William and Mary Side Chair, Cane Back Form, Stamped with Maker's Initials


William and Mary Side Chair, Cane Back Form, Stamped with Maker's Initials, Image 1

A great many of these chairs were imported from England to Boston and are frequently described as England or Boston. It has been said that unassembled chairs were joined/finished once they arrived in Boston. This chair is stamped three times with the following initials: "IB", "DK", and one being indecipherable.

Date: Circa 1700-1720

Measurement: Height: 47"; Seat Height: 18"; Width: 17.75"; Depth: 14.75"

Material: Beech

Condition: Full height, original surface, the caning was replaced in the nineteenth century with current fabric now in poor condition. Imperfections commensurate with age environment and use. Ancient pesting to back of medial stretcher and back rail.

Reference: See Benno Forman, "American Seating Furniture - 1630-1730; Cane Chairs and Couches", pp 229 - 280. Related examples are found in many respected reference books such as "New England Furniture - The Colonial Era" by Brock Jobe and Myrna Kaye, page 323, catalog 84. Also, "The Furniture of Historic Deerfield" by Dean A. Fales, Jr., page 26, catalog 27 shows nearly identical feet and finials.


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