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Antique Paper 4

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Pen and Ink Calligraphy
Eagle With Breast Marked "Freedom"
Jackson, Crogan, Harrison, Bainbridge
Respectfully inscribed to Columbia's
free-born sons by the writer

August 20th 1822
A, Maclaurin - SOLD

Pen and Ink Calligraphy

There are two four-line poems surrounded by names of War Of 1812 heroes including Porter, Ripley, Hull and Jones. Minor soiling and toning, all else fine.
(Dimensions: 21.75 by 32-inches framed; 29.375 by 19.25-inch view area.)

232-126 - SOLD

Printed Tribute of Respect
To Captain of Ship Lost at Sea
Circa 1842 - SOLD

Printed Tribute of Respect
To Captain of Ship Lost at Sea
Circa 1842

1842 broadside printed in tribute to James K. York, Captain of the schooner Napoleon that was lost with all but one of his crew in a storm off the coast of Maine in November, 1842. The surviving crewmember, Stephen Chase, wrote a poem about the Captain's demise that was printed in Portland, ME in February, 1843. Rice paper mounted on laid paper, toned, with staining. - 11-inches by 7.5-inches.

110-318 - SOLD

Navy Yards Charlestown Mss.
William Bainbridge
To: John Rogers
President of the Navy Board

Washington City
18th March 1824 - SOLD

Navy Yards Charlestown Mss.
William Bainbridge
To: John Rogers

In pursuance of Rogers requesting the deficiency, if any, of materials of copper, wood and iron for vessels being built at the Navy Yards under the act of the "Gradual Increase of the Navy"...Bainbridge writes, -That a sufficient quantity of each of the materials named is on hand, to complete Gun Ship No. 1 with the exception of about 55 feet pine boards & plank. Bainbridge reports inventory needed to complete Gun Ship No. 2 and materials needed to complete 44-Gun Frigate. (As depicted, center crease; a 1.5-inch tear, long ago taped at upper right. Old collectors tape at top and bottom crease line...about .25-inch each.)

232-135 - SOLD

Worcester Broadside for Prevention of Asiatic Cholera
June 22, 1832 - SOLD

Worcester Broadside for Prevention of Asiatic Cholera

Dimensions: 12.75 by 10-inches.

576-23 - SOLD

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