attributed to Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900)
Circa 1835
Depicted in a Half-Plate Tinted Tintype

Circa 1855
The tintype has no case. Excellent.
Dimensions: 5.5 by 4.25-inches.



Two Photographs of Young Women

Ambrotype of a Young Woman
Wearing a Large Painted Brooch

Dimensions: 2.875 by 2.375-inch case.

Tintype of a Young Woman
With Long Curls

In a stamped leather case.
Dimensions: 2.875 by 2.375-inch case.

Miniature Folk Portrait of Anna Lindenberger
Baltimore, Maryland
Depicted in a Cabinet Card
Circa 1880

The card is inscribed on verso: "Anna Lindenberger taken from a miniature which was painted in baltimore in 1838, when she was about 53 years of age." Excellent.
Dimensions: 6.5 by 4.25-inches.



Folk Portrait
Solemn Young Woman in Profile
Probably Watercolor on Paper
Circa 1845
Depicted in a Carte de Viste
Circa 1870

Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 4 by 2.5-inches.



Tintype of a Man with His Dog

Condition: a bend along the left, one scratch on bend, otherwise good.
Dimensions: 2.25 by 3.75-inches.



Lot of Three Tintypes on Paper Mats

Two women and one man wearing a tiny straw hat.
Dimensions of each:
Woman in oval: 3 by 4.875-inches
Woman in white frame: 2.5 by 4-inches
Man: 2.125 by 3.5-inches.



Lot of Nine Tintypes

Union Now & Forever mat on one.
Dimensions: range from 2.875 by 2.375-inches to 4.25 by 3.25-inches.



Quarter Plate Tintype
Soldier and Two Friends

Quarter plate tintype of soldier wearing shell jacket and trousers with stripe down sides seated beside two dapper civilian friends. The images mounted within a stamped brass mat, no case; very good condition. (4 .25-inches x 3 .25-inches in mat.)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Tintype of a Young Man
In a stamped case with gold trim - SOLD

Good condition.
Dimensions: 2.875 by 2.375-inch case.

576-30 - SOLD

Photo Album With 53-Images
The Jerome Family
The Comstock Family...including Albert and James in uniform
With Boyhood Image of Frank Jerome...and CDV's as CW Soldier
Waterford and New London, Connecticut - SOLD

Two CDV's of Civil War Soldiers and a Leather Bound Family Album
The Union soldiers, one wearing an enlisted foot overcoat and identified as Frank Jerome, the other with a Hardee hat that an "8" within the Infantry horn. The album, with a stamped leather and gilt cover secured with two brass straps, has numerous CDV's of members of the Jerome family as well as pictures of all four 1884 Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates - Cleveland & Hendricks, Blaine & Logan - clipped from a Quaker Bitters advertisement. CW CDV's marked Morgan & Bolles, New London, CT on reverse and in very good condition. Album has wear along edges but no splits; pages are solid, latches very good.

Also, a pair of CDV's depicting two brothers from Waterford, CT. Corporal Albert O. Comstock (1842 - 1863) enlisted into "H" Co., 14th CT Infantry on 7/24/1862. He died of illness on 12/11/1863. He is shown wearing a sack coat and corporal's stripes.
His brother, James was commissioned into "H" Co. 14th CT Infantry as a 2nd Lieutenant on 7/17/1862 and discharged for a disability on 12/14/1862. He is wearing an officer's frock coat, sash, and second lieutenant's shoulder straps. The corners are cut and there is staining on the CDV of Lieutenant Comstock (As depicted). The CDV of Corporal Comstock has light soiling in the upper right; it is signed with back-mark for N.A. & R.A. Moore, Photographers on the reverse.

The album contains 49-additional images of the soldiers' relatives. Measures 8.5 by 6 by 2-inches.

110-320 - SOLD

Tin Type of and Early Base Ball Player - SOLD

2.375-inches by 3.25-inches. Excellent detail on uniform, and appears to be a glove at the foot of the player. Nice early image.

977-47 - SOLD

Cabinet Photo of Harvard University Base Ball Player and Female - SOLD

Identified on back (in pen over pencil) as “Abbie and Everett Hall, Reading Mass.” Wonderful “Shield Front” Jersey with nice 19th C. details. Elmer Chickering Studio, 21 West St. Boston; Full back with ink over pencil inscription as noted. Image is 4-inches by 5.5-inches; overall card 4 3/16-inches by 6 5/16-inches; excellent condition from a N. H. collector.


A Very Rare Pair of Miniature Folk Portraits
James and Margaret Barnes
Watercolor on Paper
Attributed to James Sanford Ellsworth (1802/3-1874)
Circa 1850
Depicted in a Pair of Carte de Vistes
Circa 1870

Inscribed on verso of the man: "James Barnes born 1773. This photograph is a copy of a painting done at his home in Cheshire about 1850. Born Apr 16 1773."
Inscribed on verso of the woman: "Margaret Bell Barnes a photographic copy of a painting done at her home in Cheshire about 1850."
Each is marked at lower margin "Grannis, Waterbury, Conn."
Dimensions of each: 4 by 2.5-inches.

205-30 - SOLD

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