TAXes WAR FUNDING: Partially Printed. Carriage Certificate 1816 New Jersey

#173' Dated 12 Mar 1816 Township of Bernards, County of Somerset, State of NJ

TAXes WAR FUNDING: Partially Printed. Carriage Certificate 1816 New Jersey, Image 1

State of New Jersey John Ammins (sp?) paid one dollar to own and operate his carriage called "chair" for one year, valued at fifty dollars. Signed N. Presi (sp?) and Issac Southland.

According to TaxHistory.Org "A year into the War of 1812, the conflict was interrupting commerce to a point where customs revenues were down 50%. Congress approved a set of internal taxes, including a direct tax designed to collect $3 million and excise duties on carriages, sugar refining, and distilled spirits. Congress explicitly designated these taxes as war measures and provided for their automatic appeal within a year of the war's termination. Legislators made no real effort to accommodate state revenue systems as it did with the Federalists' land tax of 1798. An assessor or collector did, however, have to be "a respectable freeholder and reside in the district". In addition, states were granted a 15 percent tax discount from the anticipated sum apportioned to their citizens if state governments collected the taxes themselves and paid the federal government directly. A majority of states took advantage of this arrangement, which spared the Madison administration the trouble of establishing an extensive bureaucratic infrastructure".

This and more tax info on www.TaxHistory.Org

Early American Tax primary document worthy of further research.

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