Apache Knuckle Duster
A rare triple threat pistol
Outstanding Engraving...brass frame - SOLD

Apache Knuckle Duster, right facing

Marked DOLNE - INV on the right side of the frame. The serial number, 5090 is on the side of frame extension in front of the cylinder. Combination weapon of engraved and relief carved knuckles; 3.5-inch waved blade mounted on left side of frame, and pinfire revolver...blade folds to the rear of frame. The magnificently engraved brass knuckle folds downward forming the revolver's grip. The six round fluted and engraved cylinder is plumb-brown fading to gray, the blade is a spotted mottled brown fading to gray and has minor pitting; case hardening now brown/gray. Double action folding trigger and spurless hammer. In generally excellent condition.


Apache Knuckle Duster, left facing
Apache Knuckle Duster, detail 1
Apache Knuckle Duster, detail 2
Apache Knuckle Duster, detail 3
Apache Knuckle Duster, detail 4
Apache Knuckle Duster, detail 5
Apache Knuckle Duster, detail 6
Apache Knuckle Duster, detail 7

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