Penwork, Spencerian Flourish for the Penman's Art Journal, Original Artwork

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Penwork, Spencerian Flourish for the Penman's Art Journal, Original Artwork, Image 1

An elaborate American pen & ink calligraphy, wrought in a most exuberant style displaying great artistic merit. This rendering is a superior example among the best surviving works. The penman showcases a command of craft, level of skill, and creativity in design... fanciful and fine imaginative elements of merit. Stags were a popular subject matter for students of this art, who often enrolled in classes during the second half of the nineteenth century. Of particular interest is the presence of a rider kneeling upon the back of the stag, in a style reminiscent to a circus acrobat; Diana, Greek goddess of the hunt, grasping an antler and trailing a fine ribbon streamer reading: "The Bounding Stag Bears Diana to the Chase." Centering the main vignette, grounding the composition is a full complement of flora and fauna, and elaborate letters, some wrapped around a quill pen that read: "Flourished for the Penman's Art Journal / With A Steel Pen / By E. C. Schenck / Hughes, Ohio / March 27, 1889 / Published At 205 Broadway / New York, N.Y.

Date: 1889

Measurement: Frame: 33.5" x 27.5"; view: 27.5" x 21.5"

Material: Ink on paper

Condition: Fine original condition; archival mounted within modern frame


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