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AAAWT, Inc Timed Auctions and Coming Soon, AAAWT Live Auctions

With the environmental issues and social realities of 2020/21, we found ourselves in need of an additonal dependable  sales outlet for great art, antiques and antique arms to assist when a consignor  requests rapid turnover or a quick sale in order to recycle their investment dollars.  Using greatly reduced price targets,   AAAWT will utilize a timed auction approach, and has selected LiveAuctioneer as our co-sponsor auction venue.  Working together with the Liveauctioneer staff, we plan to make the most of their massive mailing lists, active buyer profile, and the established high volume auction venue.  AAAWT's first auction is a selection of  100+ high quality items selected to sell at a fraction of retail.  Opening prices will be enticing, and reserves, if any, will be at or less than the low sales estimate, and will be openly posted. Our goal is to sell, not exhibit.   If an item is not sold, we will offer the item  on a Buy It Now basis for a limited time, but make no mistake, anyone looking for the best deal will bid past our reserves while the item is open for bidding. Buy it Now prices will always be equal to or greater than auction reserves, no exceptions.    Just as when sold on , or in the W. Townsend shop, AAAWT's auction items  are guaranteed as represented per the auction return terms.  Bidders are encouraged to ask questions before bidding.

Consign to AAAWT Timed Auctions:

If you have Consignments with AAAWT, and need to move them fast at reduced prices OR you have Fresh High Quality offering that may not fit with your offering strategy, we may have a great solution for you.

1. Convert your current consignment to a Timed-Auction consignment, or bring us a Fresh Item or Batch of Hgh Quality Items that will need a complete set of pictures, descriptions, auction coordination,

2.AAAWT will take it from there. We will schedule your material quickly for an AAWT Timed Auction Event. Your item(s) will be isolated and held exclusively for that auction

3.AAAWT will provide the pictures services, research, pricing strategy (with you), coordinate the sale, provide shipping estimates,answer item inquiries, and with either do the shipping or coordinated the shipping when the item sells.

4. Auction Timing: Auctions run either 7, 10 or 14 days, and on the last day competitive bidding occurs. Any item that does not sell is marked with a Buy-It-Now price for two weeks. Anything not sold can be left for a follow-up auction, converted to our AAAWT Brokerage Program for Shop and AAAWT.Com site sale, or returned to you.

5.All items are RESERVED at a number you choose with our input, but the final # is yours to decide. When the item sells, uf we use the Jasper52 venue, Jasper52 charges the buyer a 15% Buyer's Premium. That's how they make their money. AAAWT will charge you a % of the hammer price depending on our contract. We;re working out details for AAAWT's Live Auctions coming soon.  Lynn Hillier has earned and Auctioneer's License in Massachusetts, and we are preparing for Live Auctions       

For Example: Item is Reserved a $100. Final bid (Hammer) is $200. Buyer pays 15% to Jasper52, or $30. AAAWT charges 20% or $40 of the Final Bid (Hammer) for our services, You end up with $160 of the $200 hammer price, with AAAWT doing all of the hard work!

Timed Auction Fees Charged by AAAWT

Consignments Accepted for Auction, already in the AAAWT Process

Under $500 reserve or net return: 20% of Hammer

Over $499 reserve or net return: 15% of Hammer

Consignments New to AAAWT needing Pictures, Research, Captions

Under $500 reserve or net return: 25% of Hammer

Over $499 reserve or net return: 20% of Hammer

Over $1499 reserve or net return: 15% of Hammer

All Auction Consignments must have a Min. Auction Value or $200 unless Sold in Lots
All lot values must be min of $200

David Hillier at or 978-597-8084

We are currently gathering high quality Antique Arms or our next Antique Arms event. We are planning an All Arms Site Special, AND a All Arms Timed Auction. We are also gathering high quality consignments for our shop and web sites, the best of anything!  If you have a single item or collection to sell, or you're looking to earn a referral fee, give Dave Hillier a call at 978-597-8084  or Always best to send hi-res images and your best description to facilitate the conversation.

We Actively Solicit Material In the Following Categories for Shop, Web or Auction:

  • American Furniture and Decorative Arts
  • English and Continental Glass, Ceramics and Silver
  • American Silver and Pewter
  • American, English and Continental Firearms
  • Fine Photography
  • Maritime and Whaling documents and artifacts
  • Textiles, Clothing and Accessories Including Sewing Tools
  • Military-French and Indian War to Spanish-American War Period
  • Native American Decorative Arts-Textiles, Pottery, Beadwork, Burl and Arms.
  • Historic Documents, Diaries Written By Soldiers, Tradesman and Everyday Persons
  • Account Books, Journals and Ledgers.
  • Great Folk Art
  • Temperance
  • Suffragette
  • Abolition
  • Swords, Knives, Daggers
  • Original Art, All Mediums... memorializing the people and events paramount in developing the young republic of America.
  • Children's items-toys, games, furniture and the like.
  • Women's and Schoolgirls decorative arts of all types.
  • Collections of Correspondence.

If you're considering selling a collection, accumulation or whole estate, please feel free to call. We will tailor a solution to meet your needs. Please feel free to call us for further information, or email if that works for you. We'd love to discuss the possibilities!

David Hillier at or 978-597-8084