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18th C. Queen Anne
Highboy, Original Surface &
Hardware Northshore of
Massachusetts, Likely Salem
1283-36 $4,250

Conger Cookie Roller, Mold,
Funeral Token Shortbread
Cookie/Biscuit Roller,
Sprigs of Roses
1120-55 $675

18th C. Windsor, Low-Back
Writing Armchair, Tracy
Shop Probably Lisbon,
Connecticut, c. 1780
Maple, ash, and pine
1345-2 $6,750

Carved Cookie Board,
Cake Print, Cavalryman
on Horseback, Watkins,
Conger Impressed J.Y.
Watkins, N.Y. and Conger
1120-57 $1,795

Mirror, Classical Gilt
Stenciled Frame, Grape
Leaf, Grapes & Tendrils
Likely New York or
Philadelphia, c. 1830
270-173 $4,125

Cased Remington
New Model 1858 Army
Revolver, Civilian Issue,
Accessories 8-Inch
Octagon Barrel .44-caliber
308-533 $10,475

Antique, Country Hepplewhite
Worktable in BLUE Paint
New England, c. 1790-1820
532-130 $1,750

Remington Beals
1st Model Pocket Revolver,
Original Factory Box
3-Inch .31 Caliber
Octagon Barrel
308-534 $8,975

Folk Art Watercolor,
The Side Show, Siamese
Twins by the Utica Master
Lawrence Ladd, Utica,
New York, Late 19th C.
859-15 $5,650

Fishmongers Codfish Trade
Sign, Carved & Painted
Anonymous, circa 1900
314-53 $1,450

Antique Folk Art Still Life
Painting, Fruits and Berries
on Table Found in The
Shenandoah Valley of
Virginia, 19th C. Anonymous
1221-47 $7,600

Painted Tin Lighthouse
Form Coffee Pot, Tole,
Filley Shop, Philadelphia
Domed Lid, Brass Finial,
Crooked Spout,
Scrolled Handle
1283-39 $900

Silver Mounted Short-Sword,
Saber, Eagle Pommel
Unknown Maker, Probably
American, Circa 1780
570-593 $7,650

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1334-33 $950
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203-238 $950
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413-54 $625
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