Sharps 2nd Type Single Shot Pistol, Model 1854 Breech Loading, .36 Caliber

Serial Number 786

Sharps 2nd Type Single Shot Pistol, Model 1854 Breech Loading, .36 Caliber, Image 1

Manufactured from 1854 to 1857, approximately 850 of the two types of single shot breech loading pistols were manufactured by C. Sharps & Company. This pistol is a Second Type which is slightly larger overall than the First Type and is chambered 36 caliber percussion. These were made after the small frame single shot pistols and are numbered in the 470 to 950 range with a total production of about 350 units. The action is the dropping block, lever activated type based on the 1848 patent rifle and carbine. The percussion pellet priming device is made integral with the frame, the mountings are iron with no forearm under the barrel. These were finished blue with a casehardened breech, lever, and hammer. Brass blade front and frame notch rear sights and fitted with two piece smooth walnut grips. Marked "C. SHARPS & CO'S / RIFLE WORKS / PHILA. PA." on the right side of the frame below the hammer and "C. SHARPS / PATENT / 1848-52" (strong) on the left side plate. The barrel has knurled rings at the muzzle and frame. The iron buttcap and its screw also have knurled edges. The pistol is fitted with two piece smooth burl walnut grips.

Date: 1854-1857

Measurement: Overall length: 10.5"; barrel length: 6.25"

Material: Walnut grips

Condition: Mechanically smooth and fine, retains some case hardening color,
else smooth brown.


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