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Things that might be in the wrong category
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Things that might be in the wrong category

John L. Sullivan Presentation Walking Stick, EXTRAORDINARY BOXING RELICK Presented by His Irish Friends of the Pueblos - 1883 Boston Strong Boy - Extraordinary rare cane owned by the greatest fighter of the bare-knuckle era, his name still known to most of us. JL Sullivan was most famous athlete in the world during his time.

This is an important artifact, a gorgeous gold topped walking stick presented to the reigning Heavyweight Champion by a local Boston secret society. The unique 38-inch ebony cane features an outstanding cast and carved, elegantly engraved gold handle that reads: “JL Sullivan By His Irish Friends of the Pueblos 1883” This item by descent within the family that owned a Dorchester bar that Sullivan frequented. The bar owner partnered/financed some of Sullivan’s ventures, not all were successful; he received this artifact as payment for a failed business arrangement. The cane remained in this family for 112-years according to the signed and notarized statement of provenance. This cane and other Sullivan artifacts were consigned to us nearly 20-years ago. We are pleased to again be afforded an opportunity to present Sullivan’s personal cane for sale. (Overall: 37.5”)



Blotting Sand, Superior from Lake Champlain,
The Principal Stationers Throughout the Union
Unopened Labeled Bag of Black Sand,
Circa 1830-1850
Just for cool! Great in your period desk

(4" x 2.25" x 1.75")



Collection of Cloth Covered Children’s Books, Blues & Browns, Circa 1825 to 1900

Antique Collection of Cloth Covered Children's Books, Circa 1825 to 1900, group view 1

Smallest: 5.5 by 3.5 by 1"; Largest: 7.5 by 5.5 by 1.25"



Antique Collection of Cloth Covered Children's Books, Circa 1825 to 1900, group view 2

14k Gold Alderman’s Badge, Hartford, Connecticut, Circa 1910, John H. Williams

14k Gold Alderman's Badge, Connecticut, Circa 1910, entire view

(Very good condition; 1.25 by 1”)



14k Gold Alderman's Badge, Connecticut, Circa 1910, back view

Powder Flask, Persian, Hemispherical, Silver Mounted Hunt Scene
18th Century

(Diameter: 3.5"; W: 1.25")



Steel Pocket Tinder Box
Early 19th Century

Ovoid tinder or lighting box with original flint, made to fit in palm of hand. [B.C] stamped on interior surface of lid.
(Width: 3” Length: 2.5")



Private Order Badge, Breast, Silver, Gold Gilt and Enamel, 19th Century
Similar to the Danish Order of the Dannebrog

Antique Private Order Breast Badge, 19th Century, entire view

(Very fine condition with only slight enamel losses; 2.5 by 2.5”)



Antique Private Order Breast Badge, 19th Century, with ruler for scale
Antique Private Order Breast Badge, 19th Century, back view

Macerated Money, Advertising Paperweight, Compliments of George H. Burfeind
Art Treasures Skillfully Repaired, Washington, D.C.

Antique Macerated Money Advertising Paperweight, By George H. Burfeind, entire view

(Good condition, intact advertising label on back; Diameter: 3”, H: 1.25”)



Antique Macerated Money Advertising Paperweight, By George H. Burfeind, close up detail
Antique Macerated Money Advertising Paperweight, By George H. Burfeind, underside detail

Driving Club of New York Member Badge, Tiffany, Silver, To: T.W. Thorne, 1885 - SOLD

Antique Driving Club of New York Badge, Silver, To T.W. Thorne, 1885, entire view

(Good condition; 2.75 by 1.25”)

849-63 - SOLD

Antique Driving Club of New York Badge, Silver, To T.W. Thorne, 1885, back view

Embroidered Wall Pocket, US Navy, Eagle, Shields, Flags, and Anchor
Circa 1810 to 1830
Unknown Maker
Silk floss on brushed cotton, printed cotton back

Antique Embroidered Wall Pocket, US Navy, Circa 1810 to 1830, entire view

(Overall good condition consistent with age; 7.5 by 4")



Antique Embroidered Wall Pocket, US Navy, Circa 1810 to 1830, with ruler for scale

Emancipation Proclamation Dedication Shelf and Carte de Visite Frame
Unknown Maker
January 1st 1863
Walnut - SOLD

Pierced and scrolled lyre-back centering paper scroll on arrow displaying carved date of the Emancipation Proclamation flanked by broken slave chains; also CDV frame surmounted with laurel wreath and "C" scrolls; folding shelf above shield centered by flags. Condition consistent with age and delicacy; shrinkage cracks to scrolls, frame, and wreath have been glued and await the attention of an expert.
(H: 18.75"; W: 11.25"; D: 6.25")

232-293 - SOLD

Surgeons Saw, Amputation, Steel and Brass, Ebonized Handle
Possibly Giannattasio
19th Century

Small chip to saw blade handle with all else fine.
Dimensions: 16.5" L.



Snuff Box, Wood, Carved and Pressed, Great Patina
Guillaume Tell Ou La Liberte Suisse
19th Century

(Diameter: 3.25"; H: 1")



Snuff Boxes, Papier Mache
Sold separately

Paper Mache Snuff Box, Marquis de Lafayette, Round
Probably 1830s, portrait within clouds commemorating his death

Featuring a decoupage print lid celebrating General Lafayette, surmounted by legend, "May a grateful people ever estimate his services". Genal. Lafayette" beneath bust portrait of the general encircled within a wreath of clouds. The base of the box is black. Some losses as depicted on the lid; overall very good. (3.5" in diameter; .75" H)

Paper Mache Snuff Box, Louis Antoine, Duke
Transfer Printed
19th Century
Some edge abrasion, otherwise fine

(Diameter: 2 7/8")

Snuff Box, Lafayette, Die Stamped Medallion, Portrait within Bezel
Mid 19th Century

Burled walnut, embossed brass foil portrait of Lafayette surmounted by "Homage A Lafayette". (Diameter: 1.75"; H: .75")

Snuff Box, Pressed Horn, Mourning, Denis Auguste Affre (1793 to 1848)
Circa 1840s

Priest, professor, appointed Arch Bishop of Paris in 1840; he was not involved in politics as he was dedicated to pastoral endeavors; he was killed during the Insurrection of 1848. He did not heed the warning General Louis Eugene Cavaignac, presenting himself at the entrance to the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, with green branch as sign of peace. He had spoken only a few words, when shots rang-out; the insurgents thinking they were betrayed, opened fire wounding the archbishop who was struck by a stray bullet. He died on 27 June. The National Assembly of France declared their tremendous sorrow in a decree; a public funeral on 7 July was one of the most moving assemblies of the period.
Affre Archev of Paris
Wounded to death on the barricades
June 25, 1848
The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep
That my blood soitle last pay


Sir Robert Peel Brass Coat Hook, Cast Portrait
English Statesman (1788 to 1850)
19th Century

Portrait centered by cornucopia of fruits and surmounted by sailing ship within wreath. (H: 8.25")



Cast Iron Mechanical Toy
Bear and man holding sledge hammers Possibly Anti-Slavery
Original black paint

Sliding mechanism allows figures to strike anvil with hammers.
Dimensions: 4.75" high, 13" long.



FIVE Charles Stadden American Colonial lead figures
All hand made and painted by Stadder in England, sometime in the 1960's

Marked Britain on the base, these figures rarely are found on the secondary market, and often bring strong prices. The Five figures represent. 5 different figures of the American side of the Revolutionary war. Hessian Soldier is listing/leaning to the right, but can be bent back (too much rum?) Otherwise excellent condition, with no issues.

$275 for group



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Broadside Advertisement, Green Mountain Balm of Gilead and Cedar Plaster
Wholesale and Retail by M.K. Paine, Windsor, Vermont
With Litho of Ascutney Mountain - SOLD

Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 13.5 by 19.75" frame, 12 by 18.25" view.

171-97 - SOLD

Sweet Mist Chewing Tobacco, Store Bin
Cardboard and Tin
Detroit, Michigan, Scotten Dillon Company
Circa 1920 to 1940
Countertop Container - SOLD

Metal lid, hinge and base; excellent condition
Literature: Antique Tins, Book II by Fred Dodge. Page 86. Collector Books, Schroeder Publishing. Copyright 1998.

566-81 - SOLD

Map, Parys 1564
"Luetia vulgari nomine Paris"
Braun and Hogenberg - SOLD

Copper plate and hand colored.
Dimensions: 18.25 by 16.5" frame, 16.75 by 14.75" sight-size.

934-2 - SOLD

1834 Pattern Artillery Cap Insignia
Circa 1834 - 1851
United States - SOLD

Army Die-struck brass cap badge; crossed cannon worn by artillery officers and enlisted men; retaining all four wire hooks on reverse; dark patina with some verdigris and few specks of gilt shining through. Very good. (3.5" wide.)

110-315 - SOLD

Grand Army of the Republic
Carved And Polychrome Cane
Last quarter 19th century
Initialed JLB...carved corps badges - SOLD

As depicted, relief carved and painted on hardwood with blonde finish and copper ferrule. Accompanying the cane is a tinned iron dish with old paper affixed-John L. Bachelder-G.A.R. Plate-1861-1865. Bachelder was a New Hampshire resident; enlisted 7-30-1864 as a Private-"I" Company, Massachusetts 33rd Infantry; 6-1-1865 transferred into "K" Company, Massachusetts 2nd Infantry; mustered out 7-14-1865. (Plate diameter: 9 inches; Cane length: 35 inches.)

146-53 - SOLD

Large Centennial Souvenir Ribbon - SOLD

Measures 9.25 by 6".

110-71 - SOLD

Silver Snuffbox, Engraved Silver, Engraved Eagle, Shield, Americana
American Federal Period Great Seal of the United States
Circa 1790
Magnificent Eagle, Outstanding, Rare, and Unique - SOLD

Entirely hand engraved 2.5" rocker and line engraved silver rim with hinged lid mounted on speckled cowrie shell. Eagle with shield on breast grips arrows and olive branches. Stars above, with owners initials DK. Pristine condition.

232-266 - SOLD

Snuff Box, War of 1812, American Painted Tin, Frigate President
1812 - SOLD

In fine original condition, near mint, great paint and patina; view of the Frigate President commanded by Stephen Decatur.
Dimensions: 1" H, 3" W, 1.75" D.

232-206 - SOLD

Lizzie Borden Trial Artifact, Court Room Rail Fragment
Eggplant shape silver plated copper alloy
Engraved - SOLD

"Rail which was in the Court Room where Lizzie Borden was tried by the first officer that was in the house after the murder - Aug. 4th - 1892 - Geo. W. Allen Committing Officer" (6 by 4.25")

232-241 - SOLD

Carved Book Box
Battle Of Lake Erie Centennial
On Spine....History Of OH Perry
On Cover...Niagara-We Have Met The Enemy And They Are Ours
Circa 1913 - SOLD

As depicted, the legend within raised border centering the Niagara above scrolls, leafy decorative devices and name plaque. At top right are spandrels with scratch carved dates. The spine with shield carved "History" above portrait, and crossed flags. Box contains a conforming sliding drawer. (Length: 10 inches; width: 6.25 inches; depth: 1.5 inches.)

232-136 - SOLD

Centennial Celebration
Single Shot Cast Iron Cap Pistol
Stevens, 1776-1876 - SOLD

Cast iron cap pistol; one side of grip marked "1776," the other marked "1876;" some traces of gold paint; trigger and hammer work great; some light surface rust, overall very good. (Approximately 5" in length.)

110-300 - SOLD

Spread Wing American Eagle
Brass & Tin
Circa 1860 - 1870 - SOLD

Stamped brass spread wing eagle with japanned backing, original wire loops for hang and wire mounts on reverse, splits and dents but solid. Probably a flag holder missing back mounting (30" wing tip to wing tip.)

333-99 - SOLD

Paul Jones Whiskey Advertising
"Temptation Of St. Anthony"
Oil on Artist Board
Early 20th Century - SOLD

An outstanding and unique rendering after the well known tin signs produced for the Louisville, KY distillery. The work remains in fine original condition and measures 22.75 by 18.75" overall (17 by 13-inch sight-size.)

232-165 - SOLD

1838 Pennsylvania Marriage Certificate - SOLD

William Wagner engraving of Bahrle and Meily's hand colored framed certificate, professionally framed and mounted.
Dimensions: sight size: 6 by 5.75", add 2.5" for mounting and frame.

913-65 - SOLD

George Washington Bakelite Pipe
1932 - SOLD

Dimensions: 5" long, 1.75" high.


Mechanical Bank
Darktown Battery
By J. E. Stevens
Circa 1900 - SOLD

In excellent original condition...figures with 95% paint coverage; base with some thinning on top.
Dimensions: 7" high, 9.75" wide, 2.75" deep.

232-163 - SOLD

Silver Coffee Pot
Amphora Form...vine border
Presented to Commodore G.W. Rodgers by Hon. Albert Gallatin
Circa 1816 - SOLD

An important American War of 1812 related Empire silver presentation coffee pot, mark of JVM, Paris, 1809-19, of amphora form, chased with a vine border, engraved on one side "Presented to Commodore G. W. Rodgers by Hon. Albert Gallatin 1816," the spout tip cast as a lion's head, raised on incurved supports headed by stiff leaves and ending in paw feet, the cover surrounded by an anthemion leaf border and with bud knop, treen handle, "JVM" mark within lozenge, French standard and guarantee marks. (Height: 11.5"; 29 oz.t.)

232-133 - SOLD

Patriotic Carved Coconut Cup - SOLD

19th Century carving with eagle and shield as central motif with powder horns and liberty cap within the shield.
The border also has a man and woman's clasped hands with a dog and fox on either side.
Ex Thayer Collection
Dimensions: 3" high, 3 5/8" wide, 4 3/8" deep.

508-35 - SOLD

Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank - SOLD

Mechanical paint with untouched cast iron painted surface in excellent working order with original trap door.
Base is marked "PAT. JUNE 8_1885".
Dimensions: 11.5" high; base- 5 by 4".

673-6 - SOLD

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