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Dags and Ambros

Daguerreotype, Man with Cello and Bow, Rare Subject
Quarter Plate
Positioned before a window and open books

Granny note identifies musician as Daniel Kent. Few minor small spots of tarnish, couple of tiny mold spiders. Dag essentially excellent; brass mat has green corrosion spots.



Daguerreotype, Distinguished Black Man
Sixth Plate
Beautiful sixth plate daguerreotype of a handsome man in his finery

A very nice image; some scattered tarnish on mat, all else fine.



Daguerreotype, Iconic George Washington Portrait after Rembrandt Peal
Possibly by Anson, 589 Broadway, New York
George Washington
Sixth Plate

Attribution based on inscription on velvet to case interior, the portrait one of the "porthole" portraits by Peale, in a hinged embossed leather or paper case, (edge tarnish, minor dust).



Ambrotype, Clergyman Wearing White Collar, Holding a Book
Anonymous, Nineteenth Century; a nice image

(3.25 by 3.5”)



Daguerreotype, Photograph of Painting, Portrait of Older Woman
Cleaned by Dennis Waters in 1994

(Mounted within embossed leather case, spine re-taped, 3.5 by 4.5”)



Ambrotype, Sixth Plate, Man with Saw, Occupational Photograph
Anonymous, 19th Century



Daguerreotype, Factory, Quarter Plate
19th Century - SOLD

Unidentified larger factory or mill; three multi-story buildings surrounded by wood fence, horses and wagons at right. Forested hills in background, photo taken from hillside vantage point. Minor tarnish at top; there are two tiny insignificant scratches seen with magnifier; a rare image. Housed in leather case with imperfections.)

232-218 - SOLD

Daguerreotype, Young Boy
Sixth Plate

An early daguerreotype; a young boy who appears to be about 10 years old and is sitting on a sofa before a studio backdrop displaying gorgeous blue tinting. There are a few small spots of golden tarnish, otherwise excellent, in deep maroon full leather case.



Daguerreotype Saloon, Broadside, For Traveling Photographer J.A. Foster
Printed by Henry L. Tillinghast, Providence, Rhode Island

The Subscriber having located his SALOON IN THIS VILLAGE for a short time would take this opportunity to inform the inhabitants of the Village and vicinity that he is now prepared to take ORIGINAL DAGUERREOTYPES, Or to Copy Daguerreotypes or Pictures; Signed J.A. Foster, with address line; excellent condition with only light soiling. (Dimensions: 8 by 10" frame, 5.75 by 7.75" sight-size; mounted in period veneered frame.)



Daguerreotype, Amputee, Nice Image, Sixth Plate
19th Century

A nice image depicting a man displaying his bandaged amputated hand. A paper label in period script identified the subject as Edward Beals about 1852. Excellent condition with only a little minor parameter tarnish.



Mother and two children

Dimensions: 3.25 by 3.75-inches.



Ninth-Plate Daguerreotype
Boy on a Donkey
A rare combination: outdoors, animal and child

A small boy astride a donkey holding thin whip; the boy wears a stripped skirt and pantaloons, boots and a slouch hat while the donkey with a careworn expression. Stamped brass mat, stamped leather case missing top half; dag in good condition other than significant tarnish and a couple of tiny green spots on plate...really should be dipped or cleaned.



1/6th Plate Daguerreotype of Naval Cadet

Unidentified American midshipman c 1840's-50's in very good condition
Leather case with gilt pebbled oval mat with maroon plush lining



Folk Portrait of a Young Child Seated with a Hat
Circa 1830
Depicted in a Ninth-Plate Daguerreotype
Circa 1845

The daguerreotype has been cleaned and resealed, and resides in a hinged, pressed case. Good, with light cleaning abrasions.
Dimensions: 2.5 by 2-inches.



Folk Portrait of a Gentleman in Profile
Probably Watercolor on Paper
Circa 1830
Depicted in a Sixth-Plate Daguerreotype
Circa 1840

The daguerreotype resides in a hinged case. Excellent.
Dimensions: 3.25 by 2.75-inches.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Daguerreotype of Very Old Woman, Aunt Sally Leet, New London, CT, 1/6th Plate
Recorded on very old jelly label: Her father was killed in the Revolutionary War
Great-grandfather Way brought her up / Died on her 103rd Birthday (Feb. 6th, 1855) - SOLD

879-77 - SOLD

Daguerreotype, Boston Fireman, Bunker Hill No. 2, Large Sixth Plate, Scarce Case
A Fireman's Duty, Casemaker: Littlefield, Parsons and Company, 3 3/4 by 3 3/8"
Charlestown, Boston, Circa 1852
Daguerreotype depicting a firefighter in dress uniform - SOLD

The subject's fire hat rests on table; shield displays "Bunker Hill No. 2". John Howard who was foreman of Bunker Hill Engine Company No. 2 is most likely the sitter in this photograph. The thermoplastic case features a firefighting rescue scene and other firefighting vignettes on both sides of case. Retains original seals, glass is spotted; tarnish ring, else fine.

541-60 - SOLD

Daguerreotype, Militia Musician with Coronet
Sixth Plate - SOLD

Depicted is a musician holding cornet with at least six valves. Shako on table has small eagle and musicians' lyre. Bit of light wiping at top, otherwise very fine.

232-257 - SOLD

Folk Portrait of a Woman
Attributed to Sheldon Peck (1797-1868)
Circa 1835
Depicted in a Ninth-Plate Ambrotype
Circa 1855

The ambrotype has been resealed, and resides in a hinged, pressed case. Excellent.
Dimensions: 2.5 by 2-inches.

205-22 - SOLD

Young Child In Printed Dress
Sixth Plate - SOLD

An attractive child has a good attitude.
The photograph is mounted within a leather case; as depicted, tarnish surrounds mat...original seal is intact.

110-361 - SOLD

Sixth Plate Daguerreotype
Young Woman Holding a Book - SOLD

Depicted is a young woman holding a book or album in her lap, framed in a plain gilt brass oval mat, stamped leather case with red plush lining, image is crisp and in very good un-cleaned condition.

110-339 - SOLD

Group of Ambrotypes, Tintypes and Daguerreotypes

Back row, left to right:
1/9th Plate Daguerreotype of a Woman - SOLD

1/6th Plate Ambrotype of a Lady with a Baby - SOLD

1/6th Plate Tintype of a Mother and Child - SOLD
Includes a lock of hair.

1/6th Plate Daguerreotype of a Man - SOLD
Case decorated with a Star of David motif.

1/9th Plate Tintype of a Young Man - SOLD

Middle row, left to right:
1/9th Plate Daguerreotype of a Man - SOLD
In an oval case.

1/9th Plate Daguerreotype of a Girl
Circa 1860

1/9th Plate Daguerreotype of a Lady on Paper - SOLD

Front row, left to right:
Pair of 1/9th Plate Tintypes of Sisters - SOLD

.25 Plate Tintype of a Man and Woman - SOLD

1/6th Plate Daguerreotype of a Man - SOLD

1/9th Plate Daguerreotype of a Man - SOLD

Group of Ambrotypes, Tintypes of Daguerreotypes

Back row, left to right:
D. Hometon Ambrotype
New York

1/6th Plate Daguerreotype of a Man - SOLD
In a gutta percha case.

1/6th Plate Daguerreotype of Two Children - SOLD

19th Plate Daguerreotype of a Deceased Child - SOLD

"Psychology for Children" Book - SOLD
Dimensions: 5.5 by 4.5-inches.

Front row, left to right:
Daguerreotype of a Man and Woman - SOLD

Gutta Percha Case for a 1/4th Plate Daguerreotype - SOLD

1/6th Plate Daguerreotype of a Man - SOLD

1/16th Plate Ambrotype of a Man - SOLD

1/9th Plate Daguerreotype of a Girl - SOLD
Case has a green velvet interior.

Pair of 1/9th Plate Tintypes of a Man and Woman - SOLD

Carte de Visite, CDV, Anse Hatfield
William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield (1839 to 1921)
Patriarch of the Hatfield Clan during Hatfield and McCoy Feud
Logan, Virginia - SOLD

Reverse inscribed "The Hero of Desperados". He is seated holding a Winchester lever action rifle, with a revolver in his belt. (Dimensions: 2.5 by 4 1/3".)

Our thanks to Ryan Hardesty for the excellent clarification on Devil Anse's clothing.

Following is a link to a newspaper story from 1911 that makes reference to those clothes. According to the story, which seems to be true, Devil Anse's son Johnse brought the cowboy suit home from a trip to Colorado in 1885 and he and Devil Anse and brother Cap took turns getting their photos made in it.

232-209 - SOLD

Daguerreotype, Violinist, Outstanding Sixth Plate, Rare
19th Century - SOLD

A gorgeous dag depicting a violinist mounted in very nice burgundy color book-form velvet case. Couple tiny mold spiders mentioned for accuracy; a great dag.

232-221 - SOLD

Seated Woman
Early Daguerreotype
Quarter-Plate - SOLD

Not a particularly happy woman with hand positioned on head; not smiling.
Light scratches.
Leather case, brass mat.

110-368 - SOLD

Handsome Young Man
Early Daguerreotype
Quarter Plate - SOLD

The plate has never been cleaned although the seal has been compromised.

110-363 - SOLD

Daguerreotype of Two Boys
One Holding a Musical Instrument
Quarter Plate - SOLD

Daguerreotype of two little boys, one wearing a fancy off the shoulder shirt and ruffled pants and the other (with his head held in place by the hand of an anonymous adult) off the shoulder dress. The boy in the fancy shirt holds a bottle shaped instrument with finger valves on his lap and both boys are clearly not enjoying the experience. Freckled with rust spots, some tarnishing, lid of leatherette case is missing. A quick dip would greatly improve this image.

110-292 - SOLD

Folk Portrait of a Child Seated in a Paint-Decorated Armchair
Circa 1830
Depicted in a Sixth-Plate Daguerreotype
Circa 1840

The daguerreotype has been resealed, and resides in a hinged, pressed case. Excellent.
Dimensions: 3.25 by 2.75-inches.

205-20 - SOLD

Folk Portrait Of A Gentleman
Probably a Miniature
Circa 1845
Depicted is a Sixth-Plate Tinted Ambrotype

Circa 1855
The ambrotype resides in a hinged, pressed case. Excellent.
Dimensions: 3.25 by 2.75-inches.

205-16 - SOLD

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