Tobacco Box, Dutch, Engraved

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Tobacco Box, Dutch, Engraved, Image 1

The top displays a religious scene flanked by large seated winged angels within leafy scrolled decoration; border also engraved as are the sides of box. The base features another religious scene flanked by angels and scrolled leavy devices within engraved border. Top and bottom with engraved old Dutch verse.

God gaf een gebod en wilde het niet, het werd volbracht en het geschiede niet.

Not so easy to translate it in English but it's like:
God gave a command because He didn't want it (can be anything) to happen, the command was completed, and it wasn't done.

Date: Early 18th Century

Measurement: 1.25" x 5" x 2"

Material: Copper and brass

Condition: Excellent


SKU: 281-167

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