Three-barrel Revolving Rifle by Alfred Marion Cone, Likely Best Example Extant

Finely engraved, fine checkered wrist, smooth metal surfaces, plumb brown & gray: outstanding architecture, great drop, and delicate graceful wrist.

Three-barrel Revolving Rifle by Alfred Marion Cone, Likely Best Example Extant , Image 1

Everything about this triple barrel rifle is terrific. The barrel is signed: A.M. CONE / CAST STEEL / CORRY. PA

Cone was born in Panama, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1831; died April 1, 1903. A cooper by trade, took up gunsmithing at Columbus, Pa.; later, North Centre St., Corry, Pa., and 331 Pennsylvania Ave., West, Warren, Pa. Made very accurate, finely engraved hunting and match rifles, some side-hammers. Alfred Cone lived in Corey, Pennsylvania, about 27 miles from Jamestown, NY where H. V. Perry worked. Perry is considered the father of the 3-barrel swivel barrel rifle in the US, and made quite a few from his shop in Jamestown, New York. Since the Corey 3-barrel gun is almost an exact copy of the Perry system, it is likely that Mr Corey studied under (apprenticed to) or was otherwise associated with Mr Perry at that time. This gun looks like it could have come directly out of Perry's shop. The quality of workmanship, finish and decoration are higher than what we usually associate with Perry made guns. There is no question of there being some kind of relationship between these two makers. This gun is the key that ties them together.

Date: 19th Century

Measurement: .38-caliber, overall length: 46.75": barrel length: 30.75"

Material: Fine figured walnut stock

Condition: Fine and original, barrel is smooth plumb brown, otherwise smokey gray. Bores are bright and clean. A very nice gun.


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