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Odd Fellows Pendant Collection, Five Pieces, Circa 1870, Scarce to Rare Jewels Coin and silver plate, two signed “J.S. $ S. over S”

Double gavel pendant, double hourglass pendent, secretary badge, star centering heart-in-hand and crossed keys. Each piece averages 3.5 to 4-inches, good condition.



Masonic Shelf Bracket, What-Not Shelf
Attributed to the John Haley Bellamy Workshop
Titcomb & Bellamy, Charlestown, Massachusetts
Walnut and parcel gilt, original surface

From 1866-1872 Bellamy and partner David Titcomb operated workshop in a space they rented within the Masonic Hall building in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He employed several carvers, including his brother Elijah. They made frames, clocks and shelves. This walnut shelf is intricately carved featuring an array of Masonic symbols true to his carving vocabulary. (Excellent original condition; mentioned for accuracy is a tight shrinkage fissure to underside of shelf close to the bracket that does not distract or compromise the integrity. Height: 22"; width: 12"; depth: 6.25")



Masonic Silver Mark Jewel, Elaborate Engraving, & Related Paper, Early, First Quarter of 19th Century (likely 1817-1820) Utica, New York Inscribed: Thomas Colling, Oneida, R.A. Chap., Utica, No. 57 - SOLD

The Oneida Chapter of the Royal Arch was established in Utica in 1817. It still exists, so dating this piece was as simple as tracking down Thomas Colling in their records (likely 1817 to 1820). Thomas Colling was in Utica by 1810 – see “A Memorial History of Utica” – there are several mentions of him1. He was a village trustee, a clerk and treasurer for Utica after incorporation; very active in the village. Apparently, his occupation was as clerk at the Bank of Utica. Traditional Masonic symbols surmounting an outstanding full-length figure of “Hope” at anchor and a ship in the distance within…the mnemonic HTWSSTKS. (Hyram/Hiram Tyrian Widow’s Son Sent to King Solomon) The obverse features a full-length depiction of a Goddess displayed with additional Masonic symbolism. All symbolism within rocker-engraved borders. The period paper print of the jewel makes this particularly interesting.
1. Edited by M. M. Bagg, M.D. SYRACUSE, N. Y., D. Mason & Co., Publishers 1892 PRESS OF D. MASON & CO., SYRACUSE, N. Y.)

107-295 - SOLD

Masonic Medals, Jewel, Pin, Offered As a Lot
Probably English except the blue enameled "G", it is American

  • The white star - unknown but may be a member's jewel for the craft as these were, briefly, popularised in the 1860s-70s and continued as a means of commemorating service as treasurer or secretary by adding the jewel of office.
  • The keystone - is a member's jewel for the Mark Masons
  • The star with swords is the Red Cross of Babylon under the Allied Masonic Degrees
  • A nice Masonic lapel pin, American; G centering compass and square
  • Second from left is a Past Master's Jewel, probably English, but could be Pennsylvania
  • Far right, Royal Ark Mariner, English

$395 for the lot


Early Masonic Painting Gouache on Silk

Graphite, ink and gouache on silk, framed.
Dimensions: 14.5" by 16".



Sherer's New Improved Master's Carpet with Ground Floor View of Lodges, No. 1, 2 & 3
Masonic Master's Carpet Scrolls, Emblematical Charts for the Instruction of Freemasonry
Lithograph on paper applied to canvas, mounted on wooden rollers; rare
19th Century - SOLD

During lectures when degrees were explained, these were removed from the wall and rolled out on the floor of the Lodge room; therefore the word "carpet". (Designed by John Sherer) (Generally very good, minor imperfections as expected; 45 by 38.5")

232-343 - SOLD

Masonic Belt

19th Century leather and brass Masonic belt.
Dimensions: 46.25-inches long.



Masonic Commemorative Plate
Circa 1910

Signed "Tho's Maddock's Sons Co. / Trenton, N.J." in blue on the reverse.
Dimensions: 9.5-inches diameter.



Masonic Platter

Condition excellent; circa late 19th to early 20th century.
Dimensions: 16-inches by 12.5-inches.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Masonic Apron, Shield Shape, Printed and Painted Silk, Bullion, Spangles
Ex Colonel Louis Kolbs Collection, Philadelphia; Sold 1941
America, Early Nineteenth Century
Printed and embroidered icons within border of folded silk ribbon - SOLD

Albeit an early apron, the condition may be considered rough, small losses to spangles and bullion, some silk deterioration and soiling; not examined out of frame.
Accompanied by the 1941 auction catalog and a notarized letter dated 1914 recording purported history; owned by GGW which we do not support.
(Dimensions: 19.5 by 20.5" frame, 15.5 by 16" apron.)

952-8 - SOLD

Masonic Lodge Book
E. Foster, Jr.'s
Written in code - SOLD

The book measures 5 by 7.5".

116-18 - SOLD

Unique Tinsmith Presentation Medal and Box - SOLD

This fabulous example exemplifying the art of the tinsmith measures approximately 3 1/4 by 1 1/4 inches, and fits into a 3 5/8 by 2 1/4 inch box with slide top and chased decoration, that is lined with the blue paper that was associated with high quality merchandise. The medal is beautifully handcrafted of copper with a soldering iron; tin shears and a tinker's hammer surrounding the letters "JS". A rectangular lozenge above the tools contains a piece of red glass perhaps suggesting a ruby associated with 40 years of service.

171-38 - SOLD

Masonic Pipe Bowl
19th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 1.75-inches high.

171-19 - SOLD

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