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Guidelines for Our Consignors And Customers

The Role of Broker places Antique Associates squarely between the seller and prospective buyer. In order to accomplish this role, and to meet our goal of 100% customer satisfaction, we need our consignors and customers both to support our mutual goals, and to act within the guideline boundaries set forth below:

A Successful Transaction is one in which a willing seller offers a willing buyer merchandise, and as a part of the process provides accurate information as to age, origin and authenticity. The buyer is responsible to perform due diligence to ensure that their own interests are protected, and adequate time is allowed for this process to be completed. A successful transaction is one in which a willing seller pays a willing buyer a fair price, that there is a meeting of the minds over the terms of the transaction, and valuable consideration is passed in exchange for the merchandise.

We at Antique Associates offer our consignors the following guidelines:

1. Accurate description as to age, origin and authenticity. Of course we realize that not all consignors can be expert in all subjects, and in the case of inheritance or acquisitions outside of the comfort zone, may not have a full understanding of the item. We will be happy to assist with descriptions in these cases, and of course will still welcome the input and assistance of the consignor.

2. A price that is fair to the buyer. We will be happy to work with you on this.

3. A reasonable time or guarantee period in which the buyer is allowed to authenticate or validate the purchase. (not to exceed a week without exceptional and agreed upon terms)

4. That the consignor share our goal of 100% customer satisfaction, and that every step is taken within reason to ensure that we meet or exceed this goal.

We at Antique Associates offer our Customers the following guidelines:

1. Due diligence is investigating all purchases, and that the customer take equal responsibility is designing and executing the contract to purchase.

2. Fair and good faith negotiations.

3. Complete the due diligence portion of the contract per the terms and timing of the contract.

4. Meet or exceed the payment schedules at outlined in AAAWT's and the contracts specific rules and terms.

Bottom Line: It is the joint responsibility of the Seller, Buyer and Broker to ensure that we all
meet the goal of 100% Customer Satisfaction.