Mirror Sconce, Engraved Plate, Cutglass Gironde, Wafered Glass Nozzle, RARE

Mirror Sconce, Engraved Plate, Cutglass Gironde, Wafered Glass Nozzle, RARE, Image 1

A rare single light shaped glass wall sconce featuring cut decoration and ground edges; the glass is mounted on conforming wood back having wrought iron straps designed for hanging. The engraved plate is slightly raised off backboard by a conforming flatted bead of pewter; backboard profile is cut and carved... black paint likely applied to back during the late nineteenth century as were three iron straps... top one for hanging.

The colorless blown glass candle socket and drip wafer are affixed to scrolled and cut [faceted] girandole by a glass wafer; girandole terminus ferrule is received by pewter socket affixed to sconce via a shaped pewter plate.

Date: Late 17th or Early 18th Century

Measurement: Height: 25.75"; width: 8.25"; depth: 9.25"

Material: Glass, engraved mirror plate, pewter, brass, and wood

Condition: Very good, scatted losses to mercury; displays well, any trivial vestiges of time commensurate with age.

Reference: For similar examples see English Looking Glasses - A Study of the Glass, Frames and Makers (1670-1820) by Geoffrey Wills, page 112, plate 120. Also, English Furniture Illustrated - A Pictorial Review of English Furniture From Chaucer to Queen Victoria by Oliver Bracket, page 126, plate 98.