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Betty Lamp, Wick Support, Spike Hanger, Chain & Wick Pick, Hinged Lid Signed: F. Hurxthal & Son, 19th Century



Student Lamp, Functions as a Bracket Lamp, Student Lamp, Study Lamp

Likely Rochester, NY, C.F. Spencer, or Possibly H.H. Barnard & G.V. Hanna New York, Third Quarter 19th Century




Whale Oil Lantern, Sheet Iron and Glass, Tapered Octagonal Fixed Colorless Globe, 13” Anonymous, 19th Century Ring handle, pinched & pierced chimney and base fitted with tinned double-tube burners




Punched & Pierced Tinned Sheet-Iron Barn Lantern,
Large Size, Snappy Ornamentation Often Called a Paul Revere Lantern

Single Candle Socket, Large Hoop Carrying Ring American Candle Lantern, New England, Circa 1800ish’ (Height: 17.75"; diameter: 6")



Lantern, Tin Candle Lantern, Dome Top, Glazed, Ribbed, Pierced & Chisel Cut New England, Early 19th Century

Demilune back with finely made door surmounted by a tapered and ribbed carrying handle with reinforced rolled edges; above the chimney/vent is a hanging ring with folded edges. The glazed panel lifts to access single candle socket having clinched tabs. (A very small dimple to base under door mentioned for accuracy, truly moot, all else fine; Height: 13.25"; width: 7.25"; depth: 6.5")



Wood Frame Candle Lantern, Original Green Paint, Glazed, 19th Century

A barn/privy lantern remaining in original apple-green paint…the wire bail handle centering pierced chimney vent; chamfered top, bottom and corner posts …the corner posts mortised to top and bottom are secured by small wood pegs. The door with canted edges hangs from original pintle-type hinges and is of pegged construction. A single sheet iron candle socket is within. (One light cracked; height: 10"; width: 5.5"; depth: 5.75")



Lantern, Candle, Sheet Iron, Two-Tiered Chimney, Original Surface, Circa 1780-1800

A rare hanging lantern having single candle socket and two-tier graduated circular pierced chimney with carrying/hanging ring above tubular frame joining glazed panels; the whole resting on conical feet…the hinged door retaining original wire latch opening to the single nozzle with ejecting slit. (Height: 15.5"; width: 5.75"; depth: 5.75")



Lantern, Tin, Punched Diamond and Star, Ring Handle, Etched Glass, Whale Oil Burner Mid-19th Century

Colorless globe etched monogram “ANM”, base, top and hanger in old silver paint. (We note a flattened area of base probably caused by being dropped; burners likely replaced, else fine. Height at handle: 16.25")



Oil Lamp, Bird Feeder? Possibly Spanish Late 19th – early 20th century

Hand-blown citrine colored glass oil lamp featuring donut shaped reservoir with bowl attached. Gadrooned base, handle, and edges indicates European origin. (Height: 9”; Width: 6”)



Parade Lamp, Torch Light, Hexagon Case, Pagoda Roof, Pierced Chimney
Unknown Maker, 1820’s

Antique Parade Lamp/Torch Light with Pierced Chimney, Circa 1820's, side 1 view

This large lamp with mica-lights pivots within its gimbaled wrought iron frame fitted for pole. It has been suggested that this lamp is part of a group of similar lamps produced for General Lafayette’s 1824 visit, however this supposition is not verified. We have investigated the form with little success. Skinner describes a similar lantern (lot 63) Americana sale in two sessions [772/773] 10.29 and 30, 1981. We will appreciate the sharing of information. (Missing font or candle socket which was received by an aperture within the base bottom plate; traces of surface paint and decoration remain; imperfections to mica lights; H: 25”, W: 10”)



Antique Parade Lamp/Torch Light with Pierced Chimney, Circa 1820's, side 2 view

19th Century Blue & White Scenic Canton Ginger Jar Lamps, Pair, Not Drilled

Antique Pair of Blue and White Scenic Canton Ginger Jar Lamps, 19th Century, pair view with shades

(H with shade: 16.5”, H without shade: 12”)

$395 for the pair


Antique Pair of Blue and White Scenic Canton Ginger Jar Lamps, 19th Century, pair view 1
Antique Pair of Blue and White Scenic Canton Ginger Jar Lamps, 19th Century, pair view 2

Lantern, Blown Amethyst Pear Shape Chimney, Tin collar, Heat Deflector and Carrying Ring
Likely European, 18th Century

Antique Lantern with Blown Amethyst Glass Chimney, 18th Century, entire view

A pair of light-weight chains or wire would have held the base with candle socket snug to chimney base. We are not certain that the accompanying base is original nor do we have the chain; however, the form and color are worthy of restoration.
(Fine condition; H: 16"; W: 6.5")



Antique Lantern with Blown Amethyst Glass Chimney, 18th Century, open view

Paint Decorated Pierced Tin Plate Candle Lantern with Glass Door, Crimped Smoke Bell
Featuring rectangular door lite, wonderful paint and intricate piercing; star theme

Antique Paint Decorated Tin Plate Candle Lantern with Glass Door, angle view

(15 by 9”)



Antique Paint Decorated Tin Plate Candle Lantern with Glass Door, entire view
Antique Paint Decorated Tin Plate Candle Lantern with Glass Door, open view

Candle Lantern, Sheet Iron, Feathered Leaf Heat Reflector, Tabbed Nozzle, Dome Top
New England, Circa 1800
From the master tinsmiths perspective, the BEST little barrel back hand held lamp; pierced for ventilation, tubular handle; displaying exquisite design, masterful craftsmanship and remarkable condition.

Antique Sheet Iron Candle Lantern, New England, Circa 1800, angle view

(H: 8.5", W: 4.75", D: 5.25")



Antique Sheet Iron Candle Lantern, New England, Circa 1800, entire view
Antique Sheet Iron Candle Lantern, New England, Circa 1800, open view
Antique Sheet Iron Candle Lantern, New England, Circa 1800, leaf detail
Antique Sheet Iron Candle Lantern, New England, Circa 1800, socket detail

Bouillotte Lamp
Mid-19th Century

A good French brass bouillotte lamp; two candle cups; square shank; four button feet; adjustable painted metal shade with Chinese scene. (Height: 12 - inches.)



Kettle Lamp, Gimbaled, Wick Pick
Circa 1800 to 1820
Brass, copper, cast and sheet iron

(H: 8"; base diameter: 5")



Brass Skaters Lamp, Hurricane Lantern, Finger Lamp, Engraved Shade
Manhattan Brass Company (1868 to 1880)
Pierced Cone, Patented Dec. 24th 1867
Engraved and frosted shade, Royal Lackey

Brass lamp in old oxidized surface, the shade is engraved and frosted; "Royal Lackey" centered by leafy wreath; the other side features a high mans boot.
The lamp style is pictured with a period advertisement in Lamps III by Catherine Thuro; pp. 214 and 215, figures a and b. This 7.5" lamp is in good condition; some verdigris on base, minor imperfections' limited to base as is often the case.



Lens Lantern, Bullseye Magnifying Lens, Lens Cover, Removable Reservoir, Wick Pick
Unknown Maker, 19th Century Pocket Lamp
Share your knowledge; we have looked at traveling, mining, bicycling, signaling & more! - SOLD

Antique Lens Lantern with Bullseye Magnifying Lense and Lens Cover, 19th Century, open view

The back of the tinned sheet iron lamp features folding wire handles and what we assume is a belt hook. The lens is protected by a conforming cover mounted on a sliding door that opens to the interior housing removable burner, reservoir and wick pick. (4.75 by 1.75 by 1.5”)

879-87 - SOLD

Antique Lens Lantern with Bullseye Magnifying Lense and Lens Cover, 19th Century, closed view
Antique Lens Lantern with Bullseye Magnifying Lense and Lens Cover, 19th Century, burner detail 1
Antique Lens Lantern with Bullseye Magnifying Lense and Lens Cover, 19th Century, burner detail 2

Free Blown Colorless Hand Lamp, Sparking Lamp, Applied Handle
Probably Eastern United States, New England
Circa 1825
Dropped in tin whale oil burner

Dimensions: 1.75" H.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Candle Lantern with Leaded Bullseye Glass, Possibly Early English Arts and Crafts
Circa 1880 to 1910
Wrought and sheet iron, blown and sheet glass, lead and black paint - SOLD

Antique Candle Lantern with Bullseye Glass, Circa 1880 to 1910, angle view 1

Single candle socket, light green and light amethyst bullseyes with rough pontil scars set with soft rippled clear glass.
(Original condition, easily straightened ding to one corner of roof, thinning paint; will benefit from cleaning; H: 11.25”)


Punched & Pierced Barn Lantern, Often Called a Paul Revere Lantern, Tabbed Socket
American Candle Lantern, circa 1800ish’ - SOLD

Antique Punched and Pierced Barn Lantern with Tabbed Socket, Circa 1800, open view

(Fine original condition; H: 14”, diameter: 5”)

492-159 - SOLD

Early Globe Lantern with Pierced Tin Frame, Ring Handle, Green over Clear Globe
Anonymous, 19th Century
The Frame Pierced with Stars and Diamonds, Signal Lamp, Rare Color Combination - SOLD

Antique Early Globe Lantern with Pierced Tin Frame, 19th Century, angle view

(Burner is not original, based was drilled; H: 16”)

1032-183 - SOLD

Adjustable Steel Betty Lamp on Stand, Cabriole Legs, Penny Feet
Likely Northern European, Late 18th to early 19th Century
A finely wrought example with wick pick - SOLD

Antique Adjustable Steel Betty Lamp on Stand with Penny Feet, Late 18th ro Early 19th Century, angle view 1

(Excellent original condition; H: 19.75")

1124-2 - SOLD

Oil Lamp, Shield and Star Pattern, Finger Lamp, Stand Lamp, Colorless Glass
Unknown maker, complete with burner and shade, 1860's - SOLD

Clear Glass Oil Lamp with Shield and Star Pattern, entire view

(Good condition; H: 10.75")

201-393 - SOLD

Betty Lamp, Fat Lamp, Signed P. Derr, 1834
Brass, Copper and Wrought Iron Peter Derr
Berks County, Pennsylvania
Peter Derr (1793 to 1868)
A clean lamp, hanger signed P.D. 1834, wick pick, brass chain, fine condition - SOLD

(No repairs; H: 5.5", height to hook: 9.75")

330-3 - SOLD

Lamp Stand, Redware Tidy, Baluster Form on Circular Base, Manganese Glaze
Circa 1800
A scarcely encountered wheel thrown stand - SOLD

See Garvan, The Pennsylvania German Collection, page 228, figure 17.
(Dings and fleabites consistent with age and use; ex Shelly Collection; H: 7")

330-13 - SOLD

Fat Lamp, Grease Lamp, Trunnion or Gallows Lamp, Dual Wick Support
Wrought, sheet, and cast iron
Circa 1800 to 1820 - SOLD

The open top grease kettle within trunnion mount features dual central wick supports. The kettle is raised on white-smith finished shaft having baluster knop; the whole on domed circular foot.
Very good condition, color, and patina; H: 11.5".

240-164 - SOLD

Tidy, Turned Maple Betty Lamp Stand, Great Color and Surface
New England
Late 18th to Early 19th Century - SOLD

(H: 6"; diameter: 3.5")

424-155 - SOLD

Large Sheet Iron Lantern
Probably for maritime use
Possibly French
Circa 1820-1830 - SOLD

This dramatic lighting device is constructed of tinned, rolled sheet iron, wire and glass.
Dimensions: 18.75-inches high, 11.75-inches wide, 9.5-inches deep.

745-16 - SOLD

Bradley & Hubbard
Double Student Lamp
Circa 1880-1900 - SOLD

As depicted, a brass double student lamp, burners marked "B/H DUPLEX" on thumbwheels, extinguishers have original pulls, cased shades with green exterior and white interior (one has chips on top of rim), not electrified. (Height: 14.75-inches without shades; 21-inches high with shade; 23 5/8-inches tall with chimney; width: 27-inches.) Old patina; never before on market...from original family.

780-1 - SOLD

Pair of Punched Barn Lanterns
Unusual tall size...20.5-inches!
19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, a rare pair of lanterns beautifully ornamented and in excellent condition; one lantern in old black paint...the other never painted.

424-29 - SOLD

Extremely Rare
Railroad Signal Lamp
Circa 1830's - SOLD

All sheet-iron construction...the pierced chimney with conical top above the case with bull's-eye glass lenses set within out-swept reflectors. The door that is hung on a wire and folded iron hinge opens to expose brackets that would receive colored lenses. The burner is missing, all else fine.
Height: 19-inches; 7 by 7-inches.

348-180 - SOLD

Lantern, Candle, Fixed Blown Clear Glass Onion Globe, Pierced Frame
Circa 1820 to 1840 - SOLD

Carrying ring, crimped smoke/heat dome, gimbaled, great color, H: 14"

336-113 - SOLD

Candle Lantern, Pierced Tin, Large Size
Early Nineteenth Century
New England - SOLD

Cylindrical with conical top having candle holder, crimped shield and loop carrying handle; all-over punching and slit ornamentation; single tabbed candle socket. Dimensions: 21.5" H, 7.25" base diameter.

424-100 - SOLD

Punched Tin Hanging Lantern
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 15-inches high.

348-207 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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