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John B. Jones, Water Pitchers, Pair.
Boston, MA. c-1820

John B. Jones, Water Pitchers, Pair.Boston, MA. c-1820

Cast and applied double scrolled handle. Body has fluting and gadrooning. 9" height, fine condition.

John B. Jones, Water Pitchers, Pair.Boston, MA. c-1820

John B. Jones, Water Pitchers, Pair.Boston, MA. c-1820

John B. Jones, Water Pitchers, Pair.Boston, MA. c-1820



6 Coin Silver Goblets, New York, c-1830

6 Coin Silver Goblets, New York, c-1830

Molded rim bowls raised on stem continuing to stepped circular foot. Ornamental wreath with repousse and engraved leaves, tendrils and morning glory decoration. 6.5", fine condition



Elias Boudinot Coin Silver Basting Spoon,
Princeton, New Jersey c-1750

Elias Boudinot Coin Silver Basting Spoon,
Princeton, New Jersey c-1750

15 inches, fine condition

Elias Boudinot Coin Silver Basting Spoon, Princeton, New Jersey c-1750

Elias Boudinot Coin Silver Basting Spoon, Princeton, New Jersey c-1750



Coin Silver Beaker, Lincoln & Foss, Boston, c- 1845

Coin Silver Beaker, Lincoln & Foss, Boston, c- 1845

Slightly ovoid with flaring rim, lightly engraved, 3.5 inches, fine condition

Coin Silver Beaker, Lincoln & Foss, Boston, c- 1845



Coin Silver Rectangular Snuff Box,
Edw. & David Kinsey, Cincinnati, OH c-1840

Coin Silver Rectangular Snuff Box, 
Edw. & David Kinsey, Cincinnati, OH c-1840

Lid with projecting thumbpiece features a plain border. The diapered background centering a vacant shield festooned with acanthus decoration. Interior lid retains a thinning gold wash. 3-inches good condition.

Coin Silver Rectangular Snuff Box, 
Edw. & David Kinsey, Cincinnati, OH c-1840



Coin Silver Snuff Box,
H.E.Baldwin & Co., New Orleans, LA., c-1840

Coin Silver Snuff Box,
H.E.Baldwin & Co., New Orleans, LA., c-1840

Rounded shoulders, with a diapered top and bottom with engraved border and oval acanthus cartouche. 3.25-inches, Good condition.



Engraved Coin Silver Ladle,
John Burt Lyng, New York, c-1770-75

Engraved Coin Silver Ladle, 
John Burt Lyng, New York, c-1770-75

Handle terminus displays initials "DWS", good weight, fine condition, 13-inches

Engraved Coin Silver Ladle, 
John Burt Lyng, New York, c-1770-75



Coin Silver Ladle, Jos Richardson, Jr. Philadelphia, c. 1800

Coin Silver Ladle, Jos Richardson, Jr. Philadelphia ,PA. c 1800

Round bowl, handle terminus displays "RM" over 1800, good weight, fine condition.

Coin Silver Ladle, Jos Richardson, Jr. Philadelphia ,PA. c 1800



Silver Brandy Saucepan, John West, Straight Tapering Sides, Flaring Rim Ireland, circa 1740

Beaker-form warmer with flared lip and slightly tapered cylindrical body, on reeded foot, with baluster-form carved wooden handle.
(Fine original condition; bowl diameter: 3.25"; handle length: 7.75"; height: 5.25")



Silver Youth Bowl, Two Handled Ecuelle, Lobed, Pierced Handles, Tudor Rose Interior Marked and Retailed by J. Parkes & Co., London, circa 1931-1932

Engraved script presentation "Martha Hungerford Wheelwright from her Godmother Martha Sewell." Handle marked “YF”, opposite handle displays illegible mark. (Height: 1.5"; width: 7.5"; depth: 4.5")



Gorham Silver Presentation Pitcher
from Miles Greenwood to Stephen Burton Greenwood
presented his long-time business partner with this pitcher on December 10, 1864. The specific celebrated occasion is unknown.
The jugs patriotic ornamentation hints at honoring Burton's military service or his role in the company's success during the Civil War. It was also in 1864 that Burton became the first mayor of the newly-incorporated Village of Avondale. American, Circa 1864

A silver presentation piece in the form of a water pitcher with attached ornaments in the form of an eagle with a shield and American flag over rifles and swords, a shield with a helmet and various weapons including a bow and arrow and swords, and a standing figure of Liberty with the American flag, inscribed Presented to / Stephen H Burton / by / Miles Greenwood / December 10, 1864, marked for Gorham and 490; height 11.5”.

Stephen Henry Burton (1816-1885) was an ironworks owner who settled in Avondale, a prestigious nineteenth century Cincinnati neighborhood. Burton eventually became the first mayor of Avondale and an Ohio state senator…a street and a school were named in his honor. Burton's wife Martha suggested the name Avondale for the village, because a stream behind the Burton home reminded her of the Avon River in England. Prior to coming to Cincinnati, Burton, a native of New York, found himself in Texas during the Texas Revolution in 1835. He and his fellow troops were captured and at first were ordered to death by General Santa Anna. However, a work plan was devised to replace the execution order, and Burton escaped in disguise, returning to his native New York before relocating to Cincinnati in 1844.

In the Queen City he entered an ironworks partnership, first with a Mr. Lockwood, and then with Miles Greenwood (1807-1885), the presenter of this pitcher. Greenwood founded Eagle Ironworks in 1832, which was eventually the largest ironworks in the Midwest. During the Civil War the Ironworks was an important producer of munitions for Union trips, including iron anchors for pontoon bridges, gun-carriages, caissons, cannons, and even turrets for ironclad ships. Southern sympathizers, known as Copperheads, tried to burn down the Eagle Ironworks multiple times during the Civil War.

Miles Greenwood is also known for being a co-inventor of the first practical steam fire engines in the United States during the 1850s. Cincinnati became the first American city to form a professional fire brigade on April 1, 1853, and Greenwood was named the first Fire Chief. Greenwood's Eagle Ironworks manufactured the steam-powered engines which could pump water in just ten minutes, which was much faster than previous engines. Greenwood was motivated to improve firefighting after losing his factory to a fire.

Greenwood presented his long-time business partner with this pitcher on December 10, 1864. Although we do not know the specific occasion for such a gift, its patriotic embellishments hint at honoring Burton's military service or his role in the company's success during the Civil War. It was also in 1864 that Burton became the first mayor of the newly-incorporated Village of Avondale.



Coin Silver Souvenir, Handled Cup, Aloha from Honolulu, George F. Hopper 2nd

A over C within diamond mark, imperfections (Height: 3.25"; diameter: 3")



Coin Silver Memorial Chalice, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Taylor & Lawrie (1837-1850), Retailed by Bailey & Company Circa 1848

The lined circular cup faceted with eight panels, above projecting octagonal band, raised on conforming stem and base, inscribed on one side, "Church of the Atonement, Philadelphia, 1848" and, on the other, "In memory of Mrs. Hetty F. Biddle Nat. January 14, 1814. Obt. March 22, 1848." PROVENANCE: Episcopal Diocese of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. H: 8 1/8 in. Weight: 18 1/4 troy oz.



Silver Teapot, Baltimore,
Canfield & Bros [COIN] Federal Urn Form,

Circa 1835
Lovely tall Neoclassical form, body decorated with pendant floral swags

(Height: 12"; width: 9"; depth: 3.5")



Sterling Silver Presentation Urn, Captain Peter Johnson, S.S. Maui
By the Chamber of Commerce, Maui, Hawaii
April 15, 1917
Mark: Alvin Corporation, Providence, RI (Sterling)
H: 12.5", Weight: 41 troy oz., interior with thinning gold wash

Of baluster form raised on circular pedestal foot, centered by a pair of cast, and applied flower and scroll handles, inscribed, "Presented to Captain Peter Johnson of the S.S. Maui April 15th, 1917 by the Maui Chamber of Commerce Kahului, Maui," with an engraved rendering of the S.S. Maui on the other.

See "The Story of Hawaii and Its Builders," edited by George F. Nellist, published by Honolulu Star Bulletin, Territory of Hawaii, 1925; it is stated that, Captain Peter Johnson (b. 1863) is listed as "one of the best known mariners in the western ocean. A native of Sweden, Johnson took to the sea at an early age. He arrived in Honolulu in 1880; established a home in San Francisco, where he later worked alongside and befriended Captain William Matson (1849-1917), founder of the Matson Navigation Company.

The commercial passenger ship, the S.S. Maui, which traveled between the US West Coast and Hawaii, was built in 1917 by Union Iron Works at San Francisco, California, for the Matson Navigation Company of San Francisco. Johnson served as its first commander.



Peter & Anne Bateman Silver Handled Cake Basket
London, Circa 1797 - 1798

The basket has octagonal, fluted sides and base, and bright cut engraving.
It is marked "Peter and Anne Bateman" and "London 1797 - 1798" on the bottom
Condition: very good condition with exception of pinhead size hole made at point of lion passant punch mark.
Dimensions: 4.5-inches high, 6 3/8-inches long.



Silver Porringer, Pierced Handle
Probably New England, Late 18th Century

Antique Silver Porringer with Pierced Handle, Late 18th Century, entire view

Silver porringer of typical form, plain outwardly flared rim above slightly bowed sides and set with key-hole handle with owners initials “H D”. (Very good original condition; bowl diameter: 5 3/8”)



Antique Silver Porringer with Pierced Handle, Late 18th Century, angle view
Antique Silver Porringer with Pierced Handle, Late 18th Century, handle detail

Target Shooting Trophy, Silver Goblet, Nationwide Shoot
Sundes Schiessen (Sundes Shootout)
Marked PL Krider, Sterling, [Philad] (Peter L., 1870 to 1903)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Circa 1876
A 7" stemmed goblet with gold washed interior in fine condition



Silver Holy Water Pail, Embossed and Chiseled, Dutch, 18th Century
Probably for home alter
The mark likely that of Elias Taal, circa 1701 to 1726, Den Haag

Makers marks on handle and base with guild and city marks; Taal was admitted master of the Hague silversmith's guild in 1701. Good condition. (H: 2")



Miniature Coronation Chair in Silver, Edwardian Replica of King Edwards Chair

(H: 2")



American Presentation Silver and Historic Silver Wanted

AAAWT has anxious investors seeking high quality American Presentation and Historic Silver. We have an exceptional track record with silver, and our private collectors and investors have been exclusive clients for many years. If you have anything stashed, or something you feel meets the criteria, please contact David Hillier with your offerings. We will get back to you quickly. Thanks for your interest.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Coin Silver Presentation Urn by Marquand and Brother,
New York, 1833 Presented to John H. Brower
from the Eighth Nation Guard, March 1833 - SOLD

Engraved presentation centered by robust panoply of arms, height: 8 inches

232-361 - SOLD

Silver Lot, Miniature Tea and Coffee Set, Doll House Furnishings
Birmingham, England, Circa 1909 and 1910
Cohen and Solomon, and Cohen and Charles, Teapot by Charles Edwin Turner - SOLD

Miniature Silver Tea and Coffee Set, Birmingham, England, Circa 1909 and 1910, entire view

Various marks and close dates suggesting assemblage as gifts for a lucky child on different occasions based on decent within family.
(Good condition. tray: 2.75 by 5”; coffee pot: 1.5 by 1.5 by 1”; tea pot: 1.75 by 1.25 by 1”; creamer: .75 by .5 by 1”; sugar: 1.25 by .5 by .75”)

1135-2 - SOLD

Silver Loving Cup, John Muns, London, 1754, Repousse Decorated, Vacant Cartouches
A nice acanthus capped two handled example of heavy weight in fine condition - SOLD

Silver Loving Cup by John Muns, London, 1754, angle view

(Good marks; H: 5.25")

1092-5 - SOLD

Silver Plated Presentation Loving Cup, Fireman's Convention, Pennsylvania, 1912
Three handled baluster form, engraved inscriptions
Winner Firemens [sic] 300 Yard Dash / Won by Herman H. Greby
Six County Firemens [sic] Convention
Dunmore 1912 / Presented by the Scrantonian - SOLD

(Slight lean; H: 10.75")

232-304 - SOLD

Large Silver Plate Presentation Urn, Portrait of Ulysses Grant and His Horse
Spigot Marked J&H Jones, Philadelphia, 1870
Presented to Mrs. Richard Peltz by Geo. W. Freas April 26th 1870 - SOLD

The inscribed twin-handled urn with Greek key banding features an applied profile portrait of Ulysses S. Grant (President, 1869-1877), the lid surmounted by figure of Grant's horse, Cincinnati (ca. 1860-1878).

Richard Peltz (1832-1918) was Deputy Clerk, Quarter Sessions of Philadelphia, a member of City Council and a Public Building Commissioner; he married Annie S. Stewart (d.1894) on December 9, 1858 and their son Samuel Peltz (1860-1926), a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, was a lawyer, Assistant City Solicitor of Philadelphia and a member of Pennsylvania Legislature.

George W. Freas was a deputy collector of Philadelphia's twenty-seventh ward. He is known to have participated in the celebration of the Philadelphia International Centennial Exhibition.

(Generally very good, as expected, and constant with age; some thinning of plate and scattered dings, overall very attractive; H: 28")

232-295 - SOLD

Silver, Tea Service, Assembled
Teapot, Covered Sugar, Creamer, and Waste Bowl
19th Century - SOLD

Teapot by Walcott & Gelston, Boston; very good condition. (Height: 7.5 inches; width: 11 inches; depth: 4.25 inches.)
Sugar bowl unmarked, however the same pattern. (Height: 7.25 inches; width: 8 inches; depth: 4 inches.)
Creamer unmarked, however the same pattern; repairs. (Height: 6 inches; width: 6 inches; depth: 3.25 inches.)
Waste bowl marked Crichton & Co. Ltd, New York, Sterling. (Height: 5.5 inches; width: 5.25 inches; depth: 4.25 inches.)

818-2 - SOLD

Group of Silver Cups

From left to right:
Coin Silver Mug
Marked "Davie H Tucker"
Mid 19th Century
Dimensions: 3.25-inches high.

Coin Silver Mug
Mid 19th Century

Dimensions: 3.375-inches high.

Child's Coin Silver Tumbler
Marked "Emma"
By BB & K
Dimensions: 1.75-inches high.

Sterling Silver Mug
Marked "Ella"
Dimensions: 3.375-inches high.

Coin Silver Mug
Marked "Miss Jennie McCarthy"
Dimensions: 3.375-inches high.

Coin Silver Mug
Marked "JPF to JPF"
Mid 19th Century
Dimensions: 3.5-inches high.

Coin Silver Mug
Dated 1853
Dimensions: 4-inches high.

Hester Bateman Silver Caster
London, Circa 1788 - 1789 - SOLD

Silver baluster form caster with flame finial.
Both "Hester Bateman" and "1788 - 1789 London" hallmarks on side of body.
Condition: very good.
Dimensions: 8.75-inches high.

385-12 - SOLD

Silver Presentation Pitcher, Coin Silver, Chased and Embossed by Jones and Ball
1853 - SOLD

Baluster form featuring outstanding overall grape vine, grape, leaf, and tendril ornamentation; spouted jug with applied band at rim, scrolled handle having acanthus decoration; resting on domed circular foot.

Presented to Col. Isaac O. Barnes
Late Clerk of the
U.S. Circuit Court, Mass. District
By Friends of the
Foreign Population of Boston
As a token of respect for his constant and untiring efforts while in
Affording every facility in his power to all
Persons entitled to the benefits of the
Naturalization Laws
to become
Citizens of the United States
February 1853

(H: 12.5, fine condition)

232-274 - SOLD

Silver Jug, High Domed, Lidded, Staffordshire Form
Jesse Churchill (1773 to 1819)
Circa 1800 to 1810
Buhler: mark a. - SOLD

This magnificent heavy jug with its form inspired by Staffordshire pottery jugs remains in fine original condition. The cast egg-in-standing-cup finial atop domed lid with tankard form hinge having a lovely drop above the gadrooned rim with pouring spout; double "c" scroll handle; the pitcher is raised on molded foot rim. (H: 11.5".)

107-150 - SOLD

Sterling Silver Goblet, Lifesaving, Nantucket
By Gorham
Presented for Life Saving
Sterling silver goblet engraved "PRESENTED TO / John Hamblin / BY / FRANK M CRONISE, / ARTHUR PERRIN, W. E. RUSSELL, / G. W. ALLEN, R. C. ALLEN. / In remembrance of his gallant efforts / in rescuing the donors from drowning / NANTUCKET JULY 11TH 1876." - SOLD

John Hamblin was a crewmember of an underwriter's boat and had been involved in rescues before. The goblet is marked on the bottom Gorham & Co., a lion, an anchor and a Gothic "G", sterling, "16" and "I." and is in excellent condition. (Approximately 6" H.)

232-181 - SOLD

Coin Silver Smoking Box
Hall & Hewson & Company (1842 to 1847)
Albany, New York
Presented to William Caldwell
Lake George, New York - SOLD

A fine rectangular box with applied moldings, rounded corners and fitted interior that belonged to a prominent Albany family.
Dimensions: 1.75" H, 6.25" W, 4" D.

281-43 - SOLD

Silver, Tureen, Lidded
Edinburgh, Victorian
Circa 1837 to 1838 - SOLD

Signed "M&S" [Marshall & Sons], inside of lid and on bottom of tureen, one minute crease on side of tureen noted for accuracy.
(Height: 11.5 inches; width: 16 inches; depth: 11.5 inches.)

818-3 - SOLD

Peter & William Bateman Silver Muffineer
London, Circa 1810 - SOLD

Footed silver muffineer with ball finial.
Both "Peter and William Bateman" and "London 1810 - 1811" marks are on the body, with a partial London hallmark on the rim of lid.
Dimensions: 4.5-inches high.

385-11 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Sheffield Plate, Matched Set Of Four
Each with detachable bobeche - SOLD

Four sticks each with very little bleeding; perhaps 97% original silver plate remaining. Three weighted with original resin; one may be re-weighted.
(Height: 8.5-inches.)

745-9 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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