Windsor Bow Back – Brace Back – Side Chairs, Matched Set of Six

New York City

Windsor Bow Back – Brace Back – Side Chairs, Matched Set of Six

Black painted braced bow-back side chairs; double incised bows, 9 tapered spindles and braced backs… shaped saddle seat on splayed bulbous vase-and-ring-turned legs joined by stretchers. One seat displays a minor difference to a trained eye however, we are confident that all chairs were made in the “same shop” at the same time… really is moot but must be mentioned.

Item Date: 1775-1785

Measurement: Height: 37.25"; Seat Height: 18"; Width: 16"; Depth: 18.5"

Material: Ash, maple, poplar

Item Condition: A rarely encountered set of six displaying old black paint over original surface history. All the chairs are sound and should be used every day. A very early nail is found in the terminus of a single bow - toed to seat, only the rosehead is evident; a wedged dowel standing proud pierces a single leg above seat likely an early working-life or possible original method of tightening joint. One spindle was cracked and is glued, the joint is without compromise. As is typical, there are a couple shrinkage fissures to bows where pierced by spindle [of two chairs] caused by shrinkage-pressure - bow verses spindle. Chairs are without compromise, honest are beautiful, ready for daily use. We are happy to share professionally taken detailed photograph

Date Added: November 30, 2023

Price: $7,250

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