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Antique Paper 4

ALS: Henry Clay to James B Reynolds
October 1849 from Ashland, Ky
Letter concerning Clay's support for Reynolds
While Senator from Kentucky (Mar 49 to June 52)
Single Page, ink on blue unlined sheet in Clay's hand
8" by 10"; folds docketed on reverse
Writing clear and legible; Condition: Good

Antique Henry Clay ALS, October 1849, entire view

Transcription as follows (not guaranteed 100% accurate)

"My Dear Sir            Ashland 27th Oct 1849

    I read your letter of the 23rd last, and apprise you of the continuance of my unabated friendship. If I did not answer your last letter it was because I had nothing of consequence to say and my correspondences is ever xxxxx sssss me. Whether you can obtain any official appointment or not, and whether it is advisable for you to go to Wash.. or not, I am unable to say, I shall be most happy to serve you in any proper way in my favor but I approach in I that you overvalue my influence with the present administration. My intent was to be amenable but not very confidential. I have been never asked nor have given any advice as to measures
    I am inclined to believe, from all that I have heard, that no intention exists to change the counsel at Havana (??) but I have no direct information on the subject.
    I shall be most happy to see you if you come to visit Washington the ensuing winter. I expect to leave home in four or five days for the Eastward altho I do not plan to go to Washington until early December

I am Faithfully your friend    H Clay

James B Reynolds Esq "



For Further information, or to purchase this ALS, please contact David Hillier or 978-597-8084

Other Reading:

From Wiki:

Henry Clay, Sr. (April 12, 1777 – June 29, 1852) was an American lawyer and planter, statesman, and skilled orator who represented Kentucky in both the United States Senate and House of Representatives. After serving three non-consecutive terms as Speaker of the House of Representatives, he served as Secretary of State under President John Quincy Adams. Clay ran for the presidency in 1824, 1832 and 1844, while also seeking his party's nomination in 1840 and 1848. Though he was unsuccessful in all of his attempts to reach his nation's highest office, Clay was an important national figure from 1811 to his death in 1852. He founded the Whig Party, one of the two major parties during the Second Party System.

From Wiki:
James B. Reynolds (1779 – June 10, 1851) was an American politician that represented
Tennessee in the United States House of Representatives. Reynolds was born in County Antrim, Ireland in 1779. He attended the common schools and immigrated to the United States in 1798. In 1804 he settled in Clarksville, Tennessee and studied law. He was admitted to bar the same year. Reynolds was elected as a Democratic-Republican to the Fourteenth Congress, which lasted from March 4, 1815 to March 3, 1817. He was also elected to the Eighteenth Congress, which lasted from March 4, 1823 to March 3, 1825.
[2] He resumed the practice of law after each office. In 1835, Reynolds was a shareholder when The Branch Bank of Planters Bank, headquartered in Nashville, opened in Clarksville, Tennessee. Reynolds died in Clarksville on June 10, 1851 at about age 71 years. He is interred at the Riverside Cemetery in Clarksville, Tennessee,[4] alongside family members Joseph Reynolds and Bridget McCue.

Antique Henry Clay ALS, October 1849, back view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Pen and Ink Calligraphy
Eagle With Breast Marked "Freedom"
Jackson, Crogan, Harrison, Bainbridge
Respectfully inscribed to Columbia's
free-born sons by the writer

August 20th 1822
A, Maclaurin - SOLD

There are two four-line poems surrounded by names of War Of 1812 heroes including Porter, Ripley, Hull and Jones. Minor soiling and toning, all else fine.
(Dimensions: 21.75 by 32-inches framed; 29.375 by 19.25-inch view area.)

232-126 - SOLD

Printed Tribute of Respect
To Captain of Ship Lost at Sea
Circa 1842 - SOLD

1842 broadside printed in tribute to James K. York, Captain of the schooner Napoleon that was lost with all but one of his crew in a storm off the coast of Maine in November, 1842. The surviving crewmember, Stephen Chase, wrote a poem about the Captain's demise that was printed in Portland, ME in February, 1843. Rice paper mounted on laid paper, toned, with staining. - 11-inches by 7.5-inches.

110-318 - SOLD

Navy Yards Charlestown Mss.
William Bainbridge
To: John Rogers
President of the Navy Board

Washington City
18th March 1824 - SOLD

In pursuance of Rogers requesting the deficiency, if any, of materials of copper, wood and iron for vessels being built at the Navy Yards under the act of the "Gradual Increase of the Navy"...Bainbridge writes, -That a sufficient quantity of each of the materials named is on hand, to complete Gun Ship No. 1 with the exception of about 55 feet pine boards & plank. Bainbridge reports inventory needed to complete Gun Ship No. 2 and materials needed to complete 44-Gun Frigate. (As depicted, center crease; a 1.5-inch tear, long ago taped at upper right. Old collectors tape at top and bottom crease line...about .25-inch each.)

232-135 - SOLD

Worcester Broadside for Prevention of Asiatic Cholera
June 22, 1832 - SOLD

Dimensions: 12.75 by 10-inches.

576-23 - SOLD

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