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Sales Policy

Antique Associates at West Townsend, Inc. offers merchandise of exceptional value and rarity to Collectors, Institutions and to the Antique Trade. Terms and conditions may vary , and we recommend that you read this page to understand our working policies.

Guarantee To Retail and Institutional Customers

Definition: A Retail Customer or Institutional Customer is not in the business of buying and selling antiques for profit. Retail and Institutional Customers may pay by cash, check, money order or credit card, and are responsible for any applicable sales tax as dictated by the Mass. Dept. of Revenue.

All items sold by Antiques Associates to Retail and Institutional Customers are guaranteed as represented as to age, origin, repair status, and authenticity. When used, the word "circa" denotes that an item is an approximate age rather than a specific date of manufacture. For the purpose of our guarantee, we will use 20 years as the age parameter for the use of "circa".

We offer the Retail and Institutional Customer a reasonable period of time, generally three days, for the Retail and Institutional buyer to authenticate and validate the purchase, as noted in our Refund section below.

Refunds to Retail and Institutional Customers

If purchased in Person: Merchandise may be returned for any reason within Three Days from purchase date. We choose to allow the Retail and Institutional Customer enough time to examine the purchase, and determine if the purchase is correct for their collection or setting. Merchandise must be returned by buyer to our facility in the same condition before refund is given.

If purchased by Mail: Merchandise may be returned within Three Days from receipt for any reason. We require telephone or email notification that the return is forthcoming, and of course expect that the merchandise be returned in the same condition as sent. We also ask that the merchandise be returned promptly so that it may be offered to others.

Material Misrepresentation: Unfortunately, the best of us make mistakes, and we want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase. Because of that, we allow One Week for the return of items due to a material misrepresentation. A material misrepresentation exists when an item is found to be a fake, fraud, or to have been grossly misrepresented as to age, authenticity, repair status, or some other major factor. Although rare, items in this category are returned at the expense of Antique Associates at West Townsend. We will not penalize you if it is our mistake.

Although we provide the policy of returns within three days for any reason, items returned for any reason other than a material misrepresentation are returned at the full expense of the buyer, and are expected to be returned in the condition as when purchased.

Refunds are not given until the items has been safely returned to our facility.

Guarantee To The Trade, also known as Antique Dealers

Definition: The Trade or Antique Dealer is any person with a resale certificate and
who is buying for resale, or is asking for special considerations as an
antiques dealer. These folks are subject to a common set of commercial rules and
responsibilities, including any and all IRS, Sales Tax Exemptions, and other applicable

It is our position that the trade is on equal footing with other members of the trade when it comes to in-person sales, and that one dealer should know enough about what they are buying to make an informed decision. We are happy to place an item "ON HOLD" while a dealer investigates a potential purchase, but once an item is sold to the trade, the item is sold!

If Purchased in Person: All sales to the trade that are made in person at our shop in W. Townsend, or in person via sales representative in your home or place of business are final. As noted above, you may place the item "on hold" while you perform due diligence, but once the merchandise changes hands, the deal is final.

If Shipped or Mailed: If we make a sale to the Trade or to an Antique Dealer, and it is sent via Mail, Commercial Carrier, or Delivered, we allow the item to be returned within 24 hours of receipt for major differences in description or material misreprentation. Because we offer extensive details and photography prior to shipping, cost of return shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the buyer.

NOTE: The definition of material misrepresentation is that the item is found to be a fake, fraud, has been repaired or altered without disclosure, or there is a substantial error in the dating of the object; or other material differences. In fact, unless an item was materially misrepresented. 24 Hours are Allowed for Discovery, and then All Sales of "Shipped or Mailed" merchandise Are Final.

Please Note: In the case of a difference of opinion, Antique Associates may require written expert examination of the item before accepting the return.

There are no returns to the trade for "Buyer's Remorse".

Shipping Charges

Each package, containing a single item or multiple items, is subject to a minimum charge of $15.00 (Fifteen Dollars). Buyers are expected to pay the full price of all shipping including insurance, and insurance is required on all purchases. We will work with you to minimize costs, and of course you may choose your own carrier or make your own arrangements. Payment for shipping may be paid for with payment for merchandise, or you may be invoiced separately. Please see office manager for details.



Retail and Institutional Customers may pay with cash, personal or business checks, debit cards and all credit cards.

Trade or Antique Dealers paying trade prices may pay with cash, check or money orders Only. Antique Dealers requesting to pay with credit cards or debit cards must apply for an exception with a sales representative. Because our consignors are responsible for credit card fees, we must obtain their approval before granting the exception.

Sales Tax

Antiques Associates at West Townsend is fully compliant with the applicable Sales Tax laws of the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue, and will collect sales tax where the law applies. Mass. Dealers must fill out the applicable exemption form providing their exemption number. Out of state dealers fill in 8910 Directive and provide us with Business Card or other means of identification indicating that they do business in another state. Non-Profit Institutions must fill out the applicable Sale Tax Form, and provide us with their Tax Exempt Certificate from their respective state.

Layaways are available to Retail and Institutional Customers, and to the Trade or Antique Dealers

Terms: 30% down with 45 days to pay. Down Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Other terms are negotiable. Please see a Sales Representative if you require other terms.

Upon receipt of your FULL and FINAL payment, items are generally shipped the same day, or may be removed from our facility.

Antique Associates at West Townsend reserves the right to HOLD MERCHANDISE UNTIL PAYMENT CLEARS.

We are All in This Together!

For every transaction, Antique Associates at West Townsend believes that our goal
as broker is to facilitate a process which allows a willing seller to offer quality
merchandise to a willing buyer at a fair price; allowing adequate information and time to make an informed decision through the process of due diligence; and that
the final decision results in a transaction which both seller and buyer are completely satisfied.

As brokers, we pledge to do our very best to facilitate this arrangement, and we
strongly recommend that both buyer and seller do their best to protect their own
interests. While we endeavor to offer the very best in photography and descriptive
services on behalf of our consignors, we also believe that our buyers must take an active role in making the transaction successful by doing any necessary research, and by performing reasonable due diligence. We also feel that our consignors must provide fair and truthful information, and that the asking price must reflect the value of the merchandise.

If we all do our best, the results can be nothing less than excellent!