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Our Brokerage Programs reflect Our Belief that Sellers and Buyers are Entitled to a Fair Deal

Our Consignment and Brokered Sales Programs are designed to provide competent, efficient, and cost effective consignment alternatives to the Auction Venue. Overall, we believe that our programs deliver optimal results to both sellers and buyers, and that our programs provide benefits to both sellers and buyers which cannot be obtain through the typical auction structure as currently offered by most major auction houses.

A definition of Fair Market Value exists when a willing seller offers a product to a willing buyer, given adequate time and opportunity to make the transaction, and that the transaction is made at a fair price. The elements of a contract are a willing seller, willing buyer, meeting of the minds, and valuable consideration ($$). When all requirements of these two definitions are satisfied, the result is that all parties walk away with a fair deal, Bottom line is that our programs are designed to deliver a fair deal for both seller and buyer. In the role of Broker, our primary function is to facilitate a fair deal through the total involvement of all parties, and that all elements of the Fair Market Value definition are covered. We offer some useful role suggestions in our Guidelines for Consignors and Customers for both sellers and buyers

Buying and Selling expensive antiques can have negative results when fairness is left out of the process. From our perspective, every seller should be allowed to set a minimum return price on every item, and should not be assessed fees when an item does not sell. We also feel that every buyer should have a stated examination time and written return privilege with stated parameters. Of course, there must be timeframes for Returns, Customer Item Acceptance, and Seller Liability, and we spell these out clearly in our Sales Policy, available on our web site and posted in our lobby.

Buyers: Unfortunately, many of the current Auction Venues offer no item guarantee or return policy as items are sold "As is, where is", and makes limited or no guarantee as to description or authenticity of the item. This makes it especially difficult for buyers who use the internet to purchase at auction. Antique Associates at West Townsend strongly believes in a limited inspection and return privilege for all items bought over the internet or phone as spelled out clearly in our Sales Policy. We also believe that any ethical seller will allow returns (time restricted for reasonableness) for misrepresented items, and that every buyer has the right to get what they pay for.

Sellers: Just as buyers go somewhat unprotected through the Auction Venue, sellers may have even less protection. We feel that a collector, or the person dealing with an inheritance or estate, or the owner of any valuable item, is entitled to set reasonable minimum prices on their items (in agreement with the broker) , and to receive the vast bulk of the sales proceeds in a timely manners. We also feel that the seller should not be penalized for an item not selling when the broker is allowed adequate time and opportunity. We allow, and encourage, our sellers and consignors to work with us in setting a minimum price on every item, and we do not charge the seller for photography, research, storage, etc. if the item does not sell. Sellers are asked to carry their own insurance, and are responsible to get the items to us, or pick them up if withdrawn from sale or at expiration of the sale time, but otherwise, we do not burden the seller with costs. Additionally, the seller receives and higher % of the total sale, while the buyer is not burdened with a buyer premium.

SPECIAL NOTE: While we generalize the difference between our programs and the typical Auction Venue, there are exceptions, and we applaud any Auction House who will guarantee their descriptions and provide a fair return privilege to internet or phone buyers. Also we understand that some Auction Venues may provide similar seller protections. To Auction Venues allowing 100% item reserves and no-sale e= no-cost services, we applaud them.

In summary, the Antique Associates at West Townsend Brokerage Programs are designed to facilitate or broker a fair deal to all concerned, and we practice what we promise with written policies. We recommend that interested parties print our Brokerage and Consignment E-Package on your screen or in hard copy. You will find details of how our programs work, the steps involved, and more. If you're considering selling a collection, accumulation or whole estate, please feel free to call. We will tailor a solution to meet your needs. Please feel free to call us for further information, or email if that works for you. We'd love to discuss the possibilities!

David Hillier at or 978-597-8084

We Actively Solicit Material In the Following Categories:

  • American Furniture and Decorative Arts
  • English and Continental Glass, Ceramics and Silver
  • American Silver and Pewter
  • American, English and Continental Firearms
  • Fine Photography
  • Maritime and Whaling documents and artifacts
  • Textiles, Clothing and Accessories Including Sewing Tools
  • Military-French and Indian War to Spanish-American War Period
  • Native American Decorative Arts-Textiles, Pottery, Beadwork, Burl and Arms.
  • Historic Documents, Diaries Written By Soldiers, Tradesman and Everyday Persons
  • Account Books, Journals and Ledgers.
  • Great Folk Art
  • Temperance
  • Suffragette
  • Abolition
  • Swords, Knives, Daggers
  • Original Art, All Mediums... memorializing the people and events paramount in developing the young republic of America.
  • Children's items-toys, games, furniture and the like.
  • Women's and Schoolgirls decorative arts of all types.
  • Collections of Correspondence.

If you're considering selling a collection, accumulation or whole estate, please feel free to call. We will tailor a solution to meet your needs. Please feel free to call us for further information, or email if that works for you. We'd love to discuss the possibilities!

David Hillier at or 978-597-8084