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War Related

Canteen, Cheese Box, War of 1812 Period, Original Paint & Leather Sling Straps Original Green Paint, Oxidized, Almost Black, New England, Circa 1810

In excellent as-found condition featuring oxidized surface, tack and peg construction, intact sling strap that has a break needing stitching. One side displaying “U.S.” in salmon paint, the other side with impressed “JR” maker’s mark; also carved initials “LVB” [about .75”] within scrolled banner.
(diameter: 7.25"; depth: 2.75")



Leather Cased Saddle Flask,
Inscribed: Armell Cotterell – Surgeon - London Tag for popular antiques exporters – C.R. Fenton & Co. Ltd., London, England

All that remains of the lid stopper strap is the buckle. (Length: 14.5'; width: 7.25"; depth: 1.75")






Semper Paratus Gold and Enamel Medal, “Always Ready” "ABC" intertwined on top, laurels and blue enameled "SEMPER PARATUS," with a tiger’s head, crossed flags and sword, and a blue enameled knapsack marked "1833"

An Exquisite gold and enameled 1838 U.S. military badge. ABC top monogram. Tiger head emerging from dark blue enamel belt with Latin inscription translating “Always Prepared”. Green gold leaf border; black enamel and coral knapsack with bedroll below, flanked by crossed rifles, swords, flag. Reverse engraved CEW to ERF. T-bar pin. 6.7 grams, excellent condition. There is one tiny tick in the black enamel, and one gold bedroll strap missing (mentioned for accuracy). (1 x 1.25")



Canteen, Cheese Box, Original Blue & Salmon Paint, Initialed W.H., Leather Sling Straps New England, Circa 1810

In excellent condition featuring oxidized surface, tack and peg construction, intact sling straps. The blue paint complimented by concentric outside rigs of salmon and salmon-red paint. (Diameter: 6.5"; depth: 2.5")



Watch Chain, Buttons, Earrings, Watch Pin
Sold separately

Antique Watch Chain, Faux Gold with Quartz Inclusions
(L: 19.25")

Civil War Officers Buttons, Scarce Back Marks
Steele and Johnson, Ladies Liberty and Ceres Centering Coat of Arms
Waterbury Jewelry Company, also Ladies Liberty and Ceres


Love Token, Gold Earrings, One Dollar American Coins, Gold Wire
Circa 1880

(Diameter: .5")

Antique Watch Pin, Gold and Quartz, Oval Filigree Pin Back Mount
(Fine; 1 by 1.5")

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Knapsack, Militia, Painted Canvas, 1st Company / Lt Infantry / 23rd Regt.
Circa 1810 to 1820 - SOLD

Militia Knapsack, Circa 1810 to 1820, Lt Infantry, entire view

(Good condition, commensurate with age and use; partial straps; 2.25 by 16.75")

232-323 - SOLD

Hat Shield, Militia Tombstone Plate, Painted & Gilded, Connecticut Militia
Circa 1825 to 1830 - SOLD

Toleware, fabricated of rolled sheet iron, image of eagle bearing shield grasping arrows and olive branch in talons; below eagle are unit designations. This historic relic has lost height, else original. (6.5 by 7")

461-13 - SOLD

World War One Trench Art Shell - SOLD

13.75-inch shell marked Verdun.

726-13 - SOLD

Virginia Dug Beveled Edge Belt Buckle
Struck by projectile - SOLD

As depicted...
Excavated at Petersburg, Virginia
Dimensions: 2.25 by 3-inches.

146-52 - SOLD

Civil War Era Tin Shaving Mug - SOLD

Dimensions: 4.5-inches high.

146-47 - SOLD

World War One Trench Art Shell - SOLD

13.75-inch shell with branch and leaf decoration.


726-14 - SOLD

Civil War Era
Carved bone, the other wood

As depicted, the wood ring with raised carved NHV (New Hampshire Volunteers) with the bone ring notched.
Dimensions of both: approximately 1-inch diameter.

146-51 - SOLD

World War One Trench Art Shell - SOLD

11-inch shell with animal decoration.

726-12 - SOLD

World War One Trench Art Shell - SOLD

13.75-inch shell marked Verdun.

726-11 - SOLD

Grand Army of the Republic
GAR Reunion Ribbons, Lot of 58
New Hampshire - SOLD

As depicted, with six lots of paper.

749-1 - SOLD

Civil War Period
Rosewood Fife - SOLD

A period fife, beautifully figured Rosewood, engraved German silver fittings, very good condition. (Length: 16-inches.)

110-345 - SOLD

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