Silhouette, Augustin Edouart, Full Length Profile, Signed and Dated, Philadelphia

The subject is identified on verso...

Silhouette, Augustin Edouart, Full Length Profile, Signed and Dated, Philadelphia, Image 1

The silhouette portraying O. B. Lindsay [identified on verso], with cut-out collar, facing left, hat in right hand, left hand by his side... standing in pastoral landscape displaying details of fences, hunter and dog, birds in sky, church, trees, hills, etc. The subject's shadow is cast on the left foreground. Signed in ink at lower left: "Augu. Edouart, fecit. 1843 Philadelphia". Penciled details such as fingers, hair, collar, buttons, etc., are typical of the artist's work.

On the verso are two old handwritten notes, the first in pencil at left on verso of cardstock: "O. B. Lindsay Jan. 1843-15 yrs. 6 mot [sic]" and in ink on paper label at right on verso of cardstock: "O. B. Lindsay, Jan. 1843. 15 yrs. Old' (Philadelphia, Pa.)".

Date: 1843

Measurement: Frame: 10.5" x 14.25"; view: 7" x 10.75"

Material: Scissored profile with penciled details on lithographed card stock. The work is mounted within a birds eye maple frame with gilt liner.

Condition: Excellent

Literature: The subject's name, "Lindsay, Oliver b. (Phila., Jan 16, 1843)" is found on page 531 of "Auguste Edouart's Silhouettes of Eminent Americans, 1839-1844". Other profiles of family members were created in Boston and Philadelphia.


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