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Famous Names

Inaugural Button, George Washington, 1789, LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT, Albert 11A

Extremely Fine Condition, Golden Patina, Hard Smooth Surfaces Long Live the President-GW within recessed oval, the variety with narrow spacing between G and W. 34mm diameter (1.33858-inches)



General George B. McClellan,
Smelter Portrait Bust on Socle

Anonymous, likely 1885ish, Height: 22.25"



Bas Relief Bust Shell, General U.S. Grant, White Frosted on Convex Tin Shell
Manufactured by Huntington, Loretz and Co., 142 Fulton Street, New York
Circa 1865
Plaster, wood, tin, convex glass, silver leaf, and velvet, retains trade label

(Dings to frame gesso otherwise fine; frame: 17.5 by 15.5"; sight-size: 11.75 by 9.75")



Derby Porcelain Figure, John Wilkes on Rocco Scrolled Pedestal
British politician who endeared himself to the American colonies
Circa 1775; extremely rare
Soft Paste Porcelain, painted with enamels and picked out in gold

Modeled by Pierre Stephan, the standing figure of radical, rabble-rouser depicted with right hand resting on pedestal with dark pink mantle thrown over left shoulder; scroll inscribed MAGNA CARTA and BILL OF RIGHTS on a column at his right hand, inscribed INo WILKS, a putto with raised arm holding stick with Liberty Cap, also a book inscribed LOCK on GOVT, on a scroll molded base. The figure is very good with typical small losses to gilt shoe and stocking ribbons; other superbly executed repairs. (Dimensions: 12” H.)



Bronze Bust, General (1829 to 1887) by William Clark Noble (1858 to 1938) 1888
Robert Brown Potter, United States lawyer, Union Army General
Cast by the Henry Brown Bronze Company, New York, 1888

Inscribed at front: "Per castra ad Astra/Tribute of Army Comrades and Friends," inscribed with his army positions at either side, and battles fought on reverse, signed and dated 1888; 26.5 by 20”.



Berlin Needlework Portrait
Full Standing Figure of Washington
Multicolored cotton
Circa 1850

General Washington is posed before his horse with compromised canon and cavalryman while in the background is Continental soldiers and our 13-star flags.
The patterns were imported from Berlin as was the worsted wool used for working needlepoint and/or cross-stitch pictures on canvas throughout the Victorian era. Frame: 45.5 by 56.25"; Sight Size: 38.75 by 49.5".



George Washington Portrait, Civilian Dress, Depicted With Sword
Circa 1800 to 1820
A competently rendered image showing Washington with sword
Oil on Canvas

The unlined canvas remains on original stretcher; very good overall condition with scatted and minor fill. (Dimensions: 29 by 34" frame, 24 by 29" frame.)



Painted Tin Tray
"Death of Admiral Nelson"

Large rectangular tray with central decoration copy of Samuel Drummond's "Death of Nelson" in oils; inverted onion shape cut out handles; gilt and painted leaves around outer border; English, probably Regency period; some bends along edge, noticeable loss of paint in central image and inner border, losses on outer border. Measures 30-inches by 22-inches.



Bas Relief Bust Shell, Winfield Scott, White Frosted on Convex Tin Shell
Manufactured by Huntington, Loretz and Co., 142 Fulton Street, New York
Circa 1865
Plaster, wood, tin, convex glass, silver leaf, and velvet, retains trade label

(Walnut frame: 16.5 by 14.5"; sight-size: 11.5 by 10.5"; fine original condition)



Horatio Nelson Portrait, Mixed Media, Lithograph Face
Unknown Maker
19th Century
Cloth, foil, and hair on cloth within period birds' eye maple frame

(Toning halo surrounds profile, probably mounting glue; 7.5 by 10"; sight-size: 5 by 7")



Pins, Medals, Agricultural Society, Spirit of St. Louis, Regatta
Sold separately

Tri Gold Medal, Illinois Agricultural Society Award, Engraved to W.H. Fulkerson
Jerseyville, Illinois
Circa 1890

Top bar having T-bar pin features two ear of corn on square with scrolled ends and is above presentation bar engraved with Fulkerson's name. The tri-color gold round drop has I.A.S. monogram at center and is surrounded by engraved wheat border. The reverse is engraved "Jerseyville, Ill. (Excellent condition: 2 by 2.5")

Celluloid Pin, Spirit of St. Louis Airplane
Celebrating Lindbergh's New York to Paris Flight May 31, 1927

(Fine condition; 2 by 2 by .5")

Regatta Medal, Boston, Jamaica Pond Regatta, Gold and Silver
(2 by 2.5")

Engraving, The Honorable Gurdon Saltonstall, Governor of Connecticut
Engraved for Dr. Trumbull's History of Connecticut
By Amos Dolittle (1754 to 1832) after John Trumbull

Scattered foxing and toning, small paper loss at right margin; mounted in frame by Perry Hopf.
Dimensions: 9.5 by 6.25" frame, 7.75 by 4.75" sight-size.



John Winthrop, Engraving, Engraved for Dr. Trumbull's History of Connecticut
By Amos Doolittle after John Trumbull

(Frame: 9.5 by 6.25"; view: 7.75 by 4.75")



Medal, Longfellow, Bronze

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Bronze Medal by E.L. Pratt, NGC Graded MS65
(Diameter: 2.5")



General W.S. Hancock, Unveiling of Equestrian Statue, Hancock Astride
Ribbon, Purportedly Worn By Pvt. Harry F. Smith, 111th NYVI, 3rd Brig, 1st Div., 2nd Corps at Washington D.C. May 12, 1896

The equestrian statue of General Winfield Scott Hancock is a contributing monument to the National Register of Historic Places' Civil War Monuments in Washington, D.C., and was unveiled May 12, 1896. Retains manufactures' label, S.N. Meyer, Washington, D.C. (Dimensions: 2.25 by 6.75")



Medals, Naval, Badge, GAR, Medal, Military Order of the Carabao
Swagger Stick, with Photographs of Distinguished Owner
Rear Admiral Walter Selywn Crosley (Served 1893-1935)
Born at East Jaffrey, New Hampshire 1871
Graduated from US Naval Academy 1893
Distinguished War record
Other information available

Lot Once Owned By Rear Admiral Walter S. Crosley

Counterclockwise from top:
Naval Medals, Miniature
Of Rear Admiral Walter S. Crosley
Includes Navy Cross West Indies Naval Campaign Medal (Sampson Medal), Spanish Campaign Medal, Philippine Campaign Medal, Haiti Campaign Medal, Dominican Republic Campaign Medal, World War I Victory Medal with Bronze Star, Order of Wen-Hu 2nd Class, pin back, Ribbon of Victory Medal shows age.

Medal, Military Order of the Carabao - SOLD
Early Military Order of the Carabao Medal with Gilt Carabao, Numbered, Marked "B. B. & Co. / PHILA. / BRONZE", on Hanger.

Swagger Stick, Rosewood with pewter pommel
Admiral Walter S. Crosley's
Engraved W.S.C


Badge, Grand Army of the Republic
GAR National Officer's Badge
Circa 1886 (+/-)

American Flag and Buff Ribbon Border of National Officer, Clasp with Silver Eagle of Present Officer.

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Large Silver Plate Presentation Urn, Portrait of Ulysses Grant and His Horse
Spigot Marked J&H Jones, Philadelphia, 1870
Presented to Mrs. Richard Peltz by Geo. W. Freas April 26th 1870 - SOLD

The inscribed twin-handled urn with Greek key banding features an applied profile portrait of Ulysses S. Grant (President, 1869-1877), the lid surmounted by figure of Grant's horse, Cincinnati (ca. 1860-1878).

Richard Peltz (1832-1918) was Deputy Clerk, Quarter Sessions of Philadelphia, a member of City Council and a Public Building Commissioner; he married Annie S. Stewart (d.1894) on December 9, 1858 and their son Samuel Peltz (1860-1926), a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, was a lawyer, Assistant City Solicitor of Philadelphia and a member of Pennsylvania Legislature.

George W. Freas was a deputy collector of Philadelphia's twenty-seventh ward. He is known to have participated in the celebration of the Philadelphia International Centennial Exhibition.

(Generally very good, as expected, and constant with age; some thinning of plate and scattered dings, overall very attractive; H: 28")

232-295 - SOLD

General Gasimir Polaski (1746 to 1779) Plaster Statue
Presented to the City of Detroit by Central Citizens Committee, 1966 - SOLD

Tight crack in base repaired.
Dimensions: 16.25" H.

171-85 - SOLD

Franklin Legacy Society Silk Ribbon, Scientia Amicitia et Virtus, 1831
Star of Sequins, and Red Foil above Printed Ribbon, Portrait of Franklin
Mounted on Silk with Border of Knotted and Fringed Tassel - SOLD

F.L.S. recognizes and honors persons of vision and foresight who have taken the initiative to strengthen and enhance the good works of one or more of the Masonic Charities of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.
"ERIPUIT FULMEN, SCEPTRUMQUE TYRANNIS", loosely translated from Latin to read "He snatched the lightening from heaved and the scepter from tyrants."
Scientia et Virtus (Knowledge and Virtue), Amicitia is also Latin for Friendship
(Dimensions: 14" by 4")

414-34 - SOLD

Staffordshire Bust
George Washington - SOLD

Dimensions: 8" H.

230-1 - SOLD

Tiny Engraving Under Glass
George Washington
Circa 1799 to 1840 - SOLD

The round image is less that one-quarter-inch and is set under beveled glass within notched gold mount surmounted with seed pearls. Affixed to the obverse is a very small brass mount-to which is mounted a stickpin which may be a retrofit. Perhaps from a piece of mourning jewelry...we don't know.

741-1 - SOLD

George Washington
Print in Eglomaise Mat
18th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 15.5 by 17.5-inches.

232-14 - SOLD

General Reed, Engraving, Engraved for the Westminster Magazine
1783 - SOLD

Mounted behind eglomise glass within period gilt frame.
(Frame: 9 by 7"; view: 6.75 by 4.5")

754-15 - SOLD

Mezzotint, The Right Honorable William Pitt Esquire, Very Rare
After William Hoare Painting, British Artist, 1706 to 1799
Circa 1770
Pitt, the 1st Earl of Chatham, opposed the Stamp Act and was endeared by the Colonies - SOLD

Painted for and Sold by Robt. Sayer, opposite Fetter Lane & Steel Street
Lettered with artists' name and title below: "One of his Majesty's Principal Secretary's of State - And One of His Majesty's most Honble Privy Council"
Fine and bright condition; mounted within a superb original Hogarth style frame measuring 12.5 by 16.5"; view: 10 by 14".

232-247 - SOLD

Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry Naval Medal, Silver, Extremely Rare
Presented by the Government of Pennsylvania
Awarded to Daniel Phillips, a Landsman on the Schooner Tigress
Engraver: Moritz Furst
(Size: 59 mm) - SOLD


Medium to light gray with some deeper toning in the recesses; scattered surface and rim marks consistent with a well handled silver medal. The medal is inscribed on the reverse to Daniel Philips [sic]. Daniel Phillips was a landsman on the schooner Tigress. He is listed in the rolls of the 135th Pennsylvania Militia Regiment. According to the Dictionary of American Fighting Ships, the Tigress was engaged in the September 10th battle at Put-in-Bay, in the Battle of Lake Erie. Perry's victory commemorated by this medal was over Commodore Robert H. Barclay's squadron and, significantly, forced the withdrawal of the British from the area around Lake Erie. This squelched the British plans for raids with their Indian allies into American territory. Daniel Phillips' monthly pay for his service in the war was five-dollars, according to Pennsylvania state records.

The American Numismatic Society Collection contains one silver example, inscribed to John Cook. Prior to the present medals' appearance, this medal has never been seen in silver. The subject medal and the example in the ANS collection are the only silver originals known. For the collector of great American historical medals, this is a prize indeed. See Medals of the United States Mint - The First Century 1792 - 1892 by R.W. Julian, p. 166, NA18 and NA19.

232-242 - SOLD

Long Live the President
George Washington
Inaugural Button
Laurel Wreath With Star
Circa 1789 - SOLD

Washington inaugural button, "LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT" retaining gilt as depicted. Olive wreath centering the outer legend with star below. Excellent strike; original loop shank. See Alpert, page 396; 17A.

232-143 - SOLD

Andrew Jackson
The Hero Of New Orleans
Currier and Ives
Hand Colored Lithograph - SOLD

As depicted, even toning; appears to remain in original veneered frame with original backboard. Has not been examined out of frame. (Small folio: 10 by 14-inches; overall: 12.5 by 16.5-inches.)

913-45 - SOLD

The Residence Of General Washington
Watercolor on heavy wove paper...mounted on linen
Early 19th Century - SOLD

This rhythmic composition mimics embroidery; stylistically reproducing the aesthetic of early embroidered stitches. Tiny dots covering the foliage on the forward trees suggest French knots. Shrubs and plants emphasize and delineate the rolling contours of the hillocks producing depth. The large tree at right foreground is erratically laid out with shaped areas of contrasting color typical of earlier satin stitched embroidered designs. The work is mounted on its original stretcher within the original molded and gesso frame. The sky area has faded; loss of colors due to open back, other very minor losses, all else bright. (Overall: 22.5 by 16-inches.)

775-364 - SOLD

Photograph of Edwin M. Stanton - SOLD

Portrait of Edwin M. Stanton who served as Secretary of War (1862-1868) to Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Fold in lower right corner otherwise very good condition. (Approximately 14-inches x 8 .5-inches.)

110-274 - SOLD

A Very Good Bronze Bust
George uniform
Late 18th - Early 19th century - SOLD

A hollow bronze bust of George Washington looking to the right; wearing uniform; mounted on a alabaster column with gilt brass connector and foot; gilt brass plaque and hanging chain; plaque is engraved by hand and reads "LIBERTAS / S.E., GEORGE WASHINGTON / GÉNÉRAL EN CHEF / DES ARMÉES DES ETATS / UNIS DE L'AMERIQUE"; possibly inspired by the 1780-1790 engraving (Baker No. 18, Engraved Portraits of Washington.) Excellent condition.
(Height: 9.25-inches.)

232-93 - SOLD

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