Antique Associates at West Townsend

18th Century Banister
Back Armchair, Robust
Turnings, Generous Proportions
605-138 $1,475

Candlestick, Continental,
Low Skirt Base,
Knopped Standard
Probably Franco-Flemish
1008-82 $3,350

Exceptionally Rare Quarter
Striking Lantern Clock
Made By Richard Beck
843-433 $24,175

Paint Decorated Blanket
Chest, Outstanding Base
and Original Condition
1335-23 $3,550

Alfalfa Club Member Medal,
Belonging to James C. Hagerty,
Eisenhower Press Secretary
849-112 $3,750

Antique, Decoy, Loon,
Maine, Large and Folky
1414-2 $1,050

Cheesebox Canteen,
War of 1812 Period,
Painted & Stenciled “P.G.”,
Prescott Guards
532-169 $1,050

Civil War Carte de Visite
& Odd Fellows Silver
& Gold Pinback Love Token
849-115 $565

Georgian English Flintlock
Tinder Lighter, Pistol Form
by John Burgon, London
308-597 $1,185

Paint Decorated Trunk,
Flattop, Maine,
Possibly Paris Hill
532-155 $8,350

Nineteenth Century Writing
Box, Paint Decorated
Inked within the lid: Nathaniel
M. Sargent / Lynn 1823
532-153 $1,750

Unwin & Rogers Knife Pistol,
Two Blades and Tweezers
.31-Caliber, 3-3/8''
Nickel Barrel, Silver Pins
1251-5 $1,675

19th Century Allegorical
Painting, WE OWE
424-348 $2,275

Recent Features
605-144 $2,850
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