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Queen Anne Compass Seat Side Chair, Classic Shell Carved Crest & Knees Probably Boston, Circa 1750-1765 Black walnut, maple seat frame, white pine corner blocks An identical chair, likely from same set is in the Layton Collection, Milwaukee Art Museum

Literature: See American Furniture with Related Decorative Arts 1660 – 1830, The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Layton Art Collection, pp. 116, 118, 119; catalog 43 (The seat recently upholstered with appropriate high-quality leather; H: 39”, W: 20”, D: 17”, seat H: 18”)




Chippendale Side-Chair,
Serpentine Crest, Pierced Splat, Cabriole Legs, Claw & Ball Feet
Philadelphia, Possibly by David Evans,
Circa 1775-1785
Mahogany, nice surface, perfect desk of accent chair

Shaped crest over pierced gothic splat flanked by tapering stiles over trapezoidal seat, raised on cabriole legs terminating with beautifully caved claw and ball feet. (Excellent condition; height 38”, depth of seat: 17”, width: 22”



Near Pair of Roundabout Chairs by a Single Maker in Same Shop, Original Surface New England, Circa 1775-1800 Maple

The carved pillow [cushion]-crests on flat arms terminating with robust out-scrolled [spurred] handholds having notched returns are raised on ring turned tapered posts centering solid vasiform splats set in bold molded shoes; square slip-seats over

deep skirt-profile concealing close stool, one chair remains fitted for a pot. The frontal cabriole legs feature volute scrolled knee returns and relief carved molding conforming to upper profile; rear legs are bottle/vasiform and reel form. Both chairs retain nearly 100% of first brown paint displaying a good patina. One chair is a tad taller (full height), otherwise they display the same shop traditions and were likely made from the same templates. Excellent condition; one chair measures 32.5” at pillow…the other 30 5/8” measured at pillow; chairs are both full height with seat height being 16.5”.


Ex Collection of Miriam and Arthur Spector;
Example with potty seat: Ex Wayne Pratt, Inc. and Ex Israel Sack.
The other example: Ex H.L. Chalfant.


Chair with potty seat is illustrated in Albert Sack's the New Fine Points of Furniture, as "Better," page 64.



Bannister Back Chair, New England, Circa 1730-1740, Unusual Scalloped Crest The chair features faux graining dating to the nineteenth century

(Very good condition; overall height: 45.5, seat height: 17”)



Six Chippendale Cross-Eyed Owl Splat Side Chairs, Salem-Marblehead, Massachusetts 18th Century

Each with a serpentine crest rail having carved ears and a “cross-eyed owl” pierced splat over a trapezoidal shaped slip seat and frame; molded seat rails and splat shoe; frontal pierced brackets on square legs with beaded edge joined by a recessed stretcher. Comprising five matching mahogany examples and a similar cherry example. Excellent condition, very nice color and surface. (Height: 36.5”, seat height: 17”, seat width measured at front: 21.5”)



Turned Great Chair, Mushroom Cap Handholds, Four Arched Slats, Robust Turnings
Likely Coastal Connecticut, Possibly Guilford or Wallingford, Circa 1750
The sequence and vocabulary of turnings and other nuances executed by a master

Antique Turned Great Chair with Mushroom Cap Handholds, Circa 1750, angle view

The rear posts displaying a dense sequence of turnings are surmounted by fabulous tall finials and flank four arched slats; downsloping and turned armrests join elegant Vasiform on compressed ball front posts featuring mushroom cap handholds. The posts are tapered at feet and join the trapezoidal rush seat above double box stretchers…the front stretchers sausage turned. (Old black paint, overall excellent condition; H: 48"; W: 25")



Antique Turned Great Chair with Mushroom Cap Handholds, Circa 1750, entire view

Pilgrim Great Chair, Four Arched Slats, Blade Arms, Great Old Surface
New England, Circa 1680 to 1720 SOLD

Antique Pilgrim Great Chair with Four Arched Slats in Great Old Surface, Circa 1680, angle view

A vigorous chair of generous size featuring robust sausage-turned rear posts with bold finials joining five arched slats; blade arms under which are turned stretchers joining front posts. The legs display some loss of height and are joined by a double tier of box stretchers; the front sausage turned. The surface is quite wonderful.
(19th century rockers have been removed, minor height loss; H: 47”, W: 26”, D: 19”)

1202-9 SOLD

Six Chippendale Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, Attributed to Felix Huntington
Norwich, Connecticut, Circa 1770 to 1790
Featuring a distinctive “owls eye” splat pattern
mahogany, cherry secondary wood

Antique Set of Six Chippendale Mahogany Side Chairs, Connecticut, Circa 1770 to 1790, angle view

Two sets of chairs are documented; see Robert Trent, “New London County Joined Chairs, 1720-1790.” The Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, 50:4 (Fall 1985) pp. 154-164. Also see Minor Myers, Jr. and Edgar Mayhew, New London County Furniture, 1640-1840, page 120. The seat frames will accommodate over the rail upholstery or slip frames. (Excellent condition; H: 38”, W: 2”, D: 17”)



Antique Set of Six Chippendale Mahogany Side Chairs, Connecticut, Circa 1770 to 1790, entire view
Antique Set of Six Chippendale Mahogany Side Chairs, Connecticut, Circa 1770 to 1790, crest detail
Antique Set of Six Chippendale Mahogany Side Chairs, Connecticut, Circa 1770 to 1790, ear detail

Louis XIV Carved Walnut Armchair, Fauteuil
French, Early 18th Century

Antique Louis XIV Carved Walnut Armchair, French, 18th Century, angle view 1

The upholstered back over down-scrolled arms and over-upholstered seat raised on scrolled legs joined by shaped stretchers. (About half of the scrolled foot height has been pieced, all feet; H: 47.5"; seat H: 18"; W: 22"; D: 26")



Antique Louis XIV Carved Walnut Armchair, French, 18th Century, angle view 2
Antique Louis XIV Carved Walnut Armchair, French, 18th Century, arm detail

Turned Slat Back Armchair, Ladderback, Great Old Red Paint
New England, 18th Century
Sausage, Ring, and Baluster Turned Posts

Antique Turned Slat Back Armchair in Great Old Red Paint, 18th Century, angle view

The three arched slats join turned posts featuring tall robust finials; turned arms on capped turned front posts continuing to slightly-tapering feet; the legs joined by the trapezoidal splint split seat and turned double box-stretchers. Wonderful old red paint.
(Seat is pretty much compromised; H: 44”, W: 23”, seat H: 16”, D: 17”)



Antique Turned Slat Back Armchair in Great Old Red Paint, 18th Century, entire view

William and Mary Banister Back Armchair with Carved Prince of Wales Crest
Massachusetts, Circa 1730
A scarcely encountered form in early 19th century black paint

Antique William and Mary Banister Back Armchair, Price of Wales Crest, Circa 1730, angle view

(Extremely minor imperfections; H: 47.5”, width 24 18”, seat H: 16.5”)
This item has just come in, please call to speak with David if interested.



Antique William and Mary Banister Back Armchair, Price of Wales Crest, Circa 1730, entire view
Antique William and Mary Banister Back Armchair, Price of Wales Crest, Circa 1730, crest front detail
Antique William and Mary Banister Back Armchair, Price of Wales Crest, Circa 1730, crest back detail
Antique William and Mary Banister Back Armchair, Price of Wales Crest, Circa 1730, carving detail
Antique William and Mary Banister Back Armchair, Price of Wales Crest, Circa 1730, hand hold detail
Antique William and Mary Banister Back Armchair, Price of Wales Crest, Circa 1730, turnings detail

Armchair, Queen Anne, Large Size
Long Island, New York or Coastal Connecticut
Circa 1760
Maple and curly maple

The chair is of an exceptionally grand scale and features an accentuated serpentine form crest rail, a vasiform back splat flanked by baluster-turned stiles; geometrically shaped arms terminating in scrolled grips, a trapezoidal rush seat, and baluster-turned front legs joined by double turned stretchers.
(Good overall condition with only minor restorations; H: 49.25"; seat H: 19.5"; W: 24.5"; D: 21.75")



Continuous-Arm Brace-Back Windsor Chair
New York
Circa 1790

Having a double incised bow with thirteen tapered spindles; two additional tapered spindles form the brace...boldly turned stiles support the shaped handholds. The shaped saddle seat is typical of New York State-crisp shape, sharply undercut and an incised gutter. The robust baluster, spool and ring turned legs are perfectly splayed and are joined by bold stretchers. This chair is in nice old black paint. (Height: 37.5"; Seat Height: 17.25"; Width: 16.75"; Depth: 17.5".)



Chairs, Pair, Windsor Thumb Back Side Chairs, Paint Decorated, Arrow spindles
Likely New York City, Circa 1815 to 1825
Fine hand painted decoration, oyster white leaning towards soft yellow

The NYC attribution is based on the quality and type of decoration, the slight outward flare of the back posts, the fairly stout bamboo work of the legs; the flat tops of the spindles (rather than sloping), and the band of multiple rings near the base of each back post. The New York Windsor design vocabulary profoundly influenced chair makers along both sides of the Long Island Sound. By the 1810 to 1820s period the NY style was copied verbatim by the shops in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas (see page 485 of Nancy Goyne Evans' American Windsor Chairs.)
(These chairs remain in very good original condition; appropriate for daily use; extremely minor and unnoticeable addition of three very small nails to one post during early working life, otherwise all else fine. H: 33.5"; seat H: 17.75"; W: 16.25": D: 14.5")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Pair of Diminutive Upholstered Armchairs,
Out-splayed Arms, Outstanding Turnings,
Full Height, Unknown Maker,
Likely English or Continental, Early 18th Century - SOLD

Upon examining the frame, we learned that these started life as back-stools, the canted backs were extended, and the arms added. (The pair will need to be reupholstered; bases are without compromise; 30 x 42"; seat height w/o cushion: 18". Please call for details.)

1187-7 - SOLD

Matched Set, Six Windsor Side Chairs, Pierced and Shaped Slat Back, Original Paint
New England, 1820 to 1830
Stenciled ornamentation against broadly-brushed black and red paint - SOLD

Antique Matched Set of Six Windsor Side Chairs in Original Paint, 1820 to 1830, group view

(H: 34"; W: 16"; D: 14")

274-186 - SOLD

Corner Chair, Roundabout, Robust and Tight Aesthetic, Pad and Claw & Ball Feet
18th Century, Old Eastern Connecticut History
Cherry, great color and patina - SOLD

Antique Turned Slat Back Armchair in Great Old Red Paint, 18th Century, angle view

A bold roundabout chair having a stepped pillow crest continuing to curved slightly-arched scrolling arms featuring well-formed out-turned handholds supported by baluster turned posts centering medial splat rail above rush seat raised on block-and-turned legs joined by turned box stretcher…the chair features a claw and ball front foot with others being turned-pad feet. (Excellent condition, minor seat imperfection, else fine; H: 32.75", seat H: 17", W: 17.5", D: 17.5")

745-129 - SOLD

Windsor Armchair, Bow Back, Brace Back, Pipestem Turned Spindles, Old Surface
Rhode Island, Circa 1780 - SOLD

Antique Windsor Bow Back Armchair in Old Surface, Circa 1780, angle view

(H: 39”, W: 19.5”, D: 19”)

572-69 - SOLD

Queen Anne Side Chair, Classic Shell Carved Crest & Knees, Compass Seat
Probably Boston, Circa 1750 to 1765
Black walnut, maple seat frame, white pine corner blocks
An identical chair, likely from same set is in the Layton Collection, Milwaukee Art Museum - SOLD

Antique Queen Anne Side Chair with Shell Carved Crest and Knees, Circa 1750, angle view

Literature: See
American Furniture with Related Decorative Arts 1660 – 1830, The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Layton Art Collection, pp. 116, 118, 119; catalog 43
(The seat recently upholstered with appropriate high quality leather; H: 39”, W: 20”, D: 17”, seat H: 18”)

274-191 - SOLD

Pair of 18th Century New England Banister Back Side Chairs, Robust, Full Height - SOLD

Antique Pair of Banister Back Side Chairs, New England, 18th Century, pair view

(Good color and condition; H: 42"; seat H: 17")

572-76 - SOLD

Chair, Bannister Back Side Chair, Robust Turnings, Old Black Paint
New England, 18th Century - SOLD

Antique Bannister Back Side Chair with Robust Turnings, 18th Century, angle view

(H: 46”, seat H: 17”)

572-85 - SOLD

Chippendale Side Chair, Vasiform Splat, Trifid Feet, Original Surface
Mid Atlantic Philadelphia Area, Circa 1750 to 1780
Leather seat on original seat frame; carved crest rail - SOLD

Antique Chippendale Side Chair with Vasiform Splat and Trifid Feet in Original Surface, Circa 1750 to 1780, angle view

(Minor imperfections, wear to feet; H: 40”, seat H: 17.5”, W: 22”, D: 16.25”)

413-35 - SOLD

Chair, Shaker Enfield Community Tilter Side Chair, Old Finish, Rich Color
Enfield, Canterbury, New Hampshire, Circa 1830 to 1850
Tall finials, beveled and graduated slats
Maple - SOLD

Elliptical pommel finials above slightly graduated arched slats having chamfered top front edges; old tape seat; turned posts joined by stretchers; rear legs with tilters.
(Very good condition, possibly original finish, seat is old, however, not original; H: 41", seat H: 17", W: 19", D: 14.5")

475-91 - SOLD

Chair, Comb Back Windsor, Writing Arm, Branded, E.B. Tracy
Lisbon, Connecticut, Circa 1780 to 1800
Rarely found intact, retains original drawer - SOLD

Featuring serpentine crest with upturned ears above five cylindrical spindles; curved mid-rail with paddle-form writing tablet and outwardly scrolled handhold above an original drawer raised on baluster and reel turned supports; swelled spindles above shaped saddle seat displaying two crisp maker's brands; the whole on raked baluster turned legs joined by bulbous turned H-stretcher. Old refinish, underside retains original green paint, second drawer under paddle and third drawer under seat missing. The paddle fitted with shallow well to hold inkwell during working life, else very good.
(H: 45", seat H: 15", W: 37", D: 32.5")

1091-22 - SOLD

Corner Chair, Round About Chair with Comb, Original Surface History, Extremely Rare
New England, Circa 1720 - SOLD

The crest rail (comb) rests high on turned spindles, armrest features out-scrolled handholds above baluster-turned posts joined by lower rail centering rare turned and split banisters; original rush seat with front corner-block; back and front posts joined by turned stretchers; full height; wonderful dry surface. (The original seat is very worn, especially at front rails; a retro over-seat upholstered in leather provides comfort and stability without compromising the original seat (Simply rests on frame). See Furniture Treasury by Wallace Nutting, plate 1841. (Overall H: 43.25"; seat H: 16.5"; W: 27"; D: 23.5")

707-40 - SOLD

Chair, Side Chair, Tracy Bow Back Windsor in Old Surface
Branded E. Tracy (Ebenezer 1744 to 1803)
Lisbon, Connecticut
Circa 1790 to 1800 - SOLD

The double-incised bowed crest rail is above eight swelled-spindles, joined to a saddle seat, raised on splayed baluster and ring turned legs joined by an H-form stretcher. The chairs 19th century dark paint is over original Windsor green paint. A pair of angled brackets was discretely added to each lower post (Attached to seat as depicted, early in working life) compensating for any looseness caused by shrinkage-insuring structural integrity; the chair is sound and invites everyday use. Ebenezer Tracy (1744-1803) and his son, Ebenezer Jr. (1780-1822)
(H: 38"; seat H: 16.25"; W: 16"; D: 17")

754-11 - SOLD

Armchair, Turned Great to Chair with Heart and Crown Crest, a Classic Example
Connecticut, Circa 1740 to 1770
Maple and poplar - SOLD

Antique Armchair with Heart and Crown Crest, Connecticut, Circa 1740 to 1770, angle view

The swan's neck crest rail with a tulip head profile above the heart shape cutout is above four molded banister splats flanked by robust rear posts with ball-and-urn finials. The chair features upswept-out-swept arms with rolled grips, under which are turned medial stretchers joining front and rear posts. The generous trapezoidal seat is of woven rush, and is raised on turned legs joined by double stretchers; the front stretchers turned. (Overall the chair remains in very good condition and displays an old surface; the turned sections of front feet are replaced; rear feet extended as seen by darker wood. We note that color has been added to crest rail inviting further investigation; nonetheless, a robust chair for short money. (H: 44.75”, seat H: 15.5”, W: 26”, D: 21.5”)

572-62 - SOLD

Pair of Country Queen Anne Fiddle Back Side Chairs, Likely Original Surfaces
Connecticut, 18th Century
Mello finishes, chair on right displaying thinning surface saw more use - SOLD

Pair of Fiddle Back Antique Queen Anne Side Chairs, 19th Century, pair view

(Wear to rush seat at front rail (darker chair), else fine and original; H: 38", seat H: 16", W: 18.75", D: 14")

191-423 - SOLD

Chippendale Side Chairs, Pair, Carved Mahogany, Old Dry Surface
New York, Circa 1760 - SOLD

Each with serpentine shell carved-crest above strap-work splat and trapezoidal seat within molded frame on shell-carved cabriole legs ending in claw-and-ball feet. Both chairs retain an old dry surface; one chair with single replaced knee return, the other chair with small pieced section in crest at junction with stile; also, a wedge-shape patch in left rear foot that may be original to the leg. One chair marked with Roman numeral IV in seat frame, the other marked III, with original slip seats marked I and VIII respectively. (Seat H: 16.5": crest H: 38.5".)

274-182 - SOLD

Chippendale Side Chairs, Pair, Carved, Scalloped Crest, Gothic Pierced Splat
New York, Circa 1765
Mahogany, over upholstered - SOLD

See Thomas Chippendales The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director, plate 12;
(Excellent condition; H: 38"; seat H: 17"; seat width at front: 23")

295-77 - SOLD

Side Chair, Queen Anne, Carved Yoke Crest, Block and Turned Legs, Spanish Feet
New England
Circa 1740 to 1760 - SOLD

Yoke carved crest rail on raking molded-stiles centering vasiform splat above rush seat raised on bloc, vase, and ring-turned legs joined by stretchers; resting in Spanish feet.
(Generally very good, minor imperfections consistent with age; crack to one corner-block, some fill to blocks, and the addition of a dowel through the back post to side seat-rail.
An attractive and functional chair; H: 40.75", seat H: 18", W: 18.75", D: 15.25")

903-88 - SOLD

Windsor Rod Back Chairs with Birdcage Crests, Shaped Seats, Bamboo Turning
Circa 1820 to 1830
A functional matched set of six in old surface, vigorously turned, mustard trim - SOLD

(Overall very good, 19th century brown over salmon paint; crack to one seat expertly repaired with pair of Dutchman joints from underside. H: 33.5", W: 14.5", D: 14.25", seat H: 17.5")

1001-30 - SOLD

Windsor Sack Back Arm Chair, Old Black Painted Surface, Robust Turning
New England
Circa 1800 - SOLD

A comfortable chair featuring outwardly scrolled handholds and old black paint; the D-shape saddle seat is nicely carved and is raised on beautifully turned legs joined by medial stretcher. (H: 35.5"; seat H: 17"; W: 23.25"; D: 14.75")

168-10 - SOLD

William and Mary Banister Back Side Chair
Chelmsford, Massachusetts
18th Century - SOLD

The arched and spurred crest centered by knopped urn finals atop the turned posts flanking four turned and split spindle banisters over trapezoidal seat on block and turned legs joined by stretchers. (H: 45.25"; seat H: 17"; W: 19"; D: 13.75")

1022-2 - SOLD

Windsor Chairs, Set, Step Down, Stylized Tablets, Original Surface, Elastic Back
Samuel Gragg, Boston
Early 19th Century - SOLD

See American Windsor Chairs by Nancy Goyne Evans, pages 468-469, 471.
(H: 37.25"; seat H: 18"; W: 16.75"; D: 15.75")

556-60 - SOLD

Corner Chair, Spanish and Elongated Oval Ball Feet
New England
Circa 1775 to 1800 - SOLD

The carved pillow-crest on very stylish flat arms having out-swept scrolled-handholds raised on tapering turned posts above the seat; below the seat the block and baluster posts are joined by robustly turned double box stretchers. The front leg is raised on a Spanish foot with others raised on elongated oval-ball feet. Nice old brown color over old, possibly original red; overall fine condition.
(H: 30.25"; seat H: 17"; W: 30.5"; D: 23".)

191-374 - SOLD

Windsor Sack Back Arm Chair, Original Surface History
Circa 1800 - SOLD

A comfortable chair featuring scrolled handholds and old black paint; the seat painted in soft yellow forward of the gutter. Medial stretcher appears to be an early working period replacement resultant of the chair taking a tumble. The original dark green paint now oxidized to nearly black was most likely applied as was the soft yellow paint on seat when the medial stretcher was replaced. A rear leg post where joined to seat was strengthened by inserting a large dowel. The structural integrity is without compromise; the chair should be used daily.
(H: 37.5"; seat H: 17.5": W: 21": D: 17")

1004-2 - SOLD

Early New England Rocking Chair, Always a Rocker
New England
Circa 1790
Maple, oak, and ash - SOLD

Five slats with canted arches centered by sausage turned posts surmounted by turned finals; outwardly scrolled armrest on turned supports above seat raised on turned posts joined by turned stretchers. Original condition except seat, great condition. (H: 42.75"; seat H: 14.5"; W: 24.5"; D: 24.5")

240-184 - SOLD

Sack Back Windsor Armchair, Carved Knuckle Handholds, Old Red Surface
Possibly Rhode Island
Circa 1800 to 1810
An individual effort of curious design departing from convention - SOLD

For a related Windsor chair having similar turning vocabulary, pointed feet; swell at stretcher tips, and bow channel see Nancy Goyne Evans, American Windsor Chairs, page 276, figure 6-73. This example is in fine condition.
(H: 37.5"; seat H: 17.5"; W: 23.75"; D: 17.5")

431-60 - SOLD

Armchair, Carved Handholds, Four Arched Slats, Ball Feet, Salmon
Branded W.W. Jacobs 1753
Hudson River Valley, New York
Mid Eighteenth Century
Maple and ash - SOLD

The turned rear posts featuring beautiful finials flank four graduated and arched splats forming a desirable narrow back; scrolled arms with carved handholds that may be unique rest on turned arm supports having bowl turning above baluster; the front post continuing to ball feet.
The legs are joined by stretchers. Overall thinning salmon paint; rear post branded, probably maker.
(H: 49.5"; seat H: 16.75"; W: 21.75"; D: 19.75")

410-113 - SOLD

Windsor, Sack Back Armchair, Old Black Paint
Rhode Island
Circa 1780 to 1790 - SOLD

The tapering bow with low-sloping arch above arm rail with shaped handholds pierced by seven spindles; the arm is supported by turned posts; the shaped seat features a narrow chamfer conforming to bottom edge and is grooved at inside and outside edges of spindle platform. The chair is raised on uniquely turned legs with abruptly tapered foot (toes) joined by robust swelled stretchers. See American Windsor Chairs by Nancy Goyne Evans, page 255, figure 2-26 for identical example. The left proper arm-rail has been pinned where bow pierces the arm to repair shrinkage fractures; the arm is stable and useable. Crusty old black paint, probably 19th century.
Dimensions: 35" H, 16.5" seat H, 26.25" W, 15.25" D.

659-23 - SOLD

Banister Back Armchair, Pierced and Carved Crest
Connecticut, Avon/Wethersfield Area
18th Century - SOLD

A sophisticated example of generous proportion that has lost height; layers of paint have been removed exposing an old natural surface with all else fine.
See Connecticut Furniture Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Wadsworth Athenaeum, John Kirk, 1967; page 121.
Dimensions: 49" H, 16" seat H, 24.75" W, 17.5" D.

879-21 - SOLD

Ladder Back Armchair, Old Surface
Eighteenth Century
New England
Mixed woods - SOLD

The four arched slats centered by turned rear posts with tall exuberant finials; unusual turned arms with turned handholds rest on baluster-turned front posts.
The front posts and rear legs joined by trapezoidal seat and double box stretcher; front stretchers are turned. Very good condition, decent color; some height loss. (8.25" H, 15.5" seat H, 24.5" W, 18.5" D.)

424-96 - SOLD

Chair, Windsor, Bamboo Windsor, Black Paint
Signed Sylvester Higgins
E. Haddam, Connecticut - SOLD

Dimensions: H: 32.5"; seat H: 15.25"; W: 14.5"; D: 14".

514-207 - SOLD

Side Chairs, Set of Four, Curly Maple, Carved
Circa 1825 - SOLD

The rear posts, backswept and scrolled, centering the curved and slightly arched top rail above pierced and carved lower splat; the caned seats raised on saber legs. Very minor imperfections. (Height: 32"; seat height: 17.25"; width: 17"; depth: 16.5")

754-8 - SOLD

Queen Anne Fiddle-Back Side Chair
With Spanish Feet - SOLD

Measures 41.75" in overall height (17.25" in seat height), 19" in width and 14" in depth.

197-14 - SOLD

Armchairs, Pair, Windsors, Continuous Bow
Circa 1790's
Classic Rhode Island Harmony - SOLD

Having a gracefully curved double incised bow pierced by thirteen swelled and tapered spindles; the rails ending in scrolled arm terminals supported on robust turned arm-posts typical of Rhode Island turning. The carved seats are rounded at back, have a chamfered bottom rear edge; incised gutter centering spindles where let into seat and a front edge that is sharply undercut; the top is smartly tapered at front outside edges with pronounced pontil. The seats are raised on perfectly splayed vigorously turned, swelled and tapered legs joined by "H" stretcher system; the swelled section centered by turned rings with collars.
The baluster turnings with long necks and down-weighted bodies were favored by Rhode Island makers. These attractive and functional chairs are in a very old refinish and remain in fine original condition. (Height: 36"; seat height: 17.25"; width: 19.75"; depth: 17".)

240-100 - SOLD

Queen Anne Side Chair
New England
18th Century - SOLD

The vasiform splat with scrolled profile beneath curvaceous top-rail with backswept ears centering tall stiles above the trapezoidal seat with corner-blocks...raised on turned front legs ending in turned pad feet; rear legs are backswept. The legs are joined by turned stretchers. The chair in an old varnish surface. (Height: 41"; seat height: 17.25"; width: 18"; depth: 14.5".)

191-242 - SOLD

Windsor Fan Back Side Chair
Possibly Vermont, Ex Harold Smith
Circa 1800 - SOLD

Old black over red paint, minor loss of height.
(H: 38.5"; seat H: 17.5"; W: 15.5"; D: 16")

410-115 - SOLD

Chair, Side Chair, Queen Anne, Serpentine Crest Rail, Vasiform Splat
New York
Circa 1770 to 1780 - SOLD

Turned rear stiles flanking vasiform splat above a splint seat (imperfections) set on turned legs with pad feet joined by stretchers. The chair remains in excellent functional condition; old crusty resin surface, nice color.
(Dimensions: 42" H, 18" seat H, 19" W, 15" D.)

572-31 - SOLD

Windsor Armchair, Tall and Generous Proportions
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Circa 1790 to 1810
Hickory, poplar, and maple - SOLD

A sleek stylized chair featuring bold bamboo turnings, an extremely tall and flat crest rail, and a simple segmented rolled knuckle handhold of pegged joinery assign this chair to its own idiom. Some loss of height to rear feet, old refinish.
(H: 45"; seat H: 17.5"; W: 26"; D: 16")

410-109 - SOLD

William and Mary Banister Back Side Chair, EX Roger Bacon
Eastern Massachusetts
Circa 1725 - SOLD

Shaped crest over four banisters and carved lower rails joined by blocked, turned and raked posts with finials; rush seat raised on block and turned front legs resting on double ball feet legs and joined by turned stretcher. Old paint, imperfections. Please ask for David.
(H: 46.25"; seat H: 19.5"; W: 18.75"; D: 14.5")

413-24 - SOLD

Matched Pair
Fan-Back Windsor Side Chairs
Probably Boston Area
Circa 1790-1810
Old Green paint - SOLD

The crest rail with projecting ears on bamboo turned stiles centering seven tapered spindles; beautiful shield-shaped seat raised on similarly turned legs joined by "H" stretcher. The paint is very early, as depicted there are surface losses. One post mended at comb, tight shrinkage fissure on back of one comb.
(Height: 35"; seat height: 17.5"; width: 15.75"; depth: 16"".)

714-1 - SOLD

Bow-Back Windsor Side Chair
Brass capped feet...old paint
Circa 1810 - SOLD

The molded hoop-shaped bow is pierced by 9-double incised tapered bamboo turned rods. The saddle-shaped shaped seat is crisply undercut and is pierced by and raised on raked and well defined baluster and reel turned legs ending in brass ferrule feet; legs are jointed by turned stretchers. (Similar brass feet are frequently found on early New York Sheraton pieces.) The chair remains in a very early black and red faux grain paint. (Seat height: 18"; seat width: 16.75"; height at back: approximately 37.5".)

201-206 - SOLD

Turned Slat-Back Arm-Chair
New England
Circa 1750
Maple and ash...great red surface - SOLD

The three arched slats beneath turned top rail join turned stiles with tall finials; turned arms on mushroom-capped turned front posts continuing to turnip feet; the legs joined by the trapezoidal woven split seat and turned double box-stretchers. Wonderful old red paint over green. (Height: 42.5"; seat height: 16.25"; width: 24"; depth: 17".)

201-269 - SOLD

Double-Bow Square-Back Windsor Side Chairs
Matched Set Of Six
New England, possibly Maine
Circa 1810-1820 - SOLD

The bamboo-work posts taper sharply from top to bottom and center six tapered rods; shaped and incised plank seats raised on robust turned legs joined by "H" stretcher. Nice old color and in good functional condition. (Height: 35"; seat height: 16.5"; width: 14"; depth: 14.75".)

424-26 - SOLD

Assembled Pair
Braced Bow-Back Side Chairs
Pipe-Stem Spindles
Newport, Rhode Island
Circa 1785-1800 - SOLD

The pipe-stem spindles are received double incised bow as are two spindles forming the brace back. The shaped seats with incised gutter are raised on well defined turned legs with characteristically pronounced taper below the stretchers. The legs are joined by robust stretchers that are bold in their swelling and tapering. The old flat-black paint is dry with evidence of good age. (Height: 38.75"; seat height: 17".)

594-11 - SOLD

Pair Of Sack-Back Windsor Armchairs
New England, probably Massachusetts
Circa 1780-1800 - SOLD

As depicted, a matched pair having generous proportions. Some restorations...late red painted surface; lovely and functional.
(Height: 38.75"; seat height: 17"; width: 22"; depth: 14".)

549-16 - SOLD

Sack-Back Windsor Armchair
New England
Circa 1800 - SOLD

In old brown resin stain...constructed of mixed words, the rounded crest rail with seven spindles above the medial rail with flat shaped handgrips above turned supports above shaped plank seat, raised on similarly turned raked legs joined by similarly turned stretchers. (Seat height: 18.5"; height at back: 40".)

270-26 - SOLD

Windsor Armchair
19th Century - SOLD

The top rail centering six flattened splats, each embellished on top and bottom with a small, turned ball...beneath which is a bottom rail with scallop carving and six similarly designed flattened spindles. The posts with thumb-shaped finials and compressed ring turnings, receive the arms that conform stylistically to the back. The shaped seat raised on turned legs, joined by box stretcher. This chair wants to be Southern, however, it may be that is hails from the Midwest; regardless, a whimsical inspiration that is perhaps singular.
Dimensions: 35.25" high, 17.5" seat height, 19.5" wide, 17.5" deep.

402-6 - SOLD

Sack-Back Windsor Armchair
18th Century
Boston - SOLD

A good chair displaying overall successful form, proportions, and balance.
The chair features nicely carved out-swept knuckled and scrolled handholds, robust turnings, and a well shaped seat of generous proportion. The chair has lost some height...and was de-rockerized; other very minor imperfections. (Dimensions: 35.25" overall height, 15.5" seat height, 24" wide, 15.25" deep.)

410-53 - SOLD

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