Andirons, Knife Blade Form, Penny Feet, Brass Finials, Stamped IC

Attributed to the shop of Isaac Conklin, active 1807-1817, New York

Andirons, Knife Blade Form, Penny Feet, Brass Finials, Stamped IC, Image 1

A clean pair of andirons featuring brass finials and decorative plates stamped by maker Isaac Conklin who was a neighbor of brass founders Richard Whittingham I and his sons Richard Whittingham II and Isaac Whittingham. It is probable that the Whittingham Foundry provided the cast brass decorative elements, such as the finely cast and finished urn finial, to Conklin for his andirons.

Date: Circa 1810

Measurement: Height: 17.25"; width: 7.75"; depth: 13.25"

Material: Wrought and cast iron, brass finials, and decorative plates

Condition: Excellent

Reference: For related marked pairs see Henry J. Kauffman and Quentin H. Bowers, Early American Andirons and Other Fireplace Accessories, (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Inc., 1974). pp. 50-1 and David B. Warren et. al., American Decorative Arts and Paintings in the Bayou Bend Collection, (Houston, TX: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1998), no. M265, p. 365.


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