Pumper Fire Engine Model, Goose Neck Style, Precision Made, A Fine Example

Piano-Box Design, Crane Neck Arches, Squirrel Tail Suction Hose Storage

Pumper Fire Engine Model, Goose Neck Style, Precision Made, A Fine Example, Image 1

It is immediately apparent that this engineers\makers model was made by an extremely talented\experienced fabricator - a working sidestroke model fire engine possibly for competition or commercial use.
The shape of the tub, crane necks, and air chamber are somewhat like those made by Dennison in Newark, NJ. (The only manufacturer that routinely combined both features. The fact that there is only 1 cylinder suggests that it is probably a double acting piston which were rare on hand engines however they were used by a few manufacturers such as Perkins, Bates, Gould, and Farnham [nothing else about this machine resembles an engine produced by these manufacturers].
We haven't assigned the term "patent model" because it is used too easily for detailed models made in the 19th century. The highly unusual rack and pinion(ish) linkage and the mechanical system detail suggests the possibility that this may be a patent model of a design that was never manufactured... we simply don't know. What we do know, and guarantee is that this finely crafted piece remains in excellent original condition and dates to the second half of the nineteenth century.

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Date: Circa 1870

Measurement: Overall height: 8"; overall length: 22.5"; overall width: 7.5"

Material: Walnut, brass, iron, steel

Condition: Very good, trivial imperfections commensurate with age

Literature: Firefighting Antiques & Memorabilia by James and Sandra Piatti, Schiffer Publishing, 2001; page 82.