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Important Mourning Painting
Schoolgirl Folk Art C.1820s
570-282 $10,500

18th C. Ash Burl Bowl
Large, Molded Collar, Rim
928-113 $4,275

ID'd Moroccan Purse 1773
Joseph Bubier, Marblehead
879-108 $4,600

19th C Child's Wing Back
Green Paint, New England
745-198 $1,450

Paint Dec One Drawer Table
S.Paris, Maine C. 1830
1310-12 $3,125

Queen Anne Candlestand
Octagonal Top, Mid 18th C
240-246 $3,400

Victorian Ship in a Bottle
Unknown Maker, Exceptional
604-61 $645

18th C. Burl Bowl
Lipped & Footed. C 1780
431-113 $975

Horse Windmill Weight
Demster Mill Mfg.C. 1900
1085-18 $775

19th C Horse & Sulky Vane
With Driver, att. Jewell C1860
1006-6 $10,375

17th C. Delft Wine Bottle
Sack, London, Dated 1651
843-317 $13,750

Matched Set Windsors
Paint, N.England C1820
1120-83 $5,650

18th C Watercolor
English Farm or Genre
786-15 $1,075

Recent Features
1221-50 $5,600
6 Month Rolling List

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1334-23 SOLD
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745-184 $7,150
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