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Historical Commemoratives

U.S. Mint Medal, 1869 Pacific Railway Completion,
Bronze, By William Barber NGC Certified,
Graded MS66bn,
Highest Graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corp.

 U.S. Mint Medal, 1869 Pacific Railway Completion, 
Bronze, By William Barber NGC Certified,side-1

Obverse shows President Grant; reverse shows the Pacific Railway Completion, legend reads "Every Mountain Shal Be made Low". This piece is also a So-Called-Dollar, Hibler and Kappen: HK12SC$1. Mounted within custom large size holder by NGC.

 U.S. Mint Medal, 1869 Pacific Railway Completion, 
Bronze, By William Barber NGC Certified,side-2

 U.S. Mint Medal, 1869 Pacific Railway Completion, 
Bronze, By William Barber NGC Certified,entire

 U.S. Mint Medal, 1869 Pacific Railway Completion, 
Bronze, By William Barber NGC Certified,NGC



1864 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Campaign and Civil War Token DeWitt #AL1864-60. Fuld, Patriotic Civil War Token, #127/201a. Copper, rarity 4


Obverse Lincoln bust, reverse Shield, “Our Union”. Extremely fine condition, however, weakly struck.




Silver Bryan Dollar Made for the Presidential Campaign of 1896 Issued for the silver and gold campaign controversy… Williams Jennings Bryan ran on a platform demanding parity between gold and silver. These Gorham company pieces were made to illustrate how much silver should be in a dollar to equal the value of gold in a gold dollar.


So-Called Dollar #HK781, rarity 5, under 200 examples known. Uniface, toned, almost uncirculated. By Gorham.

 Silver-Dollar,-1896-Presidential-Campaign back_



Four Piece Silver Plated Coffee and Tea Set, Daniel Webster Finials
Signed, Taunton Britannia Silver Plate Company
Taunton, Massachusetts
First half 19th Century
Pots and sugar bowl with Webster's head as finial, likely unique

(Very good condition constant with age and medium, awaiting polishing; coffee pot: 13" H, teapot: 9.25" H, sugar: 8.5" H, creamer: 7.25" H)



Rare 1876 Centennial Sulphide Pin, Red Background, Ex Ted Hake

(Very good condition; Diameter: 1.25”)



Token, US Arsenal, Springfield, Massachusetts, Bolen, Circa 1862
Slabbed, certified by NGC; MS 62 BN - SOLD

849-68 - SOLD

Token, Sutler, SW Beall, Nebraska Territory 1861 to 1865
Encased, certified XF details, environmental damage, by NGC



Coin Silver Presentation Cup
"W. H. Renaud Sep. 4th, 1869"
With Bust of Stonewall Jackson
New Orleans
Circa 1869

This silver presentation cup, with applied handle, features a bas relief profile of General Stonewall Jackson on front and is engraved on rim "W. H. Renaud Sep. 4th, 1869." The cup is marked on bottom "E. A. TYLER / NEW ORLEANS," dimples, overall very good. William H. Renaud was a member of the Company C [Ellison's] Confederate Guards Regiment who also served in Fender's Battery during the Civil War. In 1861 he is listed in the NOLA City Directory as an accountant. He eventually became a successful businessman.
E. A. Tyler was a jeweler and watchmaker on Canal Street who also advertised "silver and plated ware" but apparently was a retailer and not a silversmith.
(H: 4".)



Pin, Alaskan Gold Rush, Gold Nuggets Centering Hard Stone, Strawman, Rome

(Good condition; 6.5 grams; 2 by .25”)



Hard Times Token, Daniel Webster, 1841
Slabbed, certified by NGC; MS62.



Civil War Token, Union Forever
Slabbed, certified by NGC; MS63.



Large Silver Plate Presentation Urn, Portrait of Ulysses Grant and His Horse
Spigot Marked J&H Jones, Philadelphia, 1870
Presented to Mrs. Richard Peltz by Geo. W. Freas April 26th 1870 - SOLD

The inscribed twin-handled urn with Greek key banding features an applied profile portrait of Ulysses S. Grant (President, 1869-1877), the lid surmounted by figure of Grant's horse, Cincinnati (ca. 1860-1878).

Richard Peltz (1832-1918) was Deputy Clerk, Quarter Sessions of Philadelphia, a member of City Council and a Public Building Commissioner; he married Annie S. Stewart (d.1894) on December 9, 1858 and their son Samuel Peltz (1860-1926), a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, was a lawyer, Assistant City Solicitor of Philadelphia and a member of Pennsylvania Legislature.

George W. Freas was a deputy collector of Philadelphia's twenty-seventh ward. He is known to have participated in the celebration of the Philadelphia International Centennial Exhibition.

(Generally very good, as expected, and constant with age; some thinning of plate and scattered dings, overall very attractive; H: 28")

232-295 - SOLD

Medals, Bronze, Silver, Coins, Late 19th and Early 20th Century
Sold separately

Cooper Union Fiftieth Anniversary Bronze Medal by Tiffany in Box Base
Obverse Peter Cooper, Reverse Sarah Hewitt
Founder: (Edge) William H.A. Smythe

(Diameter: 2.75")

Search of the Mails Cast Bronze Medal, by Carl Goetz, Obverse President Wilson
World War I, after cast by Carl's son, black patina, almost uncirculated
Kienast 177

(Diameter: 2.25")

Bryan Dollar, Presidential Campaign of 1896 and 1900 Silver Dollar, Gorham
William Jennings Bryan Silver Issue, So Called Dollars, Cartwheel
Choice, About Uncirculated

Wagon wheel represents size of Morgan dollar, larger planchet is almost twice the weight and purportedly the equivalent of one U.S. gold dollar on September 16, 1896
(Diameter: 2")

1892 Columbian Exposition Miniature Ticket Medal, Aluminum
Obverse with bust of Columbus wearing soft cap; reverse with encased copy of Columbus Columbian Expo admission ticket protected under mica window.
(Extra fine; diameter: 2")
849-48 - SOLD

Painted Tin, Tole Tray, Eva Dressing Uncle Tom with Floral Garland, P 152
Uncle Tom's Cabin

The unrestored condition consistent with age, scattered small paint losses, light scratches, and a flatted rim area at right side. (29.75 by 23")



Frog Mug, Transfer Printed, Battle Scenes, Pearlware, Two Handle
19th Century (1854'ish)
Light Cavalry Charge at Balaclava (transfer)
Sebastopol Attack and Capture of the Malakoff by the French (transfer)

Interior with two wonderful polychrome frogs intended to shock the inebriated drinker! Excellent condition (Dimensions: 5.25" H, 9.5" W, 6" D.)



Medals, Mint Award, Naval Medal
Sold separately

1876 US Centennial U.S. Mint Award Medal, Bronzed Copper
Awarded by US Centennial Commission, International Exhibition, Philadelphia
Choice, almost uncirculated, Mahogany Surfaces, Julian AM-10

(Diameter: 3")

Naval Medal, Captain Isaac Hull, Bronzed Copper, 1812
U.S. Mint, 65 MM, Julian NA-12
Extra Fine, Chestnut Brown

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Staffordshire, Horatio Nelson Commemorative Transfer Printed Jug
Circa 1805 to 1810
England Expects Every Man to do His Duty, Admiral Nelson Statement - SOLD

Beautiful Chinoiserie gold/yellow printed brown glazed jug; under spout is displayed roundel with motto and a titled portrait of Nelson before ships in full sail; strap handle and rolled foot. (Fine original condition; H: 5.75")

232-287 - SOLD

Silver Plated Copper Exposition Presentation Piece
James W. Tufts (1835 to 1902)
Boston, Massachusetts
1876 - SOLD

Tufts founded the Arctic Soda Fountain Co. and the Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina.
Dimensions: 8.25" H.

561-10 - SOLD

Commemorative Colonel Samuel Colt Medallion, Silver, 1814 to 1914
By Whitehead and Hoag to Commemorate Colt's Birth
Rare in Silver
Circa 1914 - SOLD

Dimensions: 2" diameter.

849-31 - SOLD

Washington and Lafayette Anisette Surfine Glass Bottle, Commemorative
Possibly French
Circa 1824 - SOLD

A blown glass bottle with kicked-up base and rough pontil; enameled decoration featuring a depiction of George Washington with the Marquis de Lafayette and the following printed on the surface of the bottle: Washington***Lafayette / Anisette Surfine, plus indecipherable lettering below portrait. Found under the floorboards of a circa 1790s tavern, located in Washington County of New York. Unfortunately, no additional information has been discovered regarding this particular bottle; possibly a commemorative item created in honor of Lafayette's visit to the United States, which took place circa 1824-1825. Some of the printed design and lettering has worn off of the bottle at base of cartouche from handling with all else secure and fine. (Dimensions: 11.75" H.)

232-233 - SOLD

Ironstone Pitcher, Civil War Commemorative, Shooting of Col. Ellsworth
Probably Millington and Astbury (Apparently Unsigned)
Trenton, New Jersey
Circa 1860 to 1865
Rare High Relief Design illustrating the shooting at Alexandria, Virginia - SOLD

A white ironstone pitcher featuring a raised battle scene depicting the shooting of Colonel Ellsworth on one side; also the impressed names "COL ELLSWORTH" "BROWNELL" and "J.W. JACKSON / THE TRAITOR". Reverse displays a vulture perched on a fallen palm tree with a snake in its beak and tattered Southern flag nearby. Surmounting the vignette is the impressed slogan "UNION AND CONFEDERACY". An American flag supported by a stand of rifles appears to the right. Flake to spur of thumb-piece otherwise fine. (H: 8")
See White Ironstone by Jen Wetherbee, page 169.

643-9 - SOLD

Abolition Sugar Bowl, Kneeling Slave, Am I Not A Man?
Circa 1820 to 1830
Period equivalent to a T-shirt or bumper sticker announcing your beliefs - SOLD

Cream colored earthenware with transfer-printed decoration displaying four kneeling slaves, two on bowl, same for lid. Excellent condition (Dimensions: 4.75" H, 3.75" diameter.)

232-203 - SOLD

Zachary Taylor Toddy Plate, Rare 5" Political Portrait Plate, 1848
Born Nov 24th 1784
Elected President of America 1848 - SOLD

Green transfer, nearly half-length portrait within center; his name and birth date above, and "Elected President of America 1848" below; raised polychrome enameled grape and leaf border.

232-196 - SOLD

Political Stoneware, Crock, Charles Ingersoll, Connecticut Governor, 1873
Four Gallon Crock, Signed O.H. Seymour, Hartford
Ingersoll - Governor - 1873, brushed in cobalt - SOLD

A tight hairline at handle with all else excellent.
(H: 10.5", 12.5" diameter.)

232-194 - SOLD

Creamware Jug; buff ground
Luster trim on rim and spout, black transfer
"Second View Of Com. Perry's Victory"
"The Constitution in close action with the Guerriere"
Eagle With Shield Beneath 16 Stars Above "America" - SOLD

As depicted, black transfers; freehand strokes of pink luster decorate the rim, spout and handle. Restoration to base with all else original. (Height: 7.5".)

232-137 - SOLD

Admiral Nelson Trafalgar Victory
Commemorative Goblet
Circa 1805 - SOLD

Blown goblet with attached foot and stem; cut and engraved decoration with gilt highlighting of a ship and the words "Nelson's Victory"; possibly decorated to commemorate Admiral Nelson's victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805; trace of gilded monogram, possibly "JEC." The goblet is in excellent condition.
With the defeat of his fleet at Trafalgar in 1805, Napoleon's hope to break the British blockade and to invade England was dashed. For England the victory came dearly, for it cost the life of the nation's greatest captain, Horatio Viscount Nelson. English merchants and manufacturer's immediately upon learning of the great victory, and the loss of the popular navel commander, began producing a variety of commemorative items. This flint goblet is an example of the type of souvenir that was marketed to a grieving, adoring public. It is somewhat unusual in that it puns the name of Nelson's flagship HMS Victory and the positive result of the Battle of Trafalgar for England. Approximately 8" high; diameter: 5.5".

232-20 - SOLD

Staffordshire Figure
Benjamin Franklin
On gilt lined circular base, identified as Washington
19th Century - SOLD

Height: 15".
(See Harding, Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875, Book 1, page 61.)

492-65 - SOLD

Commemorative Tray
Featuring relief medallion portraits of Washington, Webster, and Clay; the Declaration of Independence with Trumbull's painting of the signing in the center;
Silver Plate - SOLD

Oval silver plated tray features relief medallion portraits of George Washington, Daniel Webster, and Henry Clay as well as a copy of the Declaration of Independence with the Trumbull painting of the signing of the Declaration in the center. The medallions are by, or based upon, commemorative medals by Charles Cushing Wright often thought of as the finest die sinker of the early 19th century. Washington is from a circa 1851 medal honoring the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, while Clay and Webster are circa 1852, the year both men died. The central motif is a copy of the Declaration of Independence engraved by S. H. Black circa 1859 and in the center is a representation of the Trumbull painting of the signing that appeared on the reverse of Wright's 1851 medal. On either side of the Washington portrait are eagles, one with a sword in its beak and the other with the scales of justice. Both have fasces at their feet. Beneath the Constitution is a panoply of arms and flags as well as the reverse of the Clay medal. The Webster and Washington images are signed "C. C. Wright D & F." The Declaration is signed "Printed according to Acts of Congress in the year 1859 by S. H. Black in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York."

It appears that the tray originally had an integral hanger on the reverse of the rim, but that the sheer weight of the tray caused a separation of the body and the rim. There is an old, very possibly contemporary, repair where the separation occurred. Overall the tray is in very good condition with some areas of copper showing through probably due to over polishing and a slight crease near the Webster image. (Approximately 28" x 23".)

270-36 - SOLD

Texian Campaigne Series
Staffordshire Blue Transfer-Printed Platter
Superb original condition
Anthony Shaw
Circa 1851-1875 - SOLD

In the most popular and sought after color; depicting a general astride a horse brandishing a sword, flanked by two soldiers capturing another to the left and another soldier on horseback brandishing a hat and sword. Mark: printed Texian Campaigne under-glaze within cartouche centered by floral motif and initials J.B. (Series by Shaw; designs by J.B.) Measures 15.5 by 12.5".

232-40 - SOLD

Large Wilkinson King George V Toby - SOLD

The King George V toby is the largest, most desireable, of a numbered set of World War I leaders made by the Wilkinson Royal Staffordshire Pottery Company, and was limited to 1,000 sets. They were designed by Carruthers Gould, whose signature appears on the base, but are generally referred to as Wilkinsons. This one is 587A (the A designates that it is King George V).
Dimensions: 12.5" high, 5.75" wide, 6" deep.


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