Kas, Two-part Kast, Hempstead, New York, Outstanding Surface

Kas, Two-part Kast, Hempstead, New York, Outstanding Surface, Image 1

Hempstead shop traditions include moldings, distinctive glyphs, and the solid applied diamond ornaments on base. The feet display stylized elements and proportions... the knob surmounting flattened balls [disc shape] and the conical pads below the balls are of exaggerated proportions and are closely related to other Hempstead kasten. The interior features two full and one half-depth shelves and a single drawer beneath the middle shelf. Lower case contains a pair of short drawers.

Date: 1750-1770

Measurement: Height: 77", cornice: 67" X 22.5", case: 55.5 X 17"; base: 58" X 18".

Material: Gumwood and pine

Condition: Very good, outstanding originality including surface, brasses, pivot hinges; glyphs, platform feet, and moldings.

Reference: See, American Kasten - The Dutch-Style Cupboards of New York and New jersey, 1650-1800 (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1991) Peter M. Kenny, Frances Gruber Safford, Gilbert T. Vincent, pp. 62-63, catalog 14.


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