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Political Gallery

Sojourner Truth, Suffragette, Votes For Women, Bisque Figurine
Possibly German
Circa 1900 to 1920
Fine condition, strong paint, thinning yellow, scarce

Depicted in corset and bloomers holding a club and sign reading "Votes For Women" (H: 6")



Women's Suffrage Ceramic Figures, Sold Individually

Left to right:
Women's Suffrage Figure, Black Cat, I Want My Vote
Good condition. (H: 5.25")

Women's Suffrage Figure, Votes for Women, Skinny Cat, We've Won
Good condition. (H: 5.25")

Votes for Women, Large Dog with Hammer and Purse

Good condition. (H: 5")

Women's Suffrage Figure, Votes for Women, Cat Vase, Blue Gray
Good condition. (H: 3.25")

Women's Suffrage Figure, Votes for Women, Cat Vase
Good condition. (H: 3.25")

Women's Suffrage, Ceramic Figures, Sold Individually

Group of Ceramic Women's Suffrag Figures, group view

Left to right:
Women's Suffrage Figure, Votes for Women, Double Face Bell

Good Condition (H: 4")

Women's Suffrage Figure, Votes for Women, Ceramic Tobacco Jar, Circa 1905 to 1915
Inscribed on base: "I Say Down with the Trousers"

She displays the purple, green, and white colors of Emmeline Pankhurst's Women's Social & Political Union Women's Social and Political Union on her hat and the sash on her shoulder. (Restoration to hat; H: 5")

Women's Suffrage Figure, Votes for Women, Double Face Figure

Good condition. (H: 3.5")

Illustration, Robber Barons, Captive Uncle Sam, James Montgomery Flagg
James M. Flagg, (1877 to 1960) New York (Signed)
Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John W. Gates, Henry Clay Frick, Charles Schwab and J. P. Morgan
Watercolor and Gouache, half tone on illustration board - SOLD

Uncle Sam tied to a tree, humiliated by several men in Western garb. The men are well known late 19th - early 20th century business tycoons portrayed as robbers by the artist. The illustration signed James Montgomery Flagg in the lower right corner. The work is mounted within an ornate gilt frame. There are a few specks of paint loss and in-painting in the upper right corner; toning to the board, otherwise in very good to excellent condition. (41 by 29" framed, view area approximately 35.5 by 23.5")

232-303 - SOLD

Miniature Temperance Plate

Dimensions: 3.375-inch diameter.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Woman's Suffrage, Dr. Anna Howard Shaw - SOLD

Dr. Shaw was a leader of the woman's movement. This lot includes a ticket to hear her speak in her hometown of Lawrence, MA and a 1915 Votes for Women pin.
Dimensions: 4 by 2.5" ticket, .5" diameter pin.

849-27 - SOLD

Anti Buchanan Flag, Maine Is Opposed To Old Bachelors
1856 Presidential Election
Black stenciled letters on beige muslin centered by border of blue fringe - SOLD

First three letters of MAINE are visible; second and third lines read well; overall soiling and foxing; original carved ash stick. Probably unique!
(Overall L: 20.5"; flag: 9.75 by 16")

232-214 - SOLD

Rare Porcelain Suffragette Figure - SOLD

Caricature of "Suffragette" as a black woman in corset and pantaloons, brandishing a club.
Dimensions: 5.5-inches high.

232-162 - SOLD

Group of Votes for Women Ceramics

Clockwise from top left:
Votes for Women Bowl - SOLD
Measures 8-inches in diameter.

Votes for Women Plate - SOLD
Measures 9-inches in diameter.

Votes for Women Saucer - SOLD
Measures 6-inches in diameter.

Votes for Women Plate - SOLD
Measures 9-inches in diameter.

Votes for Women Inkwell - SOLD

Dimensions: 3.25-inches high.


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