Antique Associates at West Townsend

Side Chair, Queen Anne,
Compass Seat, Possibly
Saybrook, Connecticut
621-161 $4,875

Folk Art Carving, Horse
Drawn Wagon and Riders
New York State, Circa 1920
770-6 $850

Carved and Painted Bears at
Log on Grassy Base, Quebec
Impressed: Armand T.
Bouchard / Roxton Falls
1127-41 $285

Table, William & Mary Trestle
Base Gateleg Drop-Leaf
Table, New York
843-462 $22,850

Pearlware Footed Bowl,
Floral Decoration, Underglaze
Blue and Green Painted
Interior and Exterior
879-89 $345

Painting, Allegorical Hudson
River Valley Painting,
Bathsheba At Her Bath
327-22 $12,500

Robert Deacon Peckham
(1785-1877) Portrait of
Children and Pet Dog
556-73 $8,850

Stoneware, Seated Dog on
Base, Signed: Steve
Johns - #6, Liverpool Ohio
1127-38 $1,250

Candlesticks, Queen Anne Pushups,
Maker Signed: Joseph Wood
Birmingham, England,
(Active 1736-1749)
1008-94 $2,600

Silas Allen Sr. (1750-1834)
Flintlock Musket, Signed,
Full Stock, Original Surface
308-448 $5,600

Tiny British Proofed Single
Shot Pocket Percussion
Pistol with Screw Barrel
308-536 $995

Neoclassical Inlaid
Dome top Work Box
Circa 1800
659-196 $985

Manuscripts, Signed
Documents, 1764 French &
Indian War Related Document
649-1 $675

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621-188 $35,500
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1121-51 $335
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