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Sugar Bucket, Signed C.N. Brown & E. Hooper,
Locked Laps, Green Paint Early 19th Century

This ash bucket is in old grungy green paint, possibly original. The tapering handles swings on turned button-head pegs; two good size pegs secure the bottom bentwood band. Top and bottom display maker’s marks. (Extremely minor imperfections; Height: 10"; diameter: 9.75")



Keeler, Cooper Made Milk Cooling Tub with Single Shaped Handle, Original Paint
Anonymous, 18th or 19th Century
Locked lap hoops made of saplings, nice surface, and very good condition

Antique Cooper Made Milk Cooling Tub/Keeler with Single Shaped Handle, 18th or 19th Century, angle view

(Height at handle: 9.25"; diameter: 15")



Staved Firkin
Bentwood handle, tapered fingers
Original Paint
Mid-19th Century

A pine stave sugar bucket with two bands, each with tapered finger; swing handle pivoting on wooden pins with button terminus. The original black paint has a very nice patina; great condition. It is odd that this bucket has no lid, however, there are no witness shadows suggesting that it ever had a lid and the rim is entirely painted; patina is consistent. (Height at handle: 13"; H: 9.75-"; base diameter: 9.75".)



Pantry Box, Spice, Original Painted Surface Oxidized to Dark Green, Tack & Peg
New England, 19th Century

Antique Pantry/Spice Box with Original Painted Surface, 19th Century, angle view

(Diameter: 8.5”, H: 4.5”)



Antique Pantry/Spice Box with Original Painted Surface, 19th Century, entire view

Round Spice Box, Green, Tacked and Square Nailed

Well Used
(7" diameter; height: 3" )



Painted & Lettered Civil War Militia Tin Canteen

Angled side loops, black with dark yellow lettering.
Dimensions: Diameter: 4.5"



Blue Pantry Boxes

Blue Tacked Box, Stamped Ramsdell, Rindge, NH
(9.5" diameter; 5" tall)



Blue Tacked Box, Great For Stacking
(10.5" diameter; 5.25" tall)



Miniature Paper Covered Domed Box, Blues & Browns, Leather Hinges, PA

Good condition.
Dimensions: 3" by 1" by 1.5".



Stack of Three Pegged & Tacked Red Fingered Boxes

bottom to top: 2.75" x 1.5"; 2.5" x 1.5"; 2" x 1"

bottom to top: $750; $950; $750


Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Small Bail-Handle Sugar Bucket,
Paint Decorated Firkin, Blue Paint, Dated 1880
Campy twiggy decoration, great potted tree, trailing vines, height: 6.25” - SOLD

As depicted, tapered sides, stave construction with wire and turned wood bail handle; three single finger bands and sheet iron diamond shaped escutcheon plates.

707-6 - SOLD

Small Lidded Firkin in Green Paint, Lid with Tapered Finger, New England, 19th Century Constructed entirely of pine, the staves banded with five split saplings - SOLD

(Early working period green paint over robin’s egg blue; height: 5.5"; bottom diameter: 5.75", top diameter 4 5/8”.)

879-103 - SOLD

Firkin, Cassia, Swing Handle, Paint Decorated, Original Yellow and Green
New England, 19th Century
Outstanding freehand lettering - SOLD

Antique Paint Decorated Firkin in Original Yellow and Green, Cassia, 19th Century, angle view

Likely for use by mercantile, general store or bakery; script on underside of lid reads “pulverized” cassia bark [an aromatic spice, Chinese cinnamon].
(H: 8.5"; diameter: 9.5")

532-104 - SOLD

Early Firkin, Copperas, Swing Handle, Paint Decorated, Original Surface History
Likely New England, 19th Century
Staved worked in pine, ask handle, copper tack and peg joinery; lovely! - SOLD

Antique Early Paint Decorated Firkin with Original Surface History, Copperas, 19th Century, angle view

(H: 12"; diameter: 12")

532-103 - SOLD

Firkin, Bucket, Stamped C. Hersey, Beautiful Original Blue Paint
Hingham, Massachusetts, 19th Century - SOLD

Finely constructed cooper made at Bucket Town; pine with tapered sides and tapered ash hoops that are secured by copper tacks; the head secured by tiny wooden pegs. The beautifully tapered handle is affixed by buttons that are let into staves.
(Very Good condition; H: 12", diameter: 11.5")

1002-206 - SOLD

Pantry Box, Cheese Box, Original Blue Paint, Tapered laps
Eighteenth Century
New England
Maple and White Pine - SOLD

A heavy duty bentwood box of clinched tack and wood peg construction featuring a slightly domed top and good paint. (H: 5"; diameter: 12.25")

532-19 - SOLD

Shaker Bentwood Box, Period Dark Salmon Paint, Nearly Twelve Inches
19th Century
Pine top and bottom, maple sides - SOLD

A tack and peg constructed storage box with pine top and bottom; bent maple sides joined by four fingers facing right, secured with handmade copper tacks. The box retains full coverage paint and is in excellent condition.
(Dimensions: 4.5" H, 11.75" W, 8.25" D.)

431-58 - SOLD

Red Painted Firkin - SOLD

Measures 11" in height and 11.75" in diameter.

348-161 - SOLD

Oval Cooper Made Bucket, Sugar or Butter Tub, Buttonhole Hoops
New England
White pine staves, top, and bottom; ash hoops, great color, tight! - SOLD

The bottom holds tight the staves utilizing rabbeted joinery, rare true oval form.
(H: 12"; W: 12.25"; D: 11.25")

424-187 - SOLD

Small Bail-Handle Sugar Bucket
Original Green Paint
Late 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, tapered sides, stave construction with wire and turned wood bail handle; three single finger bands and sheet iron diamond shaped escutcheon plates. Beautiful and original green paint with dry patina. Minor imperfections such as the addition of a band tack and a staple to lower band...tiny partial tip loss to lower band. (H: 4.75"; base diameter: 4.75".)

637-25 - SOLD

Sugar Bucket
In BEST Red Painted Surface
Tack and peg construction - SOLD

Staved bucket with tapered hoops having flared bail handle secured by bold buttons. The pail remains in fine condition and has developed a wonderful dry patina.
(H: 10"; base diameter: 9.75"; top: 9 1/8".)

240-30 - SOLD

Tall Tapered Tub, Butter Working, Carved Handle, Cooper Made
Unusual Piggin Form, Button Hole Lapped Bands, Great Dry Patina
New England
Early 19th Century - SOLD

No Evidence of Cover or Dasher, Pine and Ash
(Overall H: 22.25: H: 17")

336-117 - SOLD

Wash Tub, Original Red Paint
New England
Circa 1800 to 1840 - SOLD

This outstanding cooper made staved and hooped tub remains tight and is in fine condition, including the thin layer of original red paint. Three button-hole hoops secure the staves. The protruding stave-handles are arched and have cutout handholds. The bottom band has slipped to base and will easily be repositioned. (H: 17.5"; diameter: 28")

424-63 - SOLD

Small Bail-Handle Sugar Bucket
Old Robins Egg Blue Over Red
Late 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, tapered sides, stave construction with wire and turned wood bail handle; three single finger bands and sheet iron round escutcheon plates. Beautiful old blue paint with dry patina. Tack and peg construction.
(H: 6.5"; base diameter: 7")

637-26 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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