Manuscript, Notebook: Popular 19th Century Song Lyrics

An Interesting Taste of 19th Century American Popular Culture

Manuscript, Notebook: Popular 19th Century Song Lyrics, Image 1

Titles include "Johnstown Flood" by Joseph Flynn 1889, "A Package of Old Letters" (aka Rosewood Casket), White and Goulliard 1870, and 32 more lyrics entries. Not all entries were researched, but are assumed to be copied.

Date: Copyrighted by various composers 1874 to 1890, "Angie Andress Song Registry 1890" in Script on Cover Content is primarily 34 handwritten song lyrics copied from popular music

Measurement: Approximately 5.5" by 8.25"

Condition: Lined pages with Mss. Entries; dings, tears, minor smudges, etc.


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