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Armchair, Delaware, Great Original Red paint, 5 Arched Graduating Slats Circa 1760 Wonderful original red painted surface

The five graduated arched slats joining stiles with turned finials, shaped arms, vase- and ring-turned arm supports; legs and trapezoidal seat joined by ball and ring turned frontal stretcher and twin side stretchers. (Height: 43.5"; seat height: 17.75"; width: 23.25"; depth: 18.75")



Pair of Windsor Chairs Featuring Rare Yoke Form Stretcher and Old Red Paint
Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1800 (Likely by Seaver and Frost)

Antique Pair of Windsor Chairs with Yoke Form Stretcher, Circa 1800, pair view

Pair of bowback Windsor side chairs displaying original surface history; nearly full coverage brick red over what appears to be original green paint oxidized to near-black.
Nine bamboo turned spindles featuring robust nodules that pierce the reeded bow and under-cut saddle seat with incised gutter; the bamboo turned legs pierce the seat and are joined by exceedingly rare yoke-form stretcher.
(H: 35"; seat H: 17.5"; W: 16")



Antique Pair of Windsor Chairs with Yoke Form Stretcher, Circa 1800, single angle view
Antique Pair of Windsor Chairs with Yoke Form Stretcher, Circa 1800, stretcer detail

Chair, Banister Back, New England, 18th Century, Old Black Paint
Unknown Maker

Antique Banister Back Chair in Old Black Paint, New England, 18th Century, angle view

(H: 43”, seat H: 19”, W: 14”)



Antique Banister Back Chair in Old Black Paint, New England, 18th Century, entire view

Pair of Chippendale Square Back Side Chairs, Molded Legs, Original Red Paint
Probably Dunlap School, South Central New Hampshire, Circa 1780 to 1800
A simple version of the Sheraton chair featuring plain splats rather than pierced splat and reeded Chippendale legs [Transitional]

Antique Pair of Chippendale Square Back Side Chairs in Original Red Paint, Circa 1780, pair view

These chairs just arrived, please call for full description, and/or enthusiastic discussion.
(Excellent original condition; H: 37.5”, W: 16.25”, D: 13.5”)



Antique Pair of Chippendale Square Back Side Chairs in Original Red Paint, Circa 1780, single angle view
Antique Pair of Chippendale Square Back Side Chairs in Original Red Paint, Circa 1780, seat detail
Antique Pair of Chippendale Square Back Side Chairs in Original Red Paint, Circa 1780, leg detail

Fancy Windsor Rocking Chair, High Slat Back, Original Paint
New England or New York State, Circa 1815 to 1825
A sculptural example in great surface, faux curly maple

Antique Fancy Windsor Rocking Chair in Original Paint, American, angle view

The maker borrowed the structural design from the 18th century ladder-back form; faux maple ground and decoration inspired by fancy furniture of the period. (Right proper arm is repaired near the rear post; H: 44”, seat H: 17”)



Antique Fancy Windsor Rocking Chair in Original Paint, American, entire view
Antique Fancy Windsor Rocking Chair in Original Paint, American, back detail
Antique Fancy Windsor Rocking Chair in Original Paint, American, seat detail

Chair Side, Queen Anne, Cherry, Yoke Crest, Vasiform Splat, Compass Seat
Massachusetts, Circa 1740 to 1760

Antique Queen Anne Cherry Side Chair with Yoke Crest and Vasiform Splat, Circa 1740 to 1760, angle view

Yoke crest above vasiform splat, upholstered slip compass seat, and cabriole front legs resting on pad feet; joined to raking rear legs by block, vase, and ring-turned stretchers. (Old refinish, minor imperfections, three returns replaced; H: 39”, W: 19.5”, seat H: 18”)



Antique Queen Anne Cherry Side Chair with Yoke Crest and Vasiform Splat, Circa 1740 to 1760, entire view
Antique Queen Anne Cherry Side Chair with Yoke Crest and Vasiform Splat, Circa 1740 to 1760, splat detail

Armchair, Bannister Back
New England, Probably Portsmouth, NH
Circa 1770

A robust armchair of generous proportion; the seat and surface have been refreshed; very old blacksmith repair to one arm with all else fine. Old black over red paint. Dimensions: 49" overall H, 17" seat H, 26.25" W, 19" D.



Queen Anne Side Chairs, Set of Eight, Painted, Possibly Same Shop Lower Hudson River Valley, Long Island Sound New York, Circa 1800

An assembled and fine group of closely related side-chairs featuring the same vocabulary of turning; possibly made in the same shop; all following a nearly identical shop tradition. There are matched pairs and singles within the group; surfaces appear to be original; red and brown. These present very well as a set and are in excellent functional and original condition. Great surfaces.
(Dimensions: 40.75" H, 17" seat H, 18.5" W, 16" D)



Bannister Back Armchair, Great Surface, Tall Shaped Crest
Probably Southeastern New England
18th Century
Maple and ash
A stylish example of generous proportion featuring crisp turnings and a dry surface; the turnings picked out in gold.

(H: 45.5"; seat H: 15" at front rail, taller at rear)



Chair, Side Chair, Square Back, Tablet Crest, Inlayed with Festoons of Bellflower
New York, Circa 1790 to 1805

The square crests inlayed with festoons of bellflowers and pendant flowers; the stiles and rails feature sting inlay; serpentine seats on bellflower and cuff-inlaid square-tapered front legs, plain raking rear legs. A set of six identical chairs (Cluett Collection) were exhibited at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; December 20, 1936. The Cluett chairs are pictured and discussed in Colonial Furniture in America by Luke Vincent Lockwood, volume II, pp. 307-308. There is a professional repair to one of the legs; contact David Hillier for more information.
(Missing cuff inlay; easy restoration; H: 36.75", seat H: 19", W: 22", D: 18")



Side Chair, Chippendale, Carved, Heart Pierced Splat
Likely Connecticut, Circa 1780

The chair displays an extremely well developed splat and flamboyant crest rail with exaggerated ears and quarter fan; the owl splat variant with heart cutout at center is related to examples from both Connecticut and Rhode Island; however the maple slip seat frame is constructed of extremely thin stock; typically a Connecticut characteristic. The trapezoidal seat rails are molded; the corner molded legs joined by side, center and rear stretchers; small details such as chamfering to the backs of legs, the stile shaping (rear) and other nuances are finely executed. A lovely chair!
(Fine condition: H: 38.75": seat H: 18"; W: 19.5"; D: 16.25")



18th Century Ladderback Side Chair in Surface, Robust Turnings
New England, Early 18th Century
Fine condition, early 19th century oxidized salmon over dark green

Antique Ladderback Side Chair with Robust Turnings, Early 18th Century, angle view

(H: 46”, seat H: 17.25”, W: 16”, D: 13.5”)



Antique Ladderback Side Chair with Robust Turnings, Early 18th Century, entire view
Antique Ladderback Side Chair with Robust Turnings, Early 18th Century, turning detail

Fan-Back Windsor Side Chair, Crest Rail with Peaked Tips
Rhode Island, Circa 1780

Antique Fan Back Windsor Side Chair, Circa 1780, angle view

See American Windsor Chairs by Nancy Goyne Evans, page 253, figure 6-22 for a closely related chair. (Repair to medial stretcher tenon, other imperfections commensurate with age and use; H: 38”, D: 16”, W: 19”)



Antique Fan Back Windsor Side Chair, Circa 1780, entire view
Antique Fan Back Windsor Side Chair, Circa 1780, rail tips detail

Queen Anne Side Chair, Yoke Crest, Vasiform Splat, Block and Vase Turned Legs, Spanish Feet
North Shore of Massachusetts, 18th Century
A classic example

Antique Queen Anne Side Chair with Yoke Crest and Spanish Feet, 18th Century, angle view

(As expected, minor imperfections, old refinish; H: 41.75”, seat H: 19”, W: 18”, D: 15”)



Antique Queen Anne Side Chair with Yoke Crest and Spanish Feet, 18th Century, entire view
Antique Queen Anne Side Chair with Yoke Crest and Spanish Feet, 18th Century, foot detail

Windsor Rocking Armchair, Step-Down Tablet, Rod Back, Old Red over Green Paint
New England, 1820ish

Antique Windsor Rocking Armchair, New England, 1820ish, angle view

(H: 33.75”, seat H: 14.25”, W: 20”, D: 27.5”)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Pair of Paint Decorated Windsor Tablet-Back Chairs,
Likely Baltimore Area, Circa 1825
The freehand decoration features village buildings and trees; decorative borders - SOLD

(Excellent original condition; height: 37”, seat height: 18”, seat measures 16 by 16.5”)

1221-7 - SOLD

Federal Eagle Carved Chairs, Classical, Cornucopia and Wheat Carving
New York, Circa 1825
Mahogany, ash and poplar
A matching set of six attributed to a contemporary of Duncan Phyfe - SOLD

Each with bow and wheat carved paneled top rail above eagle and cornucopia carved backrest; the back rest enclosed by reeded stiles continuing to conforming saber legs.
(Each chair’s corner blocks have been refreshed; dimensions: 32.5” H, 18” seat H, 17.75” W, 15.5” D.)

925-1 - SOLD

A Fine Fan back Windsor Side Chair in Outstanding Red Paint
Attributed to Charles Chase, Nantucket, Circa 1790 to 1800
Elegantly turned, wonderful shaped seat, and small projecting scrolls - SOLD

Antique Windsor Fan Back Side Chair in Outstanding Red Paint, Circa 1790 to 1800, angle view

A closely related example is published in “Harbor & Home, Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts"; Jobe, Sullivan & O’Brien, pp. 89, 90; plate 22.1 For additional information see American Windsor Chairs by Nancy Goyne Evans, The Southern Coastal Area and the Islands, page 372; see figure 6-227; the author discusses Charles Chase on pp. 381 and 382.
(Excellent condition, old red over original paint; H: 37"; seat H: 18")

210-252 - SOLD

Chair, Bannister Back, Grain Painted Surface, Great Top Rail
New England, Mid 18th Century
Fabulous crest, robust block and turned legs; and stretcher, full height - SOLD

(Very good condition; early 19th century faux grain paint over original red; H: 44", seat H: 17", W: 20", D: 14.25")

1096-12 - SOLD

Side Chairs, Rounded Tablet Top, Paint Decorated, Rush Seats, Set of Four
19th Century, Original Painted Surfaces, Colorful and Strong for Daily Use - SOLD

(Excellent original condition; H: 33.5"; seat H: 16.75"; W: 17"; D: 13.5")

1100-3 - SOLD

William and Mary Banister Back Armchair
Generous Proportions, Robust Turnings
New York or Connecticut
Circa 1740 to 1760
Maple - SOLD

The concave (yoke) crest over five molded-slats centered by turned posts; down-sloping arms with scrolled handholds; sausage turned stretchers. The chair lost height and was worthy of being expertly "ended-out" beneath the stretchers.
Dimensions: 49.5" H, 17" seat H, 23.75" W, 22.5" D.

107-117 - SOLD

Bow Back Windsor Armchair, Rare Curved Front Stretcher, Oval Medallions
Probably Boston, Possibly William Seaver and James Frost, Circa 1800
Bamboo turned spindles above shaped seat, similarly turned legs joined by curved stretcher featuring oval medallions - SOLD

See American Windsor Chairs by Nancy Goyne Evans, page 358; also The Windsor Style in America, Volumes I and II by Charles Santore, pp. 130 and 131.
(Legs extended about 3"; repair to cracked spindle; old crack to bow where left proper arm attaches; old black paint; H: 39", seat H: 18.25", W: 18.25", D: 17.25")

216-500 - SOLD

Chair, Bannister Back Armchair, Double Tombstone Top Rail, 18th Century
New England - SOLD

(Old black paint over earlier red paint; H: 50.75", seat H: 17", W: 26.25", D: 20.25")

572-52 - SOLD

Banister Back Armchair, Shaped Crest, Carved Arms, Crusty Painted Surface
New England, found in Connecticut
Circa 1730
William and Mary, generous proportion in old black over red paint, full height - SOLD

(Very good condition; H: 47.5"; seat H: 17"; W: 24"; D: 18.5")

1068-1 - SOLD

Windsor Fan Back, Carved Ears
New England
Circa 1780 to 1810
Mixed woods, seat was over upholstered and has a shrinkage fissure, else fine - SOLD

(H: 35.75", seat H: 15.75", W: 20", D: 15")

336-124 - SOLD

Windsor Sack Back Armchair in Old Black Paint
New England
Circa 1800 - SOLD

(H: 36", seat H: 17.5", W: 23.25", D: 15")

1046-1 - SOLD

Windsor Sack Back Armchair, Old Black over Green Paint
New England, probably Rhode Island
Circa 1780 - SOLD

A comfortable chair displaying a rare combination of turnings that ornament the chair; the arm supports boldly follow the pattern of medial-stretcher, and the arc-front seat with a slightly projecting center point is not a common feature.
REFFERENCE: American Windsor Chairs by Nancy Goyne Evans, fig. 6-49 and 6-56.
LITERATURE: Art & Industry in Early America – Rhode Island Furniture, 1650-1830 by Patricia Kane with Dennis Carr, Nancy Goyne Evans, Jennifer Johnson and Gary Sullivan, page 126, figure 9. (H: 39", seat H: 19", W: 25.25", D: 15.5")

1046-2 - SOLD

Windsor Armchair, Scrolled Handholds, Robust Baluster Turnings, Old Surface
Rhode Island
Circa 1780
A very good chair exhibiting classic elements favored by Rhode Island makers - SOLD

(H: 38.75"; seat H: 18.5"; W: 23"; D: 15.5")

410-124 - SOLD

Chippendale Side Chair, Claw and Ball Foot, Carved, Walnut
18th Century
America - SOLD

An attractive chair with restoration and missing knee bracket
(H: 38.5"; seat H: 19"; W: 23.75"; D: 18.5")

168-12 - SOLD

Pair Queen Anne Side Chairs, Mahoganized Birch, Great Old Surface
Over Upholstered
Probably Newburyport, Essex County
18th Century
This pair with carved ears remains in a high state of originality - SOLD

(H: 37"; seat H: 18"; W: 23"; D: 18")

168-13 - SOLD

Rocking Chair, Comb Back, Original Paint and Paint Decoration
New England
Circa 1825 - SOLD

A wonderful example remaining in excellent original condition including its painted surface. (Height: 38.25 inches; seat height: 15 inches; width: 19 inches; depth: 22.75 inches)

413-17 - SOLD

Pair of Carved Queen Anne Side Chairs, Shaped Seat Rail, Scratch Incised Legs
New England
18th Century
Maple - SOLD

Carved and tapered yoke crest above vasiform splat above molded stay-rail; rear post/stiles are molded. The trapezoidal seats with corner-blocks are molded at outside edges; front rail features a wonderful profile. The whole above scratch-beaded cabriole legs resting on "horse bone" feet...the legs joined by robustly turned stretchers. The rush seats are old, one is functional, the other should be redone. The back post has been repaired two-thirds of the way up on one chair; corner blocks added to insider of seat rail, else fine. (H: 37"; seat H: 18"; W: 23"; D: 18")

168-14 - SOLD

Rocker, Shaker, Late Community Chair, Great Surface, Original Seat
New Lebanon, New York
Circa 1855
Possibly by George O'Donnell - SOLD

(H: 34.75"; seat H: 14.5"; W: 21.5": D: 26")

1020-16 - SOLD

Fan Back Windsor Side Chair, Old Black Paint
Rhode Island
Circa 1795 - SOLD

Original surface history, some thinning paint, tight condition.
(H: 36.75; seat H: 16.75"; W: 14"; D: 15")

939-1 - SOLD

Armchairs, Steel Windsors, Set of Four, Paint Decorated, Industrial, All Metal
By Simmons for Eastern Scientific (Medical Supply Company)
Providence, Rhode Island
Circa 1926 - SOLD

Just for cool, all metal Windsor Bow back chairs, matched set of four in original paint; originally designed for the Central Library of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Fine original condition; some paint loss confined to seats. These were used in a Rhode Island doctor's office and have remained within the original owner's family. (H: 36"; seat H: 18": W: 23.5"; D: 17")

335-107 - SOLD

Pair of Queen Anne Side Chairs
Circa 1750 to 1760
Mahogany - SOLD

The yoke top rail above vasiform splat received by a molded shoe centered by slightly spooned stiles, the backs of which are carved, above trapezoidal slip seats set within shaped seat rails raised on cabriole legs ending in pad feet; joined by block, baluster, and ring turned stretchers. The backs of the posts are molded above the blocked section receiving side rails; beneath which are raking rear legs having chamfered edges. Both chairs are in overall very good condition with only minor imperfections. Dimensions: 40" H, 19.5" seat H, 21" W, 17" D.

903-60 - SOLD

Banister Back Side Chair, Original Seat, Old Black Paint
New England, Probably New Hampshire
Early 18th Century - SOLD

This chair features a dry and ancient surface, and robust turnings.
In very good condition with minor height loss and a tight repair to lower section of one banister that can't be seen. (H: 46"; seat H: 16.75"; D: 14.25")

983-5 - SOLD

Chair, Side Chair, William and Mary, Banister Back, Carved, Prince of Wales
Eastern Massachusetts
Circa 1690 to 1725
Old black paint - SOLD

The carved Prince of Wales crest and four shaped banisters above a rush seat, raised on frontal vase-turned and blocked legs ending in ball feet; joined by a turned box stretcher. Due to fragile construction this chair, like many, it has imperfections; back legs are extended, other repairs.
(Dimensions: 48" H, 17" seat H, 18" W, 14.25" D.)

294-23 - SOLD

Lolling Chair, Chippendale, Serpentine Arms and Crest, Great surface
Rhode Island or Massachusetts
Circa 1790 to 1800
Maple and cherry - SOLD

A comfortable chair having a rectangular canted back featuring an arched (serpentine) crest rail; the back joined to out-curve shaped arms with carved volute handholds resting on shaped and beaded serpentine supports. The trapezoidal upholstered seat raised on beaded straight legs, the inside edges chamfered, the rear legs backswept; all joined by recessed box stretcher. The front legs show an extremely fine scribe; it appears that less than two" were removed, possibly for castors which were removed and possibly the original pieces reunited early in the chairs life. The chair has an exceptional surface and patina. (Dimensions: 42" H, 15.5" seat H, 24" W, 22" D.)

410-97 - SOLD

Chair, Banister Back, Old Red Paint
Rhode Island
Circa 1780 - SOLD

A delightful arched and saddled crest with "ears" formed by the distinctive circular shape cutouts above turned and split banisters centered by rear-posts featuring congruent profile. The trapezoidal seat with front corner-blocks raised on turned legs, the front turned; the legs joined by stretchers, the front with robust turnings.
See American Furniture in Pendleton House by Christopher Monkhouse, RISDI, page 156; catalog number 96.
Dimensions: 40.5" H, 17" seat H, 19.5" W, 14.25" D.

336-54 - SOLD

Armchair, Bannister Back
New England
18th Century
Maple - SOLD

This example is of generous proportion and remains at about full height; the chair is structurally sound with no replacements; old surface. (Height: 44"; seat height: 17"; width: 23.5"; depth: 18.75")

274-121 - SOLD

Armchair, Yoke Back
18th Century - SOLD

A robust chair of generous proportion, with decent color; turned stretchers under arms with carved and scrolled handholds; the trapezoidal seat above turned double stretchers. Minor imperfections, generally excellent. (Height: 45.5"; seat height: 16"; width: 26.75"; depth: 21")

274-103 - SOLD

Chair, Ladder Back, American
Old Green Paint
19th Century
Maple with original rush splint seat - SOLD

The tall rear posts with tall finials centering four shaped splats above a trapezoidal seat; the seat raised on turned legs joined by double stretchers then ending in tapered foot. (Height: 46.5"; seat height: 16.75"; width: 18.5"; depth: 14.25")

816-13 - SOLD

Armchair, Windsor, Bow-Back, Painted
Rhode Island or Connecticut
Circa 1780 - SOLD

Retaining original surface history, great 19th century mustard yellow over original green paint in great patina. Unusual square corner seat with generous proportions and out- swept arms. (Dimensions: Height: 36.25"; seat height: 17"; width: 27"; depth: 15")

285-45 - SOLD

Windsor Arm Chair
Circa 1800 - SOLD

The bowed back centering nine tapering spindles, receives the down-swept arms with scrolled ends, raised on shaped stiles. The shield shaped seat above nicely turned legs, joined by robust "H" stretcher. Ancient black paint over original surface history.
Dimensions: 38.75" H, 20.5" W, 17.5" D.

431-42 - SOLD

Ladder-Back Rocking Chair
With hoopskirt arms
Circa 1780 to 1820 - SOLD

A nice example of the sometimes called nursing or work chair.
Tall urn finials adorn the rear posts centering four shaped and molded spats; rear posts and front legs joined by nicely turned box stretcher then raised on original rockers. The short arms are notable as they flare outward ending with large round handholds with spur like returns; turned arm supports are attached to seat rail by iron straps and taper as they continue to side stretchers which they pierce. The chair is in very old, probably early Victorian black paint with gold trim over what appears to be an original red pigment; ancient ash-splint seat. There is the addition of an early iron support on the proper right arm where it pierces the post. The iron mending strap conforms to half the post with a long tang securing the arm. (Height: 43.25"; seat height: 14.5".)

594-14 - SOLD

Continuous-Arm Brace-Back Windsor Chair
New York
Circa 1790

The bow and arm rail above 13-tapered spindles and the pair of tapered back brace spindles; out-swept shaped handholds above robust baluster turned arm supports...the beautifully shaped saddle seat with incised gutter is sharply undercut and is raised on bold baluster, spool and ring turned legs joined by bulbously turned medial stretchers. The chair remains in great condition and is in a good old black painted surface. (Height: 37"; Seat Height: 17.75"; Width: 17"; Depth: 17.25".)



Rhode Island Round-About Chair in Red Paint
Circa 1750

Maple and ash. Measures 31" in height (with a seat height of 17"), 29.25" in width and 23.5" in depth.



Windsor Sack Back Armchair, Original Surface History
Rhode Island or Costal Connecticut, Circa 1780 to 1800

A well-proportioned chair with nicely shaped handholds and swelled spindles above the shaped saddle seat raised on baluster and ring turned legs with tapered feet joined by “H” stretcher. The old black paint is over what appears to be original green paint; overall excellent condition. (H: 37.5”, seat H: 16.5”, W: 23.75”, D: 15”)



Roundabout Chair
New England, maple
Circa 1775 to 1800 - SOLD

The carved pillow-crest on chamfered flat arms with out-swept handholds raised on baluster and ring turned posts joined by arched splats above the old rush seat with chamfered corner-block above the front leg with conforming turnings; the rear and side posts with tapered foot joined by double box stretcher.
Dimensions: 31" high, 17.75" seat height.

594-15 - SOLD

Signed Windsor Continuous Armchair
David Coutoung
New York State - SOLD

A terrific 9-spindle example with rarely encountered maker's brand remaining in fine condition. Nancy Goyne Evans publishes a nearly identical example in American Windsor Chairs.

271-8 - SOLD

New England Slat-Back old surface
Mixed Woods
Second half-18th century - SOLD

A nice chair of generous proportion having four arched slats with flanking knopped sausage turned stiles terminated by bold tall compressed ball and reel finials above molded down-scrolled arms with center ridge raised on baluster turned supports over an ancient splint seat on sausage and knopped front legs; cylindrical turned rear legs joined by a double box stretcher with frontal turnings. The surface retains ancient faux graining that may be original; ash splint seat with losses may be original; height loss-note bottom stretcher height. (Overall height: 45"; seat height: 15"; seat measures 22.5" across the front and 17" deep.)

223-14 - SOLD

Pair of Windsor Side-Chairs
Bow-Back Brace-Backs
Rhode Island
Circa 1790-1800 - SOLD

The double-incised bow centered by seven-spindles and the bracing rods above the beautifully shaped saddle seat raised on outstanding turned legs joined by the ambitiously turned "H" stretcher. The chairs are in an ancient brown resin stain; lovely dry patina. (Height: 37.25"; seat height: 17.5"; width: 16"; depth: 18.5".)

568-1 - SOLD

One of the largest and most robust of this type
Bold Turnings
New York or New Jersey, Probably Lower Hudson Valley
Circa 1730-1750 - SOLD

This outstanding arm chair of oversize proportion features a yoke-crest rail above turned and tapered rear posts centering a solid vasiform splat. The concave arms with down turned scrolled handholds rest on beautiful ambitiously turned front posts. The rear posts taper forming the conical feet and are joined to the beautifully turned and tapered front legs by box stretchers...the front stretcher being boldly turned. Please notice the out swept feet retain intact under pads. This rarely encountered example remains in excellent condition...a minor tight grain fissure on right side of splat had been repaired with all else fine. The surface appears to be 19th century black paint over original black paint. Dimensions: height: 46.5"; width measured across arms is 25.5"; depth of seat; 18".

274-83 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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