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More Fraternal

Heart-in-Hand, Odd Fellows, Broad Axe, Carved & Painted, Best Dry Surface Unknown Maker and Lodge, Circa 1880 (Possibly Pennsylvania)

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, hand painted wooden folk art fraternal axe [carved broad axe lodge artifact] having a long curved handle, handle and head are painted black, edge of blade with a band of cream paint accented with red, one side of head has a large yellow hand with a black heart in the center, the opposite side of the head has a gold painted triple link chain, referring to the order's "Triple Links" symbol, alluding to its motto "Friendship, Love and Truth". Minor dings [edge losses] to cutting edge of blade; a 0.25 by 0.75-inch edge loss has been expertly filled and displays an undetectable surface…amazing.
(Length: 28.5"; blade width: 9.5": depth: 1" tapering to cutting edge)



Heart in Hand, Cast Iron Grave Marker, Good Surface, 19th Century

(Missing iron rod; appears to have been cut off; 11.25 by 4.5 by 1.5")



Steelton Odd Fellows Lodge 184; Carved, Turned, Painted and Gilt Sign, 19th C.

Antique Odd Fellows Lodge Sign, Painted and Gilt, 19th Century, entire view

(44 by 28.5”)



Antique Odd Fellows Lodge Sign, Painted and Gilt, 19th Century, with ruler for scale
Antique Odd Fellows Lodge Sign, Painted and Gilt, 19th Century, top detail
Antique Odd Fellows Lodge Sign, Painted and Gilt, 19th Century, bottom detail

Masonic Liverpool Jug Named to Solomon Clarkson

Transfer signed "Kennedy" for James Kennedy, Burslem active c. 1790 - 1800. Beneath the spout is a transfer wreath of laurel and palm surround the hand painted name "Solomon Clarkson."
Dimensions: 8.75-inches.



Odd Fellows Merit, Silver Presentation Gorget, Engraved
Presented by the Philanthropic Lodge, Uttoxeter, Lodge 32
Presented to William Ball
Circa 1834

The Gorget engraved on obverse with a sun and crescent moon, PG bracketing a globe divided with lines of latitude and longitude, and William Ball, Merit in script. The reverse is engraved in script "Presented by the Philanthropic Lodge / Uttoxeter No. 132 / M. U. 1834, and is signed "BURTON" with the letters in an arc. Faintly etched around the edge of the reverse is "GEORGIOUS R [H?] D: G: [indecipherable word] REX E: D:. Mounted on the front is a gilded brass ring with a ferrous metal back and a convex glass cover over an engraving of a coat of arms. Very good condition with one hanging loop missing. There are no hallmarks and the metal has not been tested. There is an Uttoxeter in East Staffordshire, England and another in Ontario, Canada. (4.5" by 3.5")



Print of Washington as a Mason



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Folk Carved Mallet,
Military Order of the Serpent – Supreme Liar – Company K, 2D Ohio
Presented by Jacob Eiting [Sergeant] (War with Spain, 1898-1899)
Early 20th Century - SOLD

A large and heavy polychrome mallet carved in-the-round; a rattlesnake conforming to mallet centers the presentation script; double coiled snake forms the handle featuring snake heads terminus. The Military Order of the Serpent was a sub-group of the United Spanish War Veterans. Membership was limited to U.S.W.V. in good standing. Their purpose was to promote camaraderie and fraternal fellowship amongst the members of the veterans of the Spanish American War. Excellent original condition. (Length: 14.5"; head: 6.5 x 3.75")

1245-2 - SOLD

Creamware Ladle with Masonic Decoration - SOLD

A very unusual late 18th or early 19th century piece of creamware.
Dimensions: 11-inches overall, the bowl is 3.5-inches by 1.5-inches.

980-42 - SOLD

Framed Supreme Council Degree - SOLD

980-16 - SOLD

Warden's Axe, Ax, Odd Fellows, Evening Star Lodge 114, Original Paint
Friendship, Love & Truth
Apparently 19th Century
Outstanding example, faceted spike, great paint and gilding - SOLD

(Tight shrinkage fissure to haft where pierced by blade, not distracting; L: 50.5", ax head: 14.75 by 14.25")

928-50 - SOLD

Axe Pine Silhouette, Fraternal, Foresters or Woodsmen, Great Patina - SOLD

Dimensions: 30 by 18.25".

171-100 - SOLD

Masonic Motif Collar Box - SOLD

Wooden box with gutta percha panel decorated with Masonic symbols. Stamped "Ward's" on front of box. Sides of box show wear, front clasp broken, applied lid soiled but in very good condition.
Dimensions: 5-inches by 5-inches by 3-inches.

980-40 - SOLD

Silver, Engraved Masonic Jewell
Holland Lodge, NYC
Signed by Peter Rushton Maverick (1755 - 1811)
Rushton was a member of the Holland Lodge - SOLD

Peter R. Maverick was commissioned to engrave the Lodge seal in 1788 and he was an ardent revolutionary. Maverick, of NYC was and engraver, seal cutter, printer, and silversmith. Excellent condition. (1.75-inches.)

536-20 - SOLD

Masonic Clock Face
Wood and paint
Early 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, a wonderful example complete with the "all seeing eyes" above Masonic imagery with the addition of an anchor. Fantastic gild spandrels, chapter rings; original lettering...time, seconds, and calendar.
Dimensions: 11.75 by 16.25-inches.

191-249 - SOLD

Masonic Union Case - SOLD

Gutta Percha case with label reading "GENUINE / UNION CASE, / IMPROVED. / Fine Gilt and Burnished Hinge. / S. PECK & CO., / MANUFACTURERS." Case is in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 3.5-inches by 3.25-inches.

980-30 - SOLD

Large Staffordshire Masonic Pitcher - SOLD

Inscribed with the name "JOHN . RICE . TURNER , / Barnstable / 1813" under the spout. Polychrome decoration, including roses around the rim. The bottom is inscribed "Restored December 1980 / James G. Hogris / Log #00001."

980-26 - SOLD

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