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Antique Furniture, Tables, Chests, Chairs


Antique Portraits, Paintings, Mirrors

Portraits, Mirrors,
and Wall Art

Antique Weathervanes, Folk Art, Carvings

Vanes and Folk Art

Antique Pantry Boxes, Shaker and Decorative Smalls

Decorative Smalls
Pantry Boxes, Painted Bowls

Antique Architectural Items


Antique Lighting, Candle Sticks, Chandeliers


Antique Textiles, Quilts, Hooked Rugs, Samplers


Antique Ceramics, Silver, Glass

Ceramics, Silver and Glass

Antique Banks, Toys, Dolls

Banks, Toys and Dolls

History Gallery Sample

History Gallery

Antique Arms Sample

Antique Arms Gallery

Main House Gallery Sample

Main House Gallery

For futher information on AAAWT's No-Risk Brokerage Programs, or
to learn more about an item, please contact:

David Hillier
Or (978)-597-8084

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