Folk Art Relief Carved Plaque, Woman in Defensive Pose

Armed Woodland, Camp, Volcano

Folk Art Relief Carved Plaque, Woman in Defensive Pose, Image 1

Unknown subject by anonymous artist. The barefooted longhaired woman wearing blue robe clutches a long knife in her right hand. The subject is posed in what appears to be a wooded camp; over her left shoulder are crossed long arms [guns] and a red, blue, and white flag that may be French. Perhaps the clue is in the volcanic mountain flanked by mountain peaks. Does anyone know? Please share your translation. Thanks!

Date: 19th century

Measurement: 19.5" x 14.25" x 2.25"

Material: Hardwood, possibly white walnut, polychrome, dry patina

Condition: Very good, commensurate with age


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